Cost Of PRINCE2 Certification In Nigeria (2024)

In this article, we shall be looking at the current cost of PRINCE2 certification in Nigeria this 2024. The PRINCE2 certification is one of the most highly rated certification courses in project management and it is recognized the world over, this means that getting a certificate in this course as a professional in project management puts you on a pedestal and gives you the competitive edge when you apply for a job in this field.

Cost Of PRINCE2 Certification In Nigeria

The PRINCE2, formally known as Projects In Controlled Environments, is a very structured project management method and practitioner certification programme that was developed by the UK Government in 2013 which emphasises dividing projects into manageable and controllable stages, and as earlier stated, it is adopted in many countries around the world, such as the United Kingdom, Western European countries, Australia, and some parts of Africa of which Nigeria is but one.

As we progress, we will get to know just how much it takes to get certified for the PRINCE2 course in Nigeria today, a certification course which is a standard for information system projects in many parts of the world, do read kindly along.


There are different levels for the PRINCE2 certification course in Nigeria and they all come with their respective fees, also, many institutions in the country running the course have their different prices for the PRINCE2 certification but we have done well to give good estimates that you should look forward to putting together as a fee if you want to take the course and the exam in any part of the country today.

In Nigeria today, there are two levels of the PRINCE2 certification course available, and they are: the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certification courses. Many institution offering the course do combine both the training and examination fees so that their students can pay it as a single sum and focus on getting the necessary training and focusing on the examination without any distractions.

On the average, the current cost of PRINCE2 certification and training for the Foundation level in Nigeria this 2024 is between the price range of ₦220,000 – ₦270,000, while the price for the PRINCE2 Practitioner level goes for the amount between the price range of ₦250,000 – ₦320,000 for both the examination and training.

Some institutions may subsidize the amount for candidates who want to register for both the Foundation and the Practitioner levels simultaneously, and the price for both PRINCE2 courses and examinations combined in Nigeria this 2024 ranges between ₦350,000 – ₦500,000.


Earlier in this article, we made mention of the fact that there are two main PRINCE2 certification levels in Nigeria which are: The Foundation Level and the Practitioner Level, and we shall be looking at both levels in detail, explaining their requirements and the category of people that are eligible to take the certification courses.


This level of the PRINCE2 certification is the basic level, it is designed specifically for project team members, project managers, as well as individuals who want to understand the basics of the PRINCE2 structured management methodology. The foundation course is aimed at equipping candidates with the necessary skills to be effective team members of projects and to understand the various terminologies and modes of operation of the PRINCE2 project management process.

The PRINCE2 Foundation Certification is also an effective way to show that a candidate is very well equipped to work in a team of professionals for the execution of important projects. While there are no prerequisites for studying this course and taking the examination, it is very much advised that candidates looking to get certified should have basic knowledge of what to expect when enrolling for the course.


The PRINCE2 Practitioner level certification is primarily is targeted at project managers, senior managers, project team leads, and project analysts who want to broaden their knowledge in advanced project management and take their understanding of the PRINCE2 methodology to a whole new level. The PRINCE2 Practitioner level makes certain that a candidate can demonstrate practical knowledge of the implementation of PRINCE2 methodologies effectively when handling projects.

Unlike the Foundation level, the PRINCE2 Practitioner level requires some prerequisites, chief of which is that a candidate must have earned the Foundation level certification before going on to take the course and write the exam. Candidates are also required to have the earned Project management Professional Certification (PMP) or the Certified Associate in Project management (CAPM) certification.


You will have to prepare really well for the PRINCE2 certification in Nigeria before taking the exams and this has been made somewhat easy via the availability of PRINCE2 tutorial centres in the country that help to train and register candidates for the exams. Many PRINCE2 training Institutes in Nigeria accept the training and examination registration fees at the same time, and they provide candidates with the examination preparatory materials to get them up to speed with what to expect in the actual exams.

There are different types of training for the PRINCE2 Certification Exams such as the physical, offline training in which candidates attend physical classes and relate with the lecturers, and the online training that requires candidates to listen to, and take classes online. Many training Institutes or centres also set mock exams to test the level of preparedness of their students as the main exams approach for the examination. There are also various open online PRINCE2 assessments that candidates can test themselves with as they wait for their main exams, some of which are not free and will require payments before they can be accessed online. Preparation is very necessary to guarantee success in the exam and candidates must ensure that they are well prepared to ensure that they get the best results.

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