Cost of CIMA Exam Registration In Nigeria (2024)

In order for you, our valued readers, to be aware of the exam fees to pay when you wish to take the CIMA test anywhere in the country, this post discusses the current cost of CIMA exam registration in Nigeria in this year 2024. The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, or CIMA, is the largest organization of management accountants in the world and provides the accounting degree that is most useful for a career in business.

Cost of CIMA Exam Registration In Nigeria

The CIMA certification will open doors with employers all around the world if you are thinking about a career in business and finance. The best management accounting training is provided by CIMA. The CIMA certifications are up-to-date, cutting-edge, and lead to Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) status, the sole distinction for management accountants that is recognized around the world. Anyone can pursue CGMA training through CIMA. Your starting point will rely on your current qualifications.

Currently, CIMA has 227,000 members that are spread across 179 different nations of the world. There are two distinct CIMA certifications available: the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting (entry-level); and the CIMA Professional Qualification (Advanced). The entry-level CIMA certification is a stand-alone credential that instructs students in the fundamentals of financial management and accounting. It also teaches many accounting-related abilities, such as data analysis, performance forecasting, and financial report production. This level has no particular admission criteria.

The advanced level is divided into three distinct pillars, each of which has three levels. The student learns knowledge and abilities in a variety of areas throughout this phase, including managerial accounting, risk management, and financial planning. You can enroll for the advanced stage without having an entry-level CIMA certificate. But you need to have a business or accounting background from a reputable accounting body.

The CIMA certification is regarded as the gold standard in management accounting worldwide. It is crucial to obtain a CIMA certificate if you wish to develop in accounting or business management. CIMA membership is frequently regarded by businesses as one of the requirements for employment at their organizations. Acquiring a CIMA qualification raises your income potential as an accountant or finance manager in Nigeria today. That said, let us take a detailed look at the cost of CIMA exams in Nigeria today.


Kindly note registration fees for the CIMA examination in Nigeria is currently charged in British Pounds and we have converted them to Nigerian Naira at the current official CBN exchange rate of 1GBP = 483 NGN. The following are the various CIMA Exam Registration fees in Nigeria this 2024.


  • Registration (one-off payment): £77 or
  • Re-registration: £77 or ₦37,191
  • Registration for the CIMA Professional gateway assessment: £425 or ₦205,275
  • Registration for the CIMA Master’s gateway package: £725 or ₦350,175
  • Registration for the CIMA Master’s gateway assessment: £425 or ₦205,275.


  • Certificate in business accounting (per subject): £70 or ₦33,810
  • Operational level objective tests (per subject): £90 or ₦43,470
  • Operational level case study exams: £145 or ₦70,035
  • Management level objective tests (per subject): £100 or ₦48,300
  • Management case study exams: £155 or ₦74,865
  • Strategic level objective tests (per subject): £145 or ₦70,035
  • Strategic Level Case study exams: £220 or ₦106,260
  • Capped exemption fees (for multiple exemptions): £165 or ₦79,695.


  • Certificate in business accounting (per subject): £55 or ₦26,565
  • Operational level objective tests: £70 or ₦33,810
  • Operational level case study exams: £115 or ₦55,545
  • Management level objective tests: £80 or ₦38,640
  • Management level case study exams: £125 or ₦60,375
  • Strategic level objective tests (per subject): £115 or ₦55,545
  • Strategic Level Case study exams: £185 or ₦89,355.


  • Students: £110 or ₦53,130
  • Students who have passed T4 part B/Strategic case study exam: £264 or ₦127,512
  • New student (first subscription fee, up to the next October after registration)
  • Annual subscription – fellow: £293 or ₦141,519
  • Annual subscription – associate: £278 or ₦134,274
  • Membership application fee: £154 or ₦74,382
  • Membership application fee (direct to fellow): £241 or ₦116,403
  • Application (associate to fellow): £87 or ₦42,021
  • Annual subscription – retired members (for full services): £58 or ₦28,014
  • Remission ACMA or FCMA: £71 or ₦34,293
  • Re-admission fee ACMA or FCMA: £78 or ₦37,674
  • Members in practice – Annual MIP fee: £130 or ₦62,790.

There is also a CIMA alliance with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, ICAN where ICAN holders can bypass all the processes to write the final exam of the CIMA Professional Qualification. We have provided the link to the information so that you can have more clarity on that if you are an ICAN holder. Please be aware that the above listed prices are subject to change which is dependent on the exchange rate of the country at any particular time. Prices are also subject to review by CIMA.

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