Laundry And Dry Cleaning Services Price List In Nigeria (2024)

In this post, we will look at the current price list of laundry and dry cleaning services in Nigeria this 2024 from a general perspective. While this may not be universally binding for every dry cleaning service in the country, it serves as a guide on what to expect should you decide to employ the services of dry cleaners and how much to budget for such purposes.

Laundry And Dry Cleaning Services Price List In Nigeria

Due to the ever busy nature of city life, especially in Lagos and many other parts of the country, quite a large number of people hardly have the time to shuttle between a proper rest and doing certain chores such as their laundry and dry cleaning, especially those working 9-5 in offices and those running businesses that require much attention.

This has led to the more realistic option of taking their clothes preferably on weekends to the dry cleaner for proper washing and ironing, helping to relieve some burden on them and making sure that by the time the new week starts, everything concerning what to wear is properly sorted out.

In the past, there were just a few laundry and dry cleaning services here and there in some parts of the country, but as things stand today, this business has seen a rapid rise in the number of people taking to it, and this is because many people today favour taking their clothes to the dry cleaner to wash. This has promoted healthy competition among the many laundry services that have sprung up in the country as a result of the increase in demand for their services and as such, led to the setting of average prices for many of the services that they render.

You as a customer should be familiar with these prices so as not to be charged excessively, and if you are looking to venture into this business, it is very necessary that you do a background check to find out what the average costs for the services in this laundry and dry cleaning business go for so as not to be against the generally accepted rates in the market. Having said that, we shall be looking at some of things to take note of when considering the services of dry cleaners and the average prices of laundry services in Nigeria today.


When considering which laundry service to choose from, here are some of the things that you should consider:.


Take note that prices differ for the various laundry services out there so when trying to decide on which one to eventually settle for, go for the one that is favourable to your budget after you must have compared the costs for different laundry services in your area.


The quality of service matter a lot, and you should take out time to carefully observe the details of the work done by any of the dry cleaning services in your locality before eventually settling for the best. This may come at a price and if you can afford it, then go for it.


Location matters a lot as no one will like to go too far in search of a laundry and dry cleaning service, incurring extra costs in transport simply because they want to look good. Find time to navigate your area and see where you can get one that can do the job for you.


Make sure that you know exactly what the turnaround of the laundry service is so as not to be disappointed that your clothes are taking too long at the dry cleaner. It is very important to consider the turnaround time of the laundry service provider before you eventually settle for any of them because you wouldn’t want to miss important because your dry cleaner refused to deliver in time.


The current price list of various laundry and dry cleaning services in the country this 2024 have been taken into consideration before arriving at the average prices that we have listed below. The cost of dry cleaning in any part of the country can be affected by certain factors such as location and the type of services rendered. That said, this is a comprehensive price list of dry cleaning services in Nigeria today:

  • 1 Shirt: ₦200 – ₦800
  • 1 Trouser: ₦250 – ₦1,000
  • 1 Tie: ₦100 – ₦300
  • A pair of socks: ₦100 – ₦400
  • Office suit with trousers: ₦1,500 – ₦3,000
  • Safari suit with trousers: ₦1,500 – ₦4,000
  • Jean trousers: ₦500 – ₦1,000
  • Male traditional wear without agbada: ₦500 – ₦4,500 (based on the material)
  • Male traditional wear with agbada: ₦1,000 – ₦5,500
  • Female traditional wear: ₦700 – ₦3,000 (based on the material)
  • Children uniform (up and down): ₦500 – ₦1,500
  • Small bed sheet: ₦300 – ₦700
  • Big bed sheet: ₦500 – ₦2,000
  • Small towel: ₦200 – ₦500
  • Big towel: ₦500 – ₦1,500
  • Bed Duvet: ₦1000 – ₦3,000
  • Aso Oke (Traditional Wear): ₦800 – ₦2,200
  • Sweater/Sweat Shirt: ₦400 – ₦1000
  • Singlet: ₦100 – ₦500.

As stated earlier, kindly take note that the above listed laundry prices may not be the the same in certain locations and depending on certain situations but they have been put up as average costs based on what is obtainable almost everywhere in the country.

Some laundry and dry cleaning services also do home delivery and this may attract more fees than the usual, some others may also give special offers in the form of a promo that may lower the prices we have put up. Overall, it is very important to confirm the actual prices of laundry services in your area before deciding on the one that will benefit you.

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