How To Revalidate & Remobilise For NYSC (2024)

This article is a comprehensive information on how to revalidate and remobilise for NYSC currently in this year 2024. If for one reason or the other you failed to show up at your NYSC orientation camp for your service year to properly commence or that after you graduated from school, you were deployed a previous year other than the current year of mobilisation but you failed to show up at camp for NYSC during your mobilisation year, you will need to apply for NYSC revalidation or remobilisation based on the category you fall under.

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By right, the bye-law of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) which is to be enforced by the hierarchy at the various NYSC State Secretariats who act on behalf of the Director-General of the Service, whose office is situated in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, states that anyone who fails to report to camp after being called up for the mandatory one year of national service upon graduation from the University or Polytechnic shall be punished but out of leniency, the NYSC decided to extend an olive branch to prospective corps members who failed to report to their various States where they have been mobilised. This second chance is known as the NYSC revalidation.


The NYSC Revalidation is tailor-made for the following category of people:

  • Graduates who refused/failed to show up at camp after they have been mobilised as a result of either distance or financial constraints
  • Graduates who forgot to check their NYSC dashboard for their letter of mobilization.
  • Graduates who forgot vital documents before heading to camp, preventing them from being registered in the process
  • Graduates who arrived late at camp and got there after the registration window has ended, thus preventing their registration
  • Graduates who have been mobilised but failed to show up at camp or showed up but weren’t able to be registered.

Kindly be informed that if you do not have a State Code Number, that is, your unique NYSC number that identifies the State you have been mobilised to, your service year, as well as your batch/personnel number, you fall under this group of people who need NYSC revalidation.


In order to apply for NYSC revalidation in Nigeria, the following processes are involved:

  • Ensure that you apply for revalidation when a new batch is being mobilised
  • Visit the NYSC portal and click on the registration button
  • After clicking on the registration button, you will be directed to the revalidation option which you should click on and follow the instructions you’re given in order to revalidate your profile. Revalidation is usually done with the credentials you used for the registration on the NYSC portal in the previous batch.
  • If your revalidation is done within the same batch, for instance, you missed Batch A Stream I mobilisation and you apply alongside Batch A Stream II, you will likely be posted back to the same State but if you missed Batch A camp mobilisation and you apply alongside Batch B or C, you will likely be posted to a different State.
  • You will be revalidated once you have met all the criteria. Kindly note that you may be asked to make another payment and choose another State of deployment if need be.
  • Finally, click on the submit button and print out your NYSC revalidation slip.


The NYSC Remobilisation is for those who:

  • After being registered at Camp or after being posted to a place of primary assignment (PPA) absconded and never completed their service year
  • Who were sent out of camp for participating in illicit s*xual activities or gambling, smoking, fighting, to mention but a few

If a Corps member fails to report to their PPA for a period of 90 days – 110 days, they will be be declared as absconded by the NYSC. Unlike Revalidation, those who apply for remobilisation do not go through the three weeks camping exercise again as the NYSC does not allow an individual to camp twice.

The average time frame it takes the NYSC State Secretariat, through the Local Government Inspector (LGI), Zonal Inspector (ZI) or the State Coordinator to declare a Corps member as absconded is about five months, after which the headquarters of the Scheme in Abuja is notified upon proper verification that the Corps member has actually absconded.

If a Corps member absconds from service after receiving their allowance outside camp, he or she must refund it with immediate effect.


In order to apply for NYSC remobilisation, the following processes are required:

  • Visit the NYSC portal
  • Click on “Apply Here for Remobilisation” to start your registration.
  • You will be directed to fill a form, kindly input your data. Please note that the application will go through an approval process, and only approved applications would be eligible for registering for remobilisation.
  • Once you have finished registering, click on “submit” and print out your slip.

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