How To Verify BVN Online & With USSD In Nigeria (2024)

This article is about how to verify BVN in Nigeria online and with USSD codes currently in this year 2024. BVN stands for Bank Verification Number, and it is a distinctive identification number that can be confirmed across all financial institutions in Nigeria. The BVN of a customer is linked to their fingerprint, signature, and facial photograph, all of which are taken at the time of enrollment, which represent their biological characteristics.

How To Verify BVN Online & With USSD In Nigeria

The BVN database, which has over 38 million distinct BVNs that are integral to each and every individual whose profile has been collected, is the most trustworthy and complete data source in the Nigerian financial industry. BVN delivers seamless identity verification and validation across numerous electronic platforms that are interoperable. The bio-data, or pertinent information about a person, is displayed after a search of the BVN database. It includes names, phone numbers, addresses, and dates of birth.

The Bank Verification Number (BVN), as previously stated, is a significant code that is essential for everybody with a bank account in Nigeria. It was first used in the nation in 2014, and the following year, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), mandated all banks to prohibit any accounts without a BVN. BVN has gained enormous popularity in Nigeria today. No matter how many accounts you have with any bank, your BVN’s 11 digits are the same for all of them. It is linked to one or more of your accounts and is recognized by all banks in the country currently.

BVN was developed to slow down the speed at which people steal and hide. It is also useful for completing transactions online or at the bank. So, it becomes necessary to always have the code on hand. In the event that you lose your BVN or are otherwise unable to access it, there are several methods you can still check it. Simply use your smartphone to obtain your BVN code. Since you may utilize any class of phone as long as it can send and receive text messages, this process is frequently fairly straightforward.


There are two ways by which you can verify your BVN in Nigeria this 2024, and you can do that by:

  • Verifying your BVN Online, and
  • Verifying your BVN with USSD Code


Online BVN details can be checked without contacting your bank in any way. Customers of Nigerian Banks who have successfully completed the required BVN registration are now able to validate their BVN details online thanks to the Nigerian Inter-Bank Settlement System PLC, NIBSS. The BVN Validation Portal by NIBSS was developed to make it easy for you to retrieve or validate your BVN records online. We will walk you through the process if you want to check your BVN Name, signature, address, or validate other BVN details. To check your bank verification number online, do kindly follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of the NIBSS
  • Enter your correct BVN
  • Click the search icon
  • You will be directed to the CentralPay Payment Platform
  • Choose the payment method that is convenient for you (Interswitch/Verve, Visa, Mastercard, Pay With Bank Account)
  • Pay the requested amount of ₦25 and click on the proceed button
  • The information you require will be correctly displayed on your screen
  • You can then proceed to verify your Bank Verification Number (BVN) details.


You don’t require a web connection and can use this method in Nigeria to verify your Bank Verification Number (BVN) on any network, including Glo, MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, and Ntel. When you forget or are unable to access your BVN, you can quickly check it out using this code. Please be aware that the only line with which you can check your BVN is the one you registered it with. This attracts a service charge of ₦20 on your active line.

  • To check your BVN using USSD code in Nigeria, simply dial *565*0# on your phone
  • Regardless of the bank or network you are using, your BVN will be shown
  • Please be aware that some banks have unique codes available to help their customers obtain the BVN number. Guaranty Trust bank (GTCO) account holders should dial *737*6*1# to check their BVN.

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