Current Prices Of Plastic Tables In Nigeria (2024)

This article is about the current prices of plastic tables in Nigeria this 2024. Plastic tables are very important for home or business use in the country, they come in handy for many people in Nigeria who use it for their studying, small scale businesses, home use as a cheaper alternative to the more expensive glass and wooden centre tables, as well as at events for the entertainment of guests.

Current Prices Of Plastic Tables In Nigeria

Plastic tables are so useful in the country that it is almost impossible to find them out of fashion in the coming years, and as a result for their high demand by all and sundry in the nation, we shall be looking at how much they cost in today’s market but before then, let us briefly discuss some important things that you should take note of before buying plastic tables in Nigeria today. Kindly continue reading.


Different types of plastic tables exist and are available in today’s market in Nigeria. They come in varying brands, sizes, types, and quality, and care should be taken to properly look out for, and identify the difference in quality of these plastic tables so that you purchase the best that will last you a long time as not all plastic tables are the same and some are made of inferior quality.

Plastic tables are so much in Nigeria that settling for a particular brand or type can be a bit tasking depending on what you want, and seeing that not all plastic tables are the same, it is very necessary that you carefully consider some certain things before committing your money to buy one in the country today. Some of the things to consider before you buy a plastic table in Nigeria currently include the following:


One of the first things to consider when buying plastic tables in Nigeria is who will actually use it. Is it you? Or your children or for a guest? These should all be at the back of your mind so you know exactly the type to buy and at the right price. Adult plastic tables are different from children’s as theirs is usually smaller. Knowing exactly what to buy and who to buy it for will affect your decision on the type of plastic table to purchase once you reach the market.


Another thing to consider before buying a plastic table in Nigeria is what the table will be used for. Plastic tables used for business or commercial purposes should be very strong in quality, especially the ones used for events such as weddings, birthday parties, church programmes, etc., so as to properly accommodate the items that will be placed on them during the course of the various events. You should also purchase quality plastic tables for your home use as these tables may not be used by only you, and may be needed for entertaining your guests when they come visiting. You need durable plastic tables that can last for a long time and save you the money and stress that are associated with always needing to replace a low quality one.


In purchasing plastic tables today, it is very important that you consider the space where you will best use the table. The particular space in your homes or business places will determine where to keep and use the table when it is eventually bought and also determine which size of the plastic table that you actually need.


Your budget for the plastic table you want to buy is a very important consideration that you must not skip. Because without this, there will not even be a plastic table to use in the first place. Before you purchase your plastic table in Nigeria today, it is advisable that you compare prices of different brands and qualities to come out with a price that you want to spend at the end.


Like we earlier mentioned during the course of this article, plastic tables in Nigeria today are still very much in demand and they are not about to go out of fashion any time soon; they are also more affordable than the other types of tables in the country be they glass or wood and they are available in different brands, shapes, designs and sizes depending on what you want. Kindly note that factors such as size, design and the particular brand of the plastic table may determine its price.

Currently, in Nigeria today, the average cost of plastic tables go for anything between the price range of ₦6000 – ₦14,000 and the price depends on the factors we have earlier stated. That said, let us take a look at the current cost of different types of plastic tables in Nigeria below:

  • Small/children sized plastic table in Nigeria currently costs between the price range of ₦6,500 – ₦8,000
  • Medium size plastic table in Nigeria today costs between the price range of ₦5,500 – ₦9,000
  • Large size plastic table in Nigeria today costs between the price range of ₦8,000 – ₦20,000.

Kindly note that some plastic tables may be more expensive than the estimated prices we have stated above and you are advised to go do your own market survey to determine how much you are willing to spend in order to buy yourself a plastic table anywhere in the country. The cost of plastic tables in Nigeria may also be by their colours as white plastic tables are usually more costly than coloured ones. Plastic tables may also cost higher during festive periods in the year, and . purchasing in bulk can significantly reduce the cost as opposed to buying a single unit.

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