List Of All Army Divisions In Nigeria (2024)

The Nigerian Army (NA) is the predominant branch of our country’s armed forces, responsible for managing land-based territorial defense. This vital component of the Nigerian military forces is in charge of land warfare, and it has a rich past that is deeply entwined with the politics and history of our magnificent country. We will be looking at the full list of all army divisions in Nigeria as of this year 2024.

List Of All Army Divisions In Nigeria

The Nigerian army is rightfully regarded as one of the strongest military forces in Africa after demonstrating its mettle over the years in peacekeeping operations in other nations. The Nigerian Army Council (NAC) is in charge of the Nigerian Army, which is the primary military unit in our armed forces that combats terrorism and insurgency in the nation.

This land branch of the Nigerian military is divided into multiple divisions. An army division, is a sizable military force consisting of between 10,000 and 25,000 soldiers. Major-Generals lead or command army divisions, which are essentially groups of army brigades and regiments. A division in the Nigerian Army is larger than a brigade, which is larger than a battalion, as is the case with many other forces across the globe.


The following is a full list of all Army Divisions in Nigeria this 2024:


During the civil war in Nigeria, the 1st division of the Nigerian Army was founded in 1967. The North-Western geopolitical zone of the nation is kept safe and secure by this division, which has its headquarters in Kaduna. Additionally, every border surrounding its Area of Responsibility is guaranteed to be secure. Combining combat support and combat service support units, the 1st Division is a mechanized infantry unit. It consists of the subsequent elements:

  • 241 Recce Battalion at Nguru
  • 1 Mechanised Brigade at Sokoto
  • 65 Mechanised Battalion
  • 81 Motorised Battalion
  • 223 Light Battalion


Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, is home to the 2 division’s headquarters. With combat support and combat service support units attached, this division consists of mechanized infantry and is tasked with protecting its Area of Responsibility (AOR), which encompasses the South Western flank of Nigeria, as well as making sure that the borders within its AOR are secured. Nigerian Army units comprising 2 Division are as follows:

  • 244 Reece Battalion
  • 4 Brigade Benin
  • 22 Brigade Ilorin
  • 42 Brigade Akure
  • 42 Engineer Brigade Ibadan
  • 52 Signal Brigade Ibadan
  • 2 Division Garrison, Ibadan
  • 19 Battalion at Okitipupa
  • 195 Battalion at Agenebode


Rukuba cantonment in Jos, Plateau State, is home to the headquarters of the 3 Armoured Division. In 1983, it was in charge of maintaining security in the vicinity of Chad. It was established in 1967 as a component of the Nigerian Army divisions during the Nigerian-Biafran civil war. The components of the 3 Armoured Division are as follows:

  • Yola Brigade (23 Brigade)
  • 243 Recce Battalion; 21 Armoured Brigade Maiduguri (which includes 211 Tank Battalion, 212 Tank Battalion, 93 Mechanized Battalion)
  • 23 Armoured Brigade Yola (which includes 231 Tank Battalion, 232 Tank Battalion, 3 Mechanised Battalion)
  • 33 Artillery Brigades (which includes 331, 332 Field Artillery Regiments, 333 Air Defence Regiment)
  • 23 Brigade (which includes 231 and 232 Tank Battalions).


The Nigerian Army’s 6 Amphibious Division was founded in 2016. With its headquarters situated in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State, it is among the Nigerian Army’s newest divisions. It is tasked with protecting the country’s coastline, the Niger Delta, and the infrastructure and resources related to oil and gas extraction. The following comprise the 6 Amphibious Division:

  • 2 Brigade, Akwa Ibom State
  • 16 Brigade, Bayelsa State, and
  • 63 Brigade, Delta State.


With its headquarters located in Maiduguri, Borno State, the 7th Infantry Division was founded in 2013 with the express intent of combating the Boko Haram insurgency that was wreaking havoc in the North-east. It safeguards the States of Adamawa, Maiduguri, and Yobe in the North-east. Its formations are as follows:

  • 23 Brigade, Yola, Adamawa State
  • 21 Brigade, Maiduguri, Borno State,
  • 22 Brigade, Ilorin, Kwara State, and
  • 241 Reece Battalion, Yobe State.


The 8 Division was founded in 2017 and has its headquarters in Sokoto. It was also created as a component of the Nigerian Army’s strategic plan to strengthen military operations against terrorists in the nation’s north. The 8 Division was created to protect the States of Sokoto, Kebbi, and Katsina in order to restrain Boko Haram’s operations in the north.


The previous Lagos Garrison Command, which had been in force since the colonial era, was replaced by the 81 Division of the Nigerian Army, which has its headquarters located in Lagos. Established in 2000, this Division took over the role of the Lagos Garrison Command (LGC) and was tasked with safeguarding its Area of Responsibility (AOR), which included the States of Lagos and Ogun, which are the nation’s economic hubs. The borders inside its area of responsibility are also guarded by the 81 Division. The unit is a mechanized infantry division that is connected to combat service support and combat support units.


The Nigerian Army’s 82 Division was established in 1975 and has its headquarters in Enugu. This Division’s duties include guarding the borders inside its Area of Responsibility (AOR), which includes the South Eastern and South Southern flanks of Nigeria, as well as making sure that the AOR is safe. Comprising combat support and combat service support units, the division is a composite unit.

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