How To Open A GofundMe Account In Nigeria (2024)

This article is about how to open a GoFundMe account in Nigeria currently in this year 2024. Nigerian Search Guide will walk you through the procedures needed to set up a GoFundMe account in Nigeria today. Crowdfunding has swiftly become a widely recognized viable option for obtaining funds for enterprises. This is mostly because it doesn’t involve attracting investors, which is what makes it so appealing.

How To Open A GofundMe Account In Nigeria

Until recently, many individuals and organizations found it quite challenging to acquire money in order to carry out various initiatives, but in recent years, we have witnessed a change in how people raise money thanks to the online platform GoFundMe. With the help of this crowdfunding project, businesses won’t have to make huge losses or have to downsize, and people won’t have to endure such humiliating circumstances before raising money for crucial causes.

A crowdfunding website can help you reach your objectives of gathering money for a worthy cause or project as well as starting a business or creative effort. The good news is that because the money you raise is entirely gratuitous, you won’t have to pay anything back. One of the several options for crowdfunding is GoFundMe, the biggest crowdfunding website on the planet.


GoFundMe is an American for-profit crowdfunding website that enables users to raise money for a variety of causes, from joyous occasions like graduations and parties to trying situations like accidents and illnesses. Over 120 million contributors the world over have given over $9 billion between 2010 and the beginning of 2020 using the site.

The way individuals give to one another is being revolutionized by GoFundMe. As aforementioned, using the GoFundMe fundraising platform makes it simple to raise money for yourself, your loved ones, or the causes that are dear to your heart. Any major credit or debit card can be used by donors from all over the world to make a secure donation. An account on GoFundMe can be created for free.


The following are the step by step processes on how to set up a GoFundMe account in Nigeria this 2024:

  • To start raising money, go to the GoFundMe website and select “Start a GoFundMe” from the homepage
  • You will be prompted to log in or automatically create a GoFundMe account. By entering your name, email address, and password, you can open a GoFundMe account if you don’t already have one
  • You will be invited to start a fundraiser after you log in
  • The second stage requires you to enter the fundamental details of your campaign, including the name of the campaign, the fund’s goal, and whether you are conducting a personal campaign (for an individual or an organization) or a registered charity fundraiser (for a charity or non-profit)
  • Select a goal amount that corresponds to the total amount you wish to raise
  • By using an image, your fundraising campaign will appear more credible
  • Give a compelling tale about your cause and yourself. Include details about who you are, the cause for which you are raising money, and the intended use of the funds
  • By posting the GoFundMe page’s URL online, you can now start getting donations.


The company does not impose a Platform Fee on organizers. GoFundMe only charges 2.9 percent transaction fees in addition to $0.30 each donation, which covers debit and credit card expenses. GoFundMe is currently accessible in 19 different nations across the world. You can still utilize the site to raise money even though it is not currently accessible in Nigeria by asking a person in one of the supported nations to do so on your behalf. This third party can help you set up your GoFundMe fundraising account in Nigeria and add you as a beneficiary so you can track the development of your campaign.


Every one of us harbours the desire for the world to be a better place. That initial inspiration to assist an individual, improve a neighbourhood, or possibly transform a whole country. GoFundMe has the view that everyone should benefit from the inspiration of many people since this is how change is effected. Because of this, using the crowdfunding platform is a simple way to motivate others and put compassion into practice. GoFundMe has created a community of more than 120 million donors and assisted organizers in raising more than $9 billion, and they re just getting started. This has been accomplished by providing people with the tools they need to capture and share their story widely.

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