Cost Of Google Ads Certification In Nigeria (2024)

In this article, we will be looking at the cost of Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) certification in Nigeria this 2024. It is no secret that the Google Ads is one of the most recognized and most used advertising tool in the world and as such, many Nigerians have identified with it due to the fact that it is a very efficient, effective and secure way to drive relevant traffic to websites and boost revenue in the process.

Cost Of Google Ads Certification In Nigeria

The Google Ads Certification are the various ways through which Google identifies marketers, be it individuals or companies as experts in advertising online. What we shall be focusing on however, is the cost of obtaining the Google Ads certification in the country, enlightening you on how much you will pay in Nigeria currently if you need to be Google certified as far as their advertising tool is concerned, also intimating you on the various types of Google Ads certifications available and their exams.


The Google Ads Certification is like any other professional certification course. The only difference is that unlike some others, the amount you will pay when you want to take any of the available Google Ads Certification courses in Nigeria is the same. No one is more or less expensive than the other.

There are two examinations to take in order to earn the Google Ads certificate in Nigeria and the amount it will cost for both tests this 2024 is $50 each, meaning that the total cost of getting a Google Ads Certification In Nigeria is $100.


Generally, Google Ads Certification is of two types, namely: Individual Good Ads Certification, and Company Google Ads Certification; and we shall look extensively at both types of Google Ads Certification in order to understand what they are and why they are different from each other.


This Google Ads Certification as the name implies, is for individuals and an individual must take two examinations to get certified. This certification is highly regarded by recruiters, it involves more theoretical work than practical; and it is especially useful for Pay per Click specialists. People who are looking to focus on Pay per Click (PPC) will find this certification invaluable.

As an individual, when you have this certification on your CV, it gives you an edge over your competitors in the labour market and your services in top media and advertising agencies, as well as in digital marketing companies in Nigeria will be highly sort after; and if you are an independent consultant with this certification on your CV, you have an edge over your competitors in the same field.


The Company Google Ads Certification is also known as Professional or Partner Google Ads Certification, and it is another common Google Ads Certification but this time for companies. With this certification, Google recognizes a company as a marketing expert, entering the company into their certified partners database and when interested people search this database for certain information, the company’s name will appear, giving them an advantage over their competitors. This serves as a great trust signal for potential customers as they will be better placed to do business with a Google certified partner than with just another company out there in the same line of work.


There are different types examinations under Google Ads. For starters however, it is advisable that such candidates begin with the Advertising Fundamental Examination. This particular examination tests the candidate’s basic/fundamental understanding of the overall concept of the Google Ad advertising which span Search Network all through to Display Network. The different types of examination under this certification include the following:


This examination ranges from introduction to AdWords to Account Management, targeting Keywords, Ad formats, etc. It also treats topics like Campaign and Ad group management, language targeting, location targeting, budgets, bidding, and performance management and monitoring. The Google Fundamental Examinations is made up of 100 questions and the time allotted to answering the questions is 120 minutes (2 hours). Candidates writing this exam are required to score a minimum of 85 percent in order to pass this exam.


This Google advanced examination covers courses such as Understanding Ad formats, Ad and Site Quality Management, Using Ads Tools Effectively, Management and Monitoring of Performance and Reporting, etc., and the examination covers Fundamental Concepts of Optimization of Performance, Ads API, etc. The examination is usually made up of about 100 questions that are to be answered in 2 hours and candidates are required to score a minimum of 80 per cent in order to pass the exam.


This is another advanced Google examination that tests candidates in areas such as Management of Display Ads on the Google display network, Management of Display Ads on YouTube, and Management of Display Ads on mobile devices. This examination also contains 100 questions that are to be answered in 2 hours. Other examinations that fall under this certification category include: Video Advertising, Shopping Advertising, and Mobile Advertising.

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