How To Speak With An Airtel Customer Care Agent Directly

This article will teach you how to contact or call Airtel customer care agents directly without stress in Nigeria currently in this year 2024. Airtel is one of the top telecommunications companies in Nigeria and those subscribed to their network might have queries that they would rather talk to their call centre agents or customer service representatives about. If you have been trying to contact Airtel customer care representatives via their customer service line and all you keep getting are voice prompts on certain other things that might not be of concern to you at that particular moment, do not worry, this post will answer questions of how you can talk to an Airtel call centre agent easily.

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Being one of the best and most popular mobile and internet service providers in Nigeria, it comes as no surprise why Airtel has millions of subscribers nationwide, of which the majority are youths. Because of its cheap data plans and reliable internet service, as well as its decent call tariffs, the majority of its subscribers are always looking to ask certain questions of Airtel call centre agents who are expected to put them in the know on which plan benefits the subscribers the most and certain other questions that the subscribers may have in mind at any particular time.

Instead of dialing certain numbers or visiting the Airtel website, the surest way for subscribers to truly understand certain voice or data plans remain the good old way of calling the Airtel customer care agents for information as it is believed that talking directly to an agent is the easiest and most efficient way to get your issues solved easily and very quickly.


Before now, if you wanted to bypass all the long voice prompts and simply talk to an Airtel call centre agent about your query, the first thing you would do was to simply dial the Airtel customer care number which is 111 line and it was also available 24/7, meaning you could contact their customer service representatives anytime anyday.

This 2024 however, if you want to speak directly with an Airtel call centre agent, and bypass all the long and endless voice prompts that might not be what you need at the time of your calling, simply dial 111, 300, 131, 743, 133, 367, 2020 or 800 from your Airtel phone and follow the voice prompts, you will be directed to speak with an Airtel customer service representative and this is all you need, no long stories, no more waiting endlessly for voice prompts that waste your time especially when you have something urgent to resolve.

Before the present menu changes by Airtel Nigeria, it used to be that once you have dialled 111 and you have selected your preferred language by pressing 1, what follows will be you pressing 3 to listen to the options. After listening to the options, you were then required to press 6 and patiently allow the system give its voice prompts before transferring you to a customer service representative. With this, you could ask any question on your mind once an agent responds and get your desired answers.

Even before this immediate past method, the process used to be much simpler. All you needed to do was to dial the Airtel customer care line and respond by pressing ‘0’ and once that was done, you would be transferred directly to an agent. This method is no longer available, meaning it does not work anymore.

If you prefer to get help via the internet, all you need to do is to visit the Airtel Nigeria official website via or send an email to You will get a response from an agent at the fastest possible time. You can also visit the nearest Airtel offices and service centres in your area. If you want to contact Airtel from outside Nigeria, you can also dial +2348021500300, +2348021500743, +2348021502020, or +2348021520800. You can also dial these numbers if you are not using an Airtel phone. Please check out airtel nigeria salary structure here.

Ezeh Emmanuella

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45 Responses

  1. Henry Omeife says:

    It’s obvious there’s a deliberate plan by Airtel to avoid speaking to its customers as a means of shying away from acknowledging their numerous shortcomings and shadiness.

    • Ana Ria says:

      God bless you my brother

    • Olive says:

      I really want to believe so, because I’ve tried calling them for the umpteenth time,but without success. Why would they remove money and refuse to send the airtime? What an embarrassment!

  2. Toby says:

    I don’t think it’s possible to talk to them anymore, I been having issues with borrowing airtime, I’ve used this sim for more than 3 months and I load every f week, but when I dial *500# it’s always saying this service is not available on your plan, this is messed up they should really look to this

  3. Victor Dickson says:

    This is the 2nd time it’s happening…After doing #500 for 1gb for 7days…
    Whenever it’s remaining 500mb…Airtel just steals it…why? They don’t even warn me anymore of my data usage…please I need answers. And I need my 1gb back

  4. Adeboyejo esther says:

    I rechargedfor 2gbytes and It has not be working for the past 3days. I have been calling customers care and there is no direct link to the agent.

  5. Assurance says:

    I have been trying to transfer to a customer agent, but after listening to the options on customer care service I didn’t find an option to transfer to an agent please how can I? I really have issues with my service, need to be solved urgently.

  6. Sarah Okoye says:

    Please for crying out loud can customer care representative speak to me ha!

    • Hi Sarah, try 429 immediately the voice prompt starts talking. It really works. You will be directed to speak with an Airtel customer care representative.

      • Gift Emelle says:

        When I do what you just mentioned, it will speak ibo and tell me it was a wrong selection. Why not make it easy for people in such a way that they will simply dial one digit

        • CEO says:

          I just tried it and it worked.
          I queried the agent on why they’re trying to avoid speaking with customers having challenges.

          Airtel is evil.

  7. Affa says:

    What a useless network provider 🙄 why hidden the information on how to connect with Airtel agent? Very useless

  8. Ogechi says:

    I wanted to recharge for my brother and mistakenly recharge 5,000, how do I retrieve it or how do I share it, I need the code, so he can send it back to me,and I can sell it

  9. Dee says:

    These people have been deducting 50 naira from me since last year wtf? Una done chop like 20k commot my hand with every recharge I make u steal me 50 naira what the hell now?!

  10. Eneh Chiemerie says:

    Please which code can i use to transfer data Airtel to Airtel

  11. JAMES FIDELIS says:

    If i sent a message using an airtel line instead of charging me 4 naira they will triple the charges to 12 naira on one message only,and i tried to contact the customer care they refuse to connect to him. Please what can i do to solve this problem?

    • Hi James, when you call Airtel Customer Care via 111, once you hear the system talking, immediately dial 429 and you will be directed to speak with an Airtel customer service representative.

  12. Mubarak Demilade says:

    I tried to speak with customer care by dialling 111 and immediately the voice start speaking I press 429 but they telling me it’s a wrong selection and hangup. Help

  13. Uchenna says:

    When I recharge my account for some seconds without making a call, my account will be zero naira. Why? I tried to talk to the customer care but could not reach him.

  14. Sarah says:

    I just bought and registered this Sim yesterday and every amount I load Airtel has been collecting my money. I don’t get it, I just loaded 200 Naira, I didn’t even make a call or browse and my money has vanished. Please how can this be rectified to avoid Airtel losing their customers? Airtel are owing more than 300 Naira 😠

  15. Zahra Kyari says:

    I just recharged 2500 and Airtel deducted 2000 and left me with 500. Why Airtel? I fit cry. It was my last card that I wanted to subscribe, and i never borrowed from them😪. This is robbery abi? mtseww!

  16. Idenyiu gift chidinma says:

    Please, I have been trying to load recharge card since yesterday and the answer I have been getting is maximum credit limit exceeded. Please, what can I do to stop this?

    • Enifome Paradise oniagbara says:

      I just subscribe my Airtel line and I put on my data to message someone. I was surprised when they told me I don’t have data, have been trying to call the customer care but not connecting, this is it not the 4th time they are doing this, please send my card back

  17. Aweh Joy Sunday says:

    I subscribed to Airtel unlimited social bundle for 25 days 😔 yesterday, today they are telling me that I have used up my data bundle. Please help because that was my last money I used to buy card

  18. Ukpono says:

    I have summited my NIN, there’s nothing that I have not done, but this morning Airtel just switched off my network. What is the meaning of that?

  19. diane says:

    Airtel is full of scam, after recharging for 10gb for one month which didn’t even last up to 2 weeks, then I recharged 1gb for 7 days within 12hours, they are telling me my data has finished.

  20. Nsude Tobechukwu says:

    Please, I just loaded 200 Naira, only for for me to see 700 Naira loan balance. Airtel how come? It’s really annoying!

  21. Francis Mark says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. It’s very helpful!

  22. Kirklin says:

    Wow airtel used to be my favourite network especially for data, but now it seems they sacked all the good staffs and replaced them with sub-standard ones… God help us!!!

  23. Vic-charles says:

    This is unbelievable, I did a bundle for the sum of ₦3000. The whole money gone but I didn’t get any data, I’m kinda very tired of this. Please tell Airtel to resolve my issues please o I beg thee!

  24. etanoma Andrew says:

    My airtel number is 07081337089.I notice that anytime i recharge for 300 naira and use the talkmore code, it does not work again. Why, I do not know, because with only one call the notification will just come that my credit will not be enough for my next call.

    Anther issue is that those of us living in Orile Oshodi, have been experiencing poor coverage. We thought it is as result of repairs in your mast at Mosaku Street. Please why is the problem still there?

    When I recharged my wifi modem 09011125685 with 2000 naira yesterday, the bonus given is for Youtube night browsing. Please note that not all us wake up in the night for health reason.

  25. Victor says:

    I bought an airtel line last week and registered it with my NIN. I only made use of the airtel line few days, now they banned the number, it’s not working again. What should I do please? Respond to me.

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