Current Cost Of Billboard Advertising In Nigeria (2024)

In this article, we will give you the current cost of billboard advertising in Nigeria currently in this year 2024, so stay with us to find out more. Billboard advertising is a classic kind of advertising that is widely available in Nigeria and is still effective today. Most marketing agencies in Lagos State and Nigeria in general believe in the power of billboard advertising seeing that it helps to expand the reach and frequency of their overall campaign to their target demographic.

Current Cost Of Billboard Advertising In Nigeria

Due to its population density, dynamic companies such as tech startups, banking, fashion, real estate, media, retail, manufacturing, to mention but a few, and the millions of consumers who use public transportation on a daily basis, Lagos is Nigeria’s most active billboard advertising and experiential marketing city but apart from Lagos State, we will take a cursory look at how much billboard advertising costs in some select major cities in Nigeria.

Billboard advertising in Nigeria is a form of mass marketing that makes you stand out from your competitors by building credibility and brand recognition. When customers see your adverts through less credible channels, billboard advertising helps to reinforce your organisation’s message and guarantees your company the trust factor.

In Nigeria today, billboard advertising guarantees profit maximisation as this is the goal of every business operation. Most businesses aim to sell their products and services as well as expand their customer base in order to achieve this goal. It is important to remember that sales are a result of a brand’s level of awareness in the marketplace. The majority of the time, consumers patronise brands that they are familiar with or encounter frequently through various forms of advertising such as TV, radio, billboards, and so on.

There is evidence supporting the fact that outdoor advertising has the highest recall rate of all forms of advertising. Outdoor advertising, particularly billboard advertising in Nigeria, has numerous advantages. Billboard advertising appears to be reserved for large brands in Nigeria due to its high cost.

There are several factors that are responsible for the high cost of billboard advertising in Nigeria chief of which are the fees paid to the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON), they are the Federal Government agency responsible for overseeing and approving billboard advertising in Nigeria or the Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA) as the case may be in Lagos State, other factors include: advert vetting fees, length of advert, rent or lease, as well as the printing and shooting costs which all come at really high prices.

However, the few brands that have the resources to run extensive billboard advert campaigns have, over the years, reaped its many benefits, which include but are not limited to: high brand retention and recall, increased consumer loyalty, increased sales, positive brand repositioning and image building.


For a billboard advert copy to be approved in Nigeria, the following processes are involved:

  • The advertising practitioner submits an application for approval to advertise, along with a professionally designed ad copy/layout in colour and merchandise samples of no more than 12 units
  • The application, along with all attachments, is subsequently forwarded to the Chairman of the Advertising Standard Panel (ASP)
  • The ASP holds meetings twice a month. However, if the applicant accepts full responsibility for an emergency meeting, the request may be granted
  • There are provisions for 8-hour and 16-hour rapid vetting
  • As soon as the application is received, an official letter informing the applicant of the status of the application will be delivered
  • No advertisement in the vetting category should be broadcast until the application or media house has received a certificate of approval from the ASP, signed by the Chairman and therefore the Registrar of APCON.
  • All or any media orders must include copies of the Certificate of Approval

After the vetting process is done, the advertising material can be printed and mounted on the designated advertising area. The billboard’s position is critical since it impacts the success and effectiveness of your billboard advertisement. The billboard should be placed in an area that effectively delivers your advertisement message to your target audience.


The following are the current advertising costs of different types of billboards in Nigeria this 2024:


This type of billboard advertising in Nigeria is of two types, but the digital is more expensive than the static. The cost of advertising on 16 sheet billboard in Lagos State is about ₦300,000 each on both sides, meaning that in total, advertisers are expected to pay the sum of ₦600,000 per annum. In other places like Rivers, Oyo, and Ogun States respectively, the cost of this type of billboard advertising is about ₦150,000 each on both sides, that is, ₦300,000 annually.


The super 48 sheet is available in both a digital and a static (banner) format. It is a free-standing billboard with a usual advertising space of 3 inches by 6 inches in length and width. In Lagos State, the cost of a super 48 sheet non-digital billboard is ₦700,000 per side, with each side costing ₦1.4 million per annum. Advertisement rates for digital billboards in Nigeria range from ₦900,000 – over ₦1 million.


In Lagos, the Unipole is one of the most frequent types of billboard advertising. Unipole is also one of the most expensive forms of billboard advertising in Nigeria as well, as it is a massive structure that stretches over 40 feet in the air. A unipole billboard costs over ₦6 million to build and install, without including the LASAA approval charge.

Because of the high cost of installing this type of billboard, some media businesses go for a three-sided unipole construction, in which the unipole billboard has three sides with identical lengths and breadths. The current cost of unipole billboard advertising in Lagos State stands at is ₦9 million per side, so for a double sided unipole billboard, you will ll be expected to pay ₦18 million, while a client taking all three sides ₦27 million per annum.

In other States like Ogun and Oyo, the cost of unipole billboard advertising is between the price range of ₦5 million – ₦6 million naira for a side, you can multiply the price by three to know how much it costs for all three sides in the States listed. In Abuja, it goes for roughly ₦10million for a side.

Though clients rarely require all sides, only a few large firms, such as Guinness Nigeria, Glo, Etisalat, MTN, and other big organizations, have the financial resources to support such advertising campaigns. The length of time you can advertise on a unipole billboard in Nigeria is quite flexible; you can run adverts for as little as two weeks, however you will be charged significantly more for it.


A gantry billboard is the type of billboard that is attached to an overhead structure and spans a road. Because it is a two-sided structure, you as an advertiser have the choice of advertising on either side of the roadway. Except for earthquakes, the Gantry billboard is designed to withstand any type of environmental threat. It costs ₦1.5 million to register with LASAA to install a Gantry billboard in Lagos State.

Due to the size of this billboard, LASAA soil engineers conduct a series of soil tests to assess the strength of the soil in contrast to the load of the billboard to be erected, as well as to ensure that it is environmentally safe and friendly in the event of a disaster.

The cost of advertising on a gantry billboard in Lagos State is ₦20 million per side, meaning that one will have to spend about ₦40 million for each side. In Abuja, the cost of advertising on a gantry billboard is ₦25 million for one side and ₦50 million for the two sides per annum.


In this type of billboard advertising in Nigeria, ad campaigns are placed on wall panels that are connected to the wall of a multi-storey structure or skyscraper. In Lagos State, they, too, require LASAA clearance, but first the building’s management or landlord/landlady must be notified before any firm decisions are taken.

Cost of Advertising on a Wall drape is additionally hooked in to the dimensions. The total cost of advertising on this type of billboard is determined by the length and breadth of the space as well as the duration of the ad campaign. We cannot give you an exact figure because of the various sizes attached to the current type of billboard, but the common wall drapes with a size of 6 inches by 12 inches cost around ₦700,000 per annum in Nigeria for campaigns made with flex materials, except for digital wall drapes, which cost around ₦1 million and above.


This type of billboards are placed on the roof of buildings strategically located in high traffic areas. Most roof tops, like wall drapes, are usually one-sided billboards. They come in a variety of sizes; depending on the amount of space available, a 48 or 96 sheet sized billboard can be placed on a building. Rooftop billboards are typically mounted on buildings with decking (concrete roofs), which gives them the stability they need to withstand strong winds.

The cost of advertising on a roof top billboard in Nigeria ranges from ₦800,000 and above, depending on the dimensions. Rooftop billboards can be a very effective form of advertising. It is available in both digital and static formats.


These types of billboards are similar to Gantry, but smaller in size. A classic example of a bridge panel billboard is the one that runs the length of the road, giving motorists directions. The majority of them are green in colour. Adverts mounted on the side of pedestrian railings or concrete, facing traffic, are also a type of bridge panel billboard. In Nigeria today, the cost of advertising on a bridge panel is roughly ₦3 million naira per side on The yearly basis.


Backlit billboards are available in two sizes: 48 sheet and 96 sheet. They come with a candescent light inserted inside them to provide sufficient visibility and eye catching adverts, particularly in the dark. The cost of advertising on a backlit billboard in Lagos, Nigeria is ₦800,000 once a year.


Street lamp posts are frequently attached to street lights and placed in a prominent location. It usually comes in flex and banner format, and it is always double sided. Due to its small size, one advertising campaign is typically attached to around 20 street lights. This is done because there’s a high chance of missing the message or ad campaign the advertiser is trying to get across to the general public, and if you miss the first or second advert, there are numerous ads ahead to help you fill in the gaps.

The majority of telecommunications providers in Nigeria make the most of this type of marketing. In Nigeria today, the average cost of advertising on a streetlight lamp post is ₦250,000 per year. Prices vary in different States, kindly take note of this.

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