List Of Top 10 Management Institutions in Nigeria (2024)

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the top 10 best accredited management institutions in Nigeria this 2024 among the so many that are out there. If you want to study management courses in Nigeria and you are looking for the best management institutions to go to for your courses, this list of leading accredited management institutions in Nigeria should help you figure out where to go to obtain your certificate in management.

Top 5 Professional Management Courses in Nigeria

Taking professional management courses in Nigeria today is something many people have welcomed with open arms as it puts them on a pedestal and stands them in good stead to be better employed than many of their counterparts who may not possess certain management qualifications. One of the things to note when choosing a school of management to attend is that their criteria for admission vary from one management institution in Nigeria to another.

You may need to possess a bachelors degree or an O’Level certificate, depending on the management institution you are applying to. Duration of courses also varies for the different management institutions in Nigeria. Some courses take months to complete while the duration of others may be determined by the management institution you are applying to in Nigeria.

Most working class individuals in the country apply to management schools to obtain certificates in management that helps to boost their chances of being promoted or getting better jobs with higher salary packages. Without further delay, the top best management institutions in the country are listed and discussed below:


The following are the 10 best accredited management institutions in Nigeria this 2024:


The Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) is one of the best and leading management institutions in the country. This management school offers professional diploma courses in management studies. While their headquarters is situated in Lagos, they have many other branches located within the country. Majority of their students get trained at the NIM branches closest to them and their professional diploma in management course runs for the entire duration of 2 years.

Also, the NIM offers post graduate diploma courses in management and the duration of this course is one year. Another programme that is run by the Nigerian Institute of Management is their Masters in Business Administration course which is widely popular among most management professionals. Most corps members in the country undergoing their NYSC can take NIM courses at a subsidised rate after which they graduate as Managers and are inducted as NIM graduate members at a ceremony where they are presented with certificates. The headquarters of the Nigerian Institute of Management is located at Plot 22, Idowu Taylor Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.


Remoik Training & Consulting is also another top management institute in Nigeria and they offer top quality management courses. This management institution are into business consulting and a very interesting thing about this management school is that they are affiliated to some top international management institutions and their certificate is an authority in its own right. Remoik Training & Consulting possess top quality training solutions which helps to enhance the potentials of the managers that they produce. The management school offers Masters Degree programme in management and other courses.


The Institute of Strategic Management, ISM is another top quality management institution in Nigeria with headquarters in the United Kingdom. This institute has been well established in the country since 2003 and they are experts in strategic leadership and governance. A non-profit organisations, the ISM has a track record of producing some of the best managers in the country and they are no doubt one of the best management institutions in Nigeria today.


The Metropolitan School of Business & Management is an international management institution operating in Nigeria with several branches worldwide; and throughout the duration of their stay in the country, they have developed a reputation as one of Nigeria’s finest management institutions around. This management institution is headquartered in the United Kingdom and apart from offline management classes, they also offer online courses as well.


The International School of Management is a purely Nigerian management institution headquartered in Lagos and this management school is approved by the Federal Ministry of Education as well as the Lagos State Agency of Mass Education. They offer various management and professional courses tailored to suit the needs of students seeking to study at their institute.


Tom Associates are among the top 10 best management training institutions in Nigeria currently. They offer top quality business and management courses, some of which include: Administrative Skills Development programmes, Business Management and Strategy Programmes, Computer Skills Programmes, Customer Service programmes, Financial Management and Accounting Programmes, to mention but a few. Their programmes are offered at different times of the year and they are affordable.


This management institution trains and re-trains professionals in business management. They provide top quality learning environment based on re-training, continued professional train and research. They also teach ethical principles of business management in order to help one succeed in their management career.


Leadership & Management School also ranks as one of the best management institutions in Nigeria presently. If you are looking for a top quality school to take management courses and get authority professional management certificates then this school is just what you need. This management school has branches in Nigeria and Ghana.

Some of the courses they offer include: building and leading a team, building leadership competencies, improving personal effectiveness and time management, effective writing skills, effective communication skills, assertiveness in the work place, improved interpersonal skills and several other programmes while some of their training schools include insurance school, leadership & management school, finance school, customer management, energy school, banking school and risk school.


The Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria is one of the best in the management schools country that was established in 1968 and has since gone on to be a force to be reckoned with as far as management is concerned in Nigeria. Their objective is to promote and develop science and the practice of personnel management in all ramification.

The objectives of the Institute are:

  • To promote and develop the science and practice of personnel management in all its ramification
  • To foster and maintain investigations and research into the best means, and method of applying the science and art of Personnel Management and to encourage, extend, increase, disseminate and promote knowledge and the exchange of information and ideas with regard to all questions relating thereto or connect therewith
  • To develop and maintain high standard of professional competence and ensure that the management of human resource in Nigeria, both in public and private sectors, conforms with the best professional standards
  • To conduct research into and publish materials relating to the discipline of Human Resource Management.


IFMA Nigeria was registered and incorporated as a not-for-profit organisation in 1997 and is an affiliate of IFMA Worldwide. IFMA membership is open to anyone actively engaged in the application, practice, teaching and researching of facility management, its principles and techniques. The Association is dedicated to promoting excellence in the management of the work environment.

IFMA Nigeria offers the opportunity to develop contacts and exchange information with other facility management professionals locally and internationally through conferences, seminars, chapter and council programmes. They also hold professional development seminars and trainings leading to the award of the world’s most recognized Facility Management Certifications – Facility Management Professional (FMP); Certified Facility Manager (CFM) and lately, the Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP) designations. The chapter has produced over 300 FMPs and 30 CFMs to date.

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