How To Change Your Name In Nigeria (2024)

This article is about how to change your name in Nigeria currently in this year 2024. There are many reasons why people in Nigeria today decide to apply for a change of name, and based on these reasons, one would need to contact the relevant authorities in charge of name changes in Nigeria in order to be instructed on how to file for and implement the name change.

How To Change Your Name In Nigeria

Please take note that anyone in Nigeria may seek to have their name changed in the country’s Official Gazette. Minors, or those under the age of 18, are not permitted to apply on their own behalf for a name change in Nigeria. Either of their parents or guardians, who wants to change the minor’s name, can make the change. The fee to publish a name change in the Nigerian official gazette is ₦5,000. In light of this, let us look at the procedures for requesting a change of name in Nigeria below.


The following are the complete, straightforward processes to follow in order to apply for a change of name in Nigeria this 2024:

  • Applicants must apply in person
  • Applicants must go to the nearest court in their State of residence to submit a change of name application in person.
  • The applicant should visit the court’s office and obtain the appropriate Affidavit for changing their name in the Register. The sworn affidavit must be signed by the Magistrate of court or any authorized officer of the court. Required information include: particulars of the applicant, particulars of the parents or guardian (in case of minors), address and contact details of the applicant, identity document number of the applicant, and payment receipt number.
  • After completing the affidavit with regard to the need, applicant should attach the necessary papers, and then submit it to the appropriate authority at the court office for additional verification and attestation.
  • After obtaining the sworn affidavit, the applicant should visit the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture‘s Department of Production, Publication, and Documentation.
  • Fill out an application form, attach the required documents, and hand it in to the appropriate person at the office for publication of your amended name in Nigeria’s official gazette. The required documents include: a completed application form, a sworn and signed affidavit from the court, a copy of the newspaper publication announcing the name change, a declaration for publication in the official gazette, passport-size photos (as directed), an attestation letter, and a receipt or other evidence of payment. In order for the completed form to be accepted by the Authority, it is crucial that it be completely filled out and contain all the necessary information.
  • When everything is deemed to be in order, the competent authorities will update the change of name and publish the change in the gazette in the manner specified after verifying your filed application and any accompanying documentation. Following publication in the official gazette, applicants must notify their workplace, institution, or any other place where their name is prominent.
  • You can get an official notice from the office once all internal procedures are finished.


The procedure outlined above is a simple and easy way to request a name change in Nigeria. Contrary to what some individuals may claim, it is not particularly complicated or difficult to understand. Aside from the requirement that you be of legal age, you should be aware that there are some situations in which changing your name in Nigeria today is not possible.

If you want to avoid a debt, financial obligation, or criminal responsibility, you cannot legally change your name in Nigeria. Additionally, it is forbidden to change your name in order to commit a crime or deceive others; doing so will render your name change null and void. Finally, there are several names that you are not permitted to use when changing your name, including those that might intimidate, offend, or be viewed as obscene or tribalist/racist.

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