Cost Of CCNA Certification Exams In Nigeria (2024)

In this post, we shall be looking at the cost of CCNA certification examinations in Nigeria currently in this year 2024. CCNA is an acronym for Cisco Certified Network Associate, and it is a very popular certification course in the world today. This certification course cuts across different fields in the networking and IT/Tech industry and it gives networking professionals the edge among their peers when it comes to career advancement, guaranteeing a significant boost in their monthly income as well.

Cost Of CCNA Certification Exams In Nigeria

Because we know the importance of the CCNA certification and how much this information means to many people who desire to take the test in the country for the sake of their professional growth, we have taken out time to give important details about the amount one will need to pay to write the exams as well as other vital information concerning the CCNA certification in Nigeria today.


In order to earn the CCNA certificate, one is required to pass some examinations. CCNA certification varies as well as their examination and the tech company Cisco is in charge of organizing these certification examinations.

There are about 10 different associate level examinations and based on the particular CCNA certification course one has chosen, one is required to pass at least 2 of these examinations. You should take note that all the examinations cost different amounts and there are some that are more costly than the others. Below is the information on how much the different CCNA certification Exams cost.


The overall cost for this examination this 2024 is $600, which is just over ₦341,400 depending on the current exchange rate in the country. The CCNA Cloud certification comprises of two technology examinations, each costing $300 per attempt. CCNA Cloud is a Cisco associate certification course for cloud engineers, network engineers, and cloud administrators to improve their technical cloud skills in order to help them evolve with the times so as to meet the constant demand in our ever changing technical landscape.


The CCNA Collaboration certification costs $600 as well, and just like the CCNA Cloud, it also has two technology examinations, each costing $300 per attempt. This particular certification examination is targeted at video engineers, IP network engineers, and their counterparts in similar fields who wish to broaden their collaboration skills to suit the needs of emerging video, voice, and data applications.


The CCNA Cyber Ops is particularly helpful to people who want to start a career operating with associate-level cyber security analysts. The total cost of this examination is also $600, and the exam is split into two, each costing $300 per attempt.


The CCNA Data Centre certification is designed to test the technical knowledge of the candidates in matters involving the management and operation of Data Centre. The cost of writing this examination is $600, and it is split into two technology exams, each costing $300 per attempt.


The CCNA Service Provider certification exam also costs $600, and it also involves writing two technology examinations each costing $300 per attempt. It is designed for network engineers and technicians to help improve their technical skills.


The CCNA Security is an associate-level certification course that tests candidates knowledge on securing Cisco networks. Unlike other examinations before it in this article, this one costs $465, and it involves writing only one advanced technology exam. For this to happen, candidates are required to have previously passed CCENT.


This certification course also costs $465 and it is mainly for engineers who want to improve their knowledge on the configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting basic tasks of a wireless LAN. It requires just one exam, however candidates must have passed CCENT prior to writing this exam.


This certification is relatively new and in tests the candidate’s ability to troubleshoot common industry standard protocols. This exam also costs $465 with CCENT being a prerequisite. It involves just taking one advanced technology test.


This exam costs $465, and it requires just one exam, with the candidate only able to take the test on the basis of having first passed the CCENT.


CCNA Routing and Switching is another top Cisco exam. It tests the candidates ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot routers and switches. Candidates can only take this test if they have passed CCNA Security, CCNA industrial, CCNA Wireless, and the CCDA certification courses. This cost of writing this exam is either $330 or $325. This certification examination comprises of 2 tests, each costing $165.

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