How To Start Block Industry Business In Nigeria (2024)

In this article, we shall be looking at how to start cement block industry business in Nigeria currently in this year 2024. Here, we will provide a detailed guide on how you can successfully set up your cement block factory in the country so that you will have an idea of what to do in order to become a proud owner of this business should you decide to venture into it.

How To Start Block Industry Business In Nigeria

The cement block industry in the country is one of the most lucrative businesses anyone can venture into and although it is capital intensive if one wants to start big, the business has the capacity to consistently generate income for the owner especially when it is sited at a very good place where people can easily contract the business owner to mould blocks for their various building projects.

The nation’s population has been on a steady rise for quite some time now and this has paved the way for many places, both urban and rural to develop and expand in terms of housing, business, and worship centres needed to accommodate the population increase experienced in many parts of the most populated States in Nigeria.

The result being the increase in demand for cement blocks for building many new homes, places of worship, business/office spaces, to mention but a few. When you factor in all these, you will agree with me that building blocks will always be sort after as many people need them for the development of their various localities to conform with the modern standards as seen in many parts of the most developed States in Nigeria.

In making blocks for building purposes, the process involves the mixture of powdered cement, sand, gravel and water in the right proportion so that it comes out as a light grey-coloured semi solid with a fine surface texture that hardens into the cement block that we know it to be after it has been dried for several hours in the sun.

Many block industries in Nigeria produce cement blocks of high quality that are fit for various building projects, ensuring that the structure one sets out to erect does not collapse during construction. This is very important for customer retention and the integrity of the business owner. One thing to note if you want to venture into this business is that it does better in the dry season than in the rainy as many builders prefer to build during the dry season.

Without further delay, let us quickly delve into the business of the day by intimating you our various esteemed readers on the things to do in order to set up a thriving building block factory in Nigeria today. This business venture is very profitable and will require a lot of discipline for it to be a success. That said, the processes involved in starting cement block industry business in the country are highlighted below.


The following are the step by step processes on how you can start cement block industry/factory business in Nigeria this 2024:


Before starting your block industry business in Nigeria, one of the most important things to do is to conduct a survey of the area you intend to set up the business. This is so that you can get a detailed outlook on what the demand and supply of blocks in the area is like. If the demand for cement blocks in that area is low, you may encounter issues supplying your blocks to your customers at a good rate.

It will do you a whole lot of good if you understand how this business works in your area before setting out to launch the business. Even though you may not be the one to do all the technical work involved in the business, it is advised that you get trained to know what the business entails and how to effectively run it when you employ workers to get the job done.


After your survey has been concluded, it is up to you now to decide where to locate the block industry depending on your findings from the survey of your locality. Block industries are very spacious and this is so that every moulded block can be dried properly on the piece of land you choose. The land should also house the equipment for moulding your blocks, and it should serve as a storage space for your sand and cement.

When finding a good location for your block industry business, you should factor in the availability of a reliable source of water supply. Every bock industry needs an abundance of water supply to make production easy. A borehole is better than buying water everyday for production as this will reduce your operating cost significantly once you have invested in having one on your site.

You will need to also consider locating your block industry business at a place that is easily accessible to vehicles so that they can supply materials for block construction easily. This also helps when cement blocks are demanded and the road is good enough for transport to the location intended. Try as much as possible not to site your cement factory very close to residential areas to prevent noise pollution: and do not site it on a waterlogged piece of land so that you do not run at a loss.


It is very important that you register your block industry business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) so that your cement block factory business can be recognised as genuine. This also helps you get easy access to government loans to finance your business should the need arise.


As with every other business in Nigeria, you will need capital to start your block industry business. This business is a very capital intensive one as we have earlier mentioned at the start of this article and you will need capital to secure a good land either by buying it outrightly or paying rent for it, buying the machinery needed for the business, to mention but a few.

Some of the materials and equipment needed to successfully run a block industry business in Nigeria include: block moulding machine for moulding the cement mortar into blocks; vehicles, preferably trucks for delivering cement blocks to customers; concrete mixer for effectively mixing sand, cement and water; head pans; shovels; trowels; storage shed for storing cement; wooden palette for placing moulded blocks while they dry in the open.


You will need to employ workers for your block industry business as you may not be able to do all the work by yourself. For a small scale block factory, you will need at least six staff. Employ staff who are skilled in moulding blocks, drying the moulded blocks loading blocks into vehicles for supply, etc. This will make your job easier. Once all these are put in place, your business is good to go.

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