10 Best Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers In Nigeria (2024)

The top 10 best agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturers in Nigeria currently in this year 2024 are discussed in this article so that you, our valued readers, are well informed on the best in the business should you require high-quality agricultural equipment if you are in this line of work.

10 Best Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers In Nigeria

Acquiring agricultural machinery locally is one strategy to lower the cost of modern farming in Nigeria. Some agricultural equipment are fabricated and produced locally in Nigeria. In fact, several producers of agricultural machinery have taken things a step further by also establishing agricultural processing facilities. Knowing the agricultural companies that are responsible for producing farm machinery and equipment in Nigeria is essential for every farmer who wishes to pursue modern agriculture in the country.


The following are the 10 best and most popular agricultural equipment manufacturing companies in Nigeria this 2024:


Nigeria Machine Tools (NMT) was founded in 1980 to manufacture and distribute high integrity machine tools and other engineering products and spares designed to serve the project, operation and maintenance needs of a range of industries including agriculture. Being the leading machine tools company in West Africa, NMT is a leader in the assembly, production and maintenance of a range of machine tools including Semi-Automatic and Conventional Lathes, Milling, Drilling and Grinding Machines. They also assemble and maintain tractors in addition to producing the tractor agricultural implements as well as high performance Agro processing equipment. Their Head Office is located at 1, Taofeek Lawal Street, Off Raymond Njoku Street, South West Ikoyi, Lagos State, while their factory is located at Km 8, Ikirun Road, Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria.


When S. Adiss Agricultural Engineering Limited, formerly S. Adiss Steel Works Limited, first began operations, it was as a maintenance firm repairing imported machinery used in the production of animal feeds. However, the company that is now known as S. Adiss Steel Works Limited was created in response to a challenge from a client who wanted to know why the company could not produce the item it was repairing.

This challenge led to the founding of S. Adiss Steel Works in 1979, which was later transformed into a Limited Liability Company in 1986. Therefore, the business is a pioneer in Nigeria for the manufacture of equipment for poultry feeds. They work on the design and production of a variety of agricultural machines used by farmers and agro-related businesses in Nigeria and other neighbouring countries like Cotonou, the Benin Republic, and so forth. These machines, which come in a range of capacities, are easily comparable to those from abroad.


Niji-Lukas Nigeria Limited is a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment in Nigeria. It is also referred to as the Niji Group. The address of Niji-Lukas is 10 Kufisile Street, Niji Lukas Bus Stop, Isheri Idimu, Lagos State. Many farm tools and equipment are fabricated and manufactured by the company. Cassava Stainless Grater, Automated Garri Fryer, Stainless Steel Hammer Mill, Vibrating Sifter, Pneumatic Press, Flash Dryer, Smoking Kiln, Beans Separator, Multipurpose Deep Fryer, Cabinet Dryer, Pastry Oven, Bone Crusher, Stainless Steel Wet Miller M150 and Stainless Steel Wet Miller M80 are some of the agricultural equipment manufactured on a large scale by Niji-Lukas.

Niji-Lukas’ industrial activities are not limited to the production of single farm machines and equipment. This company is also involved in the production of agricultural processing plants. Niji-Lukas manufactures agricultural processing plants such as the Automated End to End Cassava Flour Processing Plant, the Automated End to End Cassava Starch Processing Plant, the Mini Cassava Flour Processing Plant, and the Mini Cassava Starch Processing Plant.

These plants are fully automated from start to finish. Niji-Lukas also manufactures Fufu Processing Plants, Poundo Flour Processing Plants, Yam Flour Processing Plants, Plantain Flour Processing Plants, and Plantain Chips Processing Plants. Niji-Lukas is a versatile company that you should consider when purchasing agricultural equipment.


Techo-Quip Nigeria Limited is another versatile company in Nigeria today that manufactures agricultural equipment and local farm tools. This business can be found at 14-16 Olusola Ikare Street, Idimu Ikotun Road, Lagos State. Techo-Quip Nigeria Limited manufactures or fabricates some agricultural equipment in Nigeria. It is also a manufacturer of agricultural processing plants. Techo-Quip Nigeria Limited manufactures agricultural equipment that is divided into three categories: fruit processing machines, food processing machines, and wood processing machines.

Techo-Quip Nigeria Limited produces a variety of fruit processing equipment, including fruit processing and concentration plants (used for mango, apple, pineapple, orange, and other fruits), fruit juice powder production equipment, tomato paste production equipment, and soy milk production equipment. Techo-Quip Nigeria Limited produces Cassava Derivatives Plants, Complete Rice Production Plants, Instant Pounded Yam Plants, Malting Plants, Palm Oil Plants, and Palm Kernel Processing Plants among other food processing equipment.

The Cassava Flash Dryer, Cassava Cabinet Dryer, Cassava Steam Tube Dryer, Automatic Garri Fryer, Cassava Stainless Rasper/ Granulator, Hydraulic Presser, Chipping Machine, and Sifter are further food processing equipment produced by Techo-Quip Nigeria Limited. The Sawdust Compressor and the Exercise Book Ruling Plant are the machines that this company manufactures for the wood industry. For individuals who are considering starting a chick production business, they also manufacture incubators.


NOVA Technologies Limited is located in Oyo State, specifically on the New Ibadan Oyo Expressway, opposite the PW yard Akinleye Ibadan. It is a privately held agricultural equipment manufacturer. This company produces Flash Dryers, Cabinet Dryers, Steam Tube Dryers, Automatic Garri Friers, Stainless Granulators, Chipping Machines, and Sifters, and their equipment is among the cheapest and most affordable in Nigeria today. They are located at 126, Oyo Road, Ajibode Bus-stop, Between UI 2nd gate and NISER, UI, P.O.Box 19825, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria


PRODA is a Federal Government of Nigeria-established institution. It was founded to aid in the local fabrication of farm machines in Nigeria. It’s in Emene Industrial Layout, off the Enugu/Abakiliki Expressway. Garri production machines and equipment, Cassava Chipping Machine, Palm Produce Processing Machine and Plant Setup, Fish Feed Pelleting Machine, Maize Sheller, Soya Bean Flour Processing Machines/Plant, Industrial Electric Dryers, Mechanical Kneading Machine, and Industrial Juice Extractor are among the agricultural equipment and plants manufactured by PRODA.


FIIRO is yet another federal government institute that manufactures farm equipment and it is located at 3, FIIRO Road, Cappa Bus Stop, Off Agege Motor Road, Oshodi, Lagos. Two zonal offices were established to assist the FIIRO national headquarters in its administrative functions. The two zonal offices are in Abuja and Kano, respectively. The FIIRO Abuja zonal office is located at 2, Gashua Close, Area 8 Garki, Abuja. The Kano zonal office is located at Sharada Industrial Phase 1, P.M.B. 3271 Kano.

Cassava Chipping Machine, Pelletizer, Cabinet Tray Dryer, Cassava Mash Homogenizer, Cassava Mash Stirrer, Screen Separator, Garri Fryer, Cowpea Dehuller, Beniseed Air Cleaner, Melon Sheller, Sesame Seed Oil Expeller, Cassava Peeling Machine, Cashew Nut Roaster, and Groundnut Processing Plant are among the agricultural equipment/machines manufactured by FIIRO.


Deban faith agro-allied ventures manufacture and sell agricultural processing equipment. They sell flash dryers, hammer mills, graters, pressers, starch extractors, mixers, sifters, centrifugal sieving machines, and other equipment. Lantus foods, Benin; Della farms, Benin; and Malasa tradings, Madagascar are among their notable clients. They have also received training from FUNAAB, IITA, and NIAM. They are located at Km 1, Abeokuta – Lagos Road, Oke Mosan, Ogun State, behind the Federal Secretariat Abeokuta.


The manufacturing of agro-allied machines is one of the industrial endeavors carried out by Starron Nigeria Limited. This company manufactures the cassava processing machine, an agricultural processing device. They are located at 27, Layi Oyekanmi Street, Lagos State.


Aluframes Nigeria Limited manufactures food processing equipment such as mobile rotary dryers, vibrasieves, plantain slicers, pine apple crushers, wet hammer mills, spice mills, garri fryers, and pedal garri presses. They are one of the best agricultural equipment manufacturers in Nigeria today.

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