Level 8 Salary Structure In Nigeria Currently (2024)

In this post, we take a look at Grade Level 8 Salary Structure for civil servants in Nigeria this 2024. Today, in the country, one of the best jobs to target is the government jobs due to the many benefits and bonuses attached to it. The Civil Service in Nigeria is one of the great places to grow and build a great career in and it comes as no surprise why some fresh Nigerian graduates target job openings by either the state or federal government, especially the federal government jobs.

Level 8 Salary Structure In Nigeria Currently

In the civil service, you are guaranteed job security, a steady career path and a progressive salary increase as at when due. In the country today, there are just about a few other professions that can compete favourably with top government jobs currently. The civil service in Nigeria is very well organized in terms of the salary structure, something which is determined by experience, level of professionalism, the job description and some other important factors that affect salary range.

One of the reasons why the civil service salary range in Nigeria is attractive to many graduates of the country is because the salary structure in the country has been consistent over the course of time, in addition to respectable bonuses and benefits which are paid according to grade level. Entry level at government jobs in Nigeria is regarded as grade level 8. This is where fresh graduates in Nigeria, after successfully completing their NYSC, start their careers in the civil service from.

So salaries which they will be placed on will be salaries peculiar to grade level 8 workers in the public sector of the country but be informed that different government institutions operate their own salary structure, hence grade 8 salaries vary from one government institution or parastatal to another, meaning that what is obtainable as grade level 8 salary in one government owned company may be different in another. If you have ever wondered or thought of how much grade 8 workers in Nigeria are paid currently, this article will give you the answers in no time.


We will consider how much grade level 8 workers in Nigeria are paid this 2024 as salaries per month. In recent times, there have been complaints about the minimum wage of government workers and the salary of grade 8 civil servants in the country. This is due to the fact that many consider it to be a bit low for a government job, that notwithstanding, many graduates still target grade level 8 jobs in the civil service mainly due to job security as well as time flexibility to run other businesses if they so choose.

Most government employees do not fear losing their jobs and can build a long and successful career over the course of time on it. As aforementioned, the salaries of grade level 8 workers in Nigeria differ from one government company or parastatal to another. Factors that determine how much one is paid include their job description, and their level of experience with time. As we proceed, we shall discuss the salary structure of select government owned companies in the country, narrowing our focus to grade 8 workers only.


Entry level salary, otherwise known as Grade Level 8 salary in the civil service for Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC stands at ₦120,000 per month. One can get paid as high as over ₦300,000 based on recommendations. Now when allowances and bonuses are added, the take home pay becomes really mouth watering. The NCC is the regulatory body for all telecommunications companies such as MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile, to mention but a few and getting a job there means that you have secured a great place in the government sector to work in. Salaries improve with time and experience on the job.


Grade level 8 Civil Defence Corps members are paid a salary of ₦121,000 per month this 2024, and with allowances and bonuses, that figure is set to increase significantly. They are well paid by the Federal Government of Nigeria. Their salaries can increase with time and promotion.


Grade level 8 salary structure for Police officers differ according to their positions. Grade level 8, Step 1 police officers earn ₦128,000 monthly while Grade level 8, Step 10 police officers (Assistant Superintendents of Police) take home a salary of about ₦144,000 monthly. Irrespective of the reputation they have gotten in recent times, the Nigeria Police Force pay graduates decent salaries and their hierarchy has put in much effort to rebrand and revamp the police.

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