Current Cost Of MTA Certification In Nigeria (2024)

In this post, we will reveal the current cost of MTA certification in Nigeria this 2024. It doesn’t matter the level or stage you are in your career as an IT or tech person, one thing that is going to further improve your value in the IT and tech world is if you earn a Microsoft certification and add it to the list of certifications you already have in your field.

Current Cost Of MTA Certification In Nigeria

This will help take you far in your career and further improve your credentials as an authority in your field in the tech industry. As we proceed in this post, we will get to know what MTA is all about in detail and give you the cost of taking the certification examination in Nigeria currently. Kindly read along to find out.


The MTA, which stands for Microsoft Technical Associate certification, ranks among the most popular certifications by Microsoft. The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification is an entry level credential that certifies fundamental technology skills and knowledge among many students and job seekers who are looking to build a long and successful career in the tech industry.

MTA takes care of a wide range of critical technology concepts with exams that are designed to assess and validate core technical concepts in three primary areas which are: Developer, Database, and IT Professional, as well as other areas that the MTA covers as we shall see in detail below:


Developer MTA certifications are basically for tech people who want to pursue a career in software development. Individuals who want to take this MTA certification course are advised to start with Software Development Fundamentals and then proceed to include additional topics that will further increase their scope of knowledge in this field, thus helping them meet their career objectives.

Some of the certifications under this MTA Certification include the following:

  • Software Development Fundamentals Certification
  • Web Development Fundamentals Certification
  • Microsoft .NET Development Fundamentals Certification
  • Gaming Development Fundamentals Certification
  • HTML5 App Development Fundamentals Certification
  • Software Testing Fundamentals Certification
  • Mobility and Device Fundamentals Certification
  • Cloud Fundamentals Certification.


The Database MTA Certification is designed for individuals who want to build a career in data platform management and administration or business intelligence. This certification examination tests the candidates’ understanding on the management of data platform. In order to earn the Database Fundamental MTA Certification, interested candidates are expected to pass the necessary exams.


Under IT Infrastructure, the MTA Certification is tailor made for candidates who want to build a successful career in desktop infrastructure, server infrastructure, or private cloud computing. An individual is expected to pass the various examinations spanning IT infrastructure under the particular MTA Certification before they can be validated as experts in this field. Some of the certifications under IT Infrastructure include the following:

  • Windows Operating System Fundamentals Certification
  • Windows Server Administration Fundamentals Certification
  • Networking Fundamentals Certification
  • Security Fundamentals Certification.


The Operating System Fundamentals MTA certification course helps individuals to understand the different types of Windows 10 editions available today, including their installation, troubleshooting, management, and configuration; and the examination tests the candidates’ understanding as it relates to the maintenance and management of the Windows operating systems.


The Networking Fundamentals MTA certification course broadens the scope of understanding of individuals who seek to learn about network topologies and their basic concepts. The certification examination tests the candidates’ technical knowledge on basic network concepts which include Routers and Switches, Network Protocols and Services, Subnets, etc. Candidates are also tested on basic network securities such as Firewall, Virtual Private Network (VPN) management, Wireless and Access Points, to mention but a few.


Security Fundamentals MTA certification course helps the candidates to better understand the concepts of information security. During the exams, candidates are tested on the fundamentals of security, which include authentication, authorization, and accounting. They are also tested on the security of Windows Operating Systems files, websites, mail servers, users, etc.


On the average, the current cost of the respective MTA examinations in Nigeria this 2024 fall in the price range between $60 and $80 per exam.

Kindly note that there are about fourteen (14) different courses to take in order to be MTA certified in Nigeria. The current cost of MTA certifications depends on the category one is taking, as is the case with many other Microsoft certifications. Apart from the category of MTA certification, another determining factor of the amount to pay in order to be MTA certified is the particular exam one is required to write.

If you are taking Microsoft Associate certifications depending on the level you are in, you may be required to take one or two examinations in this category, and examination costs range between $165 – $300.

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