How To Respond To A Workplace Query In Nigeria (2024)

This article is about how to respond to a workplace query in Nigeria this 2024. Employees are usually sent a query letter asking them to clarify their actions, decisions, or behaviour. It is not to be confused with a letter of disengagement that is sent as part of an employee’s disciplinary action.

How To Respond To A Workplace Query In Nigeria

If an employee shows signs of wrongdoing, insubordination, absenteeism, or carelessness of duty, you may write them a query letter. If you are ever served with a query letter for misconduct, knowing how to respond to it will be very helpful.

Even though query letters can be scary, providing a good response can quickly rescue you from trouble. Still, it’s frequently easier said than done to think of the perfect answer that is why we have written this guide to help you out.


Writing the ideal response to your question will mostly rely on the problem you are trying to solve. Here are some guidelines for responding to a workplace query in Nigeria this 2024:


Write down your ideas on paper before entering anything in your response. This will enable you to figure out what you want to express with clarity. Consider your tone, the flow of your thoughts, and the section of your response that you want to draw attention to.


The first thing you should do when responding to a workplace query is to openly recognise the mistake that took place. Start by admitting that you conducted the actions for which you are being held accountable, especially if you arrived at work late or did not show up at your desk. However, be cautious to only accept the accurate account of what happened.


In most cases, there is a reason why a mistake occurs. Give a thorough explanation of your view of events. This entails describing the event’s details, including the moment, location, method, and cause. Make sure that you communicate diplomatically and maintain objectivity at all times. Most people let their emotions get in the way and sabotage their reaction. Provide compelling reasons for any delays you may have had, such as being late for work


Remember that this is an official response. This implies that responding to a workplace query letter in a conversational manner is never appropriate. Ensure that the left side of your document has the recipient’s contact information.


Seeking forgiveness or a pardon and promising that your mistake won’t happen again should be the key objective of your response. Remember that this is essentially a response letter in which you state your case which should prevent you from being punished. In conclusion, reassure the receiver that you will keep up your dedicated work if there is no proof of any misbehaviour on your part.


Be kind and professional throughout your response to ensure that you are forgiven and appear prepared to make the necessary amends. If you are angry, you should take a big breath and wait before responding, as this will influence the tone of your response.

Address every issue brought up in the query letter, take initiative to improve your performance, and avoid placing blame especially if you are a team lead. It will portray you as a bad leader.

In your writing, you must be empathetic and recognise the viewpoint of your superiors. This is to win back their faith in you. You must be succinct and precise in your response. Using unclear language will add to your confusion.

Additionally, address the issue and provide a remedy, as this will demonstrate your readiness to make the required changes to prevent such incidents in the future. The first thing you need to know if you receive a query at work and are found guilty of misbehaviour is that you have to accept responsibility for your actions.

You should never attempt to defend yourself so to say, since if you are innocent, the query won’t be sent to you in the first place.

If you opt to use any AI tool for your response, make sure you read through and give it your human touches. AI doesn’t have empathy; they are not programmed to do so.

In all, always follow the standard procedure of your work etiquette so as to avoid getting query. Because the organization records the number of queries you have contacted, your appointment will be terminated when you reach a certain number.

Make sure you read through and add your personal touch if you decide to employ an AI tool for your response. Artificial intelligence is not programmed to be empathetic. Overall, to prevent receiving queries, always adhere to the usual practice of your work etiquette.

Your appointment will be terminated when you reach a predetermined number of queries since the organisation keeps track of how many queries you have responded to. Make sure your terminology is polite and businesslike.

Never, no matter how close you are to the recipient, switch to conversational language. Most letters specify how soon the recipient must respond. In the event that it isn’t, please reply as quickly as you can.


Knowing how to respond to a letter of inquiry regarding misconduct is extremely important for anyone in the workforce. Sometimes a person gets a query letter for something they never did at all or accidentally did. It could mean the difference between maintaining your job or losing it based on the language, tone, and content of your response.

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