Top 10 Best Local Rice Brands In Nigeria (2024)

This article is about the top 10 best local rice brands in Nigeria currently in this year 2024. We will give you the latest information on the leading and top ranking brands of local bags of rice, also known as made in Nigeria rice. These local rice brands are called made in Nigeria rice because they are grown, harvested, processed and bagged here in the country, especially in the rice producing States. Ever since the Federal Government closed all land borders in order to promote made in Nigeria products, there has been an increase in the cultivation and demand of local rice in many parts of the country, and this has in turn led to the rise of many rice mills that were before now not operational country.

Top 10 Best Local Rice Brands In Nigeria

These local rice companies distribute high quality Nigerian rice to every part of the federation and our local/unpolished or brown rice have a slight edge over their foreign counterparts in that they have a higher nutritional value than the foreign ones as they are of higher nutrient quality than the polished rice and these nutrients includes carbohydrate, protein, high fibre content, low fat content, vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, phosphorus, vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B3 (niacin), magnesium, selenium, manganese, and iron.

Made in Nigeria rice brands are also less expensive as foreign rice brands and while it is true that there are some Nigerian rice brands that are sand and stone filled, it is also true that there are some of our local rice brands that are really clean, easy to cook, not sticky or gummy, and are very delicious. It is some of the leading Nigerian rice brands that we shall be discussing in detail as we continue in this article and we will like for you to sit back, relax and take in all the information that you can about these top local rice brands in the country today.


The following are the top 10 best and most popular made in Nigeria/local rice brands in the country this 2024 in no particular order:


Mama’s Pride is a very popular local Nigerian rice brand in the country that is a product of OLAM Nigeria Limited, one of the best agricultural companies in Nigeria today. Without even thinking much, many Nigerians see this local rice brand as the best and most popular in the country today by a mile. Apart from being affordable, Mama’s Pride rice is very nutritious and non-sticky when cooked and you could mistake it for a foreign brand due to the way it is well packaged. The rice is very neat, it is devoid of any sand and stones, and all this contributes to the reason why Mama’s Pride is the preferred Nigerian rice brand by many people in the country today.


Mama’s Choice is another leading local rice brand from OLAM Group that is 100% grown and processed in Nigeria. This parboiled local Nigerian premium rice brand has quality, it is firm and non-sticky, stone free, fast and easy to cook. It is also highly nutritious, containing Carbohydrates, the B vitamins and minerals, and it comes in a colourful and attractive package.


Anambra Rice is another one of the best local rice brands in Nigeria currently. It is a premium brand that is stone free, well polished, double sortexed, easy to cook and is long grain compared to many others that come in short grain variants. This particular Nigerian rice brand is a product of Anambra Rice Mills Limited, an industry leading miller and supplier of rice around Nigeria that works hand in hand with their outgrower farmers to ensure that they are not only fair and just to their customers but also their farming community.


Elephant Rice brand has been in the market for over 25 years and has built robust sales network over time across the country, their rice brands are about some of the best in the country in their respective range as they are fast becoming market leaders not withstanding their relatively recent debut. The Elephant Pride Sortexed Quality Rice brand is made in Nigeria and it comes in two different bags, the colourful yellow bags are the new design while the other one with green colour is the previous design. They both have 50kg and 25kg bags. The rice brand is locally produced to premium quality and brings satisfaction to the consumers.


Big Bull Rice from the House of Chi, is a premium quality parboiled rice made in Nigeria, processed in Nigeria and sourced from the bountiful rice producing region of Kebbi State. The rice is produced on behalf of Chi Limited by WACOT Rice Limited, a rice processing company that operates an integrated state-of-the-art rice mill in Argungu, Kebbi State, Nigeria. The mill is one of the largest rice mills in Sub-Saharan Africa and sources paddy from various paddy producing States across the country. WACOT Rice also engages in outgrower farming programmes with paddy farmers to boost their yields and guarantees off-take of paddy from farmers through buyback arrangements. Their Big Bull Rice is non-sticky and it is naturally high in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. It is also rich in fibre to make every meal, a healthy meal for your family. This popular Nigerian rice brand is available in 750g, 2.25kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50kg


Umza Classic Rice is a parboiled, full grain Nigerian rice with golden standard. It is one of the very best local rice brands in Nigeria that can be bought and transported anywhere. This particular Nigerian rice supports a healthy heart, is enriched with vitamins and minerals, and is naturally free from fat. This local rice brand in the country is a product of Umza International Farms Limited, a rice mill in Kano State.


Adaminna Rice is a quality local rice brand in Nigeria that is a product of Adaminna Farms Limited, an agribusiness that is into farming, food processing and consultation. Adaminna Rice is cultivated in Minna, Niger State and it parboiled, stone free, non-sticky and delicious.


Labana Supreme Parboiled Rice is produced by Labana Rice Mills Limited, the first indigenous rice mill in Kebbi State. The company was established in 2012 but commenced operations in 2014; their rice brand is available in 5kg, 10kg, 25kg and 50kg. It is easy to cook, resistant to weevils, is non-sticky and highly nutritious.


Arguably the most popular local rice brand in the country, Ofada rice is a loved by all and you can get it at a premium if you visit good restaurant to satisfy your craving for it. This local Nigerian rice brand is characterised by short grains and it has brown stripes. It is mostly planted in Ogun State without the use of any chemicals. Ofada rice has so many health benefits when compared to the foreign rice; it is rich in higher amounts of vitamins and minerals, as well as fibre for good digestion. Ofada rice has many health benefits apart from the ones mentioned that is why many Nigerians love to consume it.


Cosrice Premium Rice is a long grain, premium quality local rice brand in the country that is produced by Coscharis farms in Anambra State. Coscharis Farms, in partnership with farming communities in Sabon Gida, Abuja, produces one of the best locally grown rice in Nigeria today. Cosrice Premium Quality Rice is properly processed and hygienically packaged for home consumption. It is parboiled and stone free, making it easy to cook.

Other worthy mentions include:

  • Igbemo Rice
  • Three Brothers Rice
  • Super Champion Rice, and
  • Al-Hamsad Rice.

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