List Of Zoos In Nigeria & Where They Are Located (2024)

Have you ever wondered how many zoos Nigeria has? This article aims to provide a comprehensive list of all zoos in Nigeria this 2024 along with their respective locations. This will give everyone searching for zoos in the country the necessary information to identify where they are so as to visit and enjoy the beauty of nature. Nigeria is home to a wide variety of wildlife species, and it would be breathtaking to view them up close in places where they are well-cared for and maintained.

List Of Zoos In Nigeria & Where They Are Located

Zoos are places that keep a collection of wild animals for public education, conservation, or display. These animals are usually kept in parks or gardens. Additionally, these animals might be bred for scientific studies. Zoos are excellent destinations for tourists and are an ideal means for states to generate income in which they are situated. We will go into more depth about them in a moment, please read on to learn more.


The following is a full list of all zoos in Nigeria and their locations 2024:


Yankari Game Reserve was the previous name of Yankari National Park. Situated in Bauchi State, it is one of Nigeria’s premier game reserves, having been founded in 1956. A vast wildlife park that harbours some of the country’s most fascinating plants and animals. Before a plethora of new zoos, conservation centres, game reserves, and wildlife parks emerged in the country in recent years, Yankari National Park was by far the most well-liked and one of the most frequented wildlife parks in the country. The park features numerous natural thermal springs and other side attractions spread throughout a huge area of land measuring around 2,250 square kilometres.


As its name suggests, Jos Wildlife Park is situated in Jos, the Plateau State Capital, along Miango Road in the Rantya Area. It was founded in 1956 and became open to the public the following year. This zoo is one of the biggest and most popular in Nigeria, covering an area of eight square kilometres. The Jos Wildlife Park, formerly called the Jesse Aruku Wildlife Park, is home to an extensive variety of species, including birds, chimpanzees gazelles, lions, buffaloes, crocodiles, and monkeys. Numerous picnic areas, a kids’ playground, a restaurant, and a history museum with stories about Jos and the park are all located within the park.


The Port Harcourt Zoo is situated in the Rivers State capital city of Port Harcourt, in the Trans Amadi, Obio-Akpor Local Government Area. It is run by the State government and is commonly referred to as the PH Zoo. Alfred Diete-Spiff, the Military Governor at the time, founded the zoo in 1974, and on October 1st, 1975, it was formally opened to the public. It is regarded as one of Nigeria’s top conservation centres and is a popular tourist destination in the city.


Located in Kano along Zoo Road, the Audu Bako Zoo is one of the oldest wildlife conservation centres in Nigeria. In that part of the country of the country, it is also referred to as Gidan Zoo in the local tongue. Established in 1971, the zoological garden was first made accessible to the public in 1972 under the leadership of Audu Bako, a former police commissioner and first military governor of Kano State. The Kano State Zoological and Wildlife Management, KAZOWMA oversees the approximately 46 hectare Audu Bako Zoo. The zoo is home to a variety of creatures, including as lions, zebras, hippopotamus, giraffes, elephants, hyenas, ostriches, antelopes, camels, and goats. To see the animals, visitors and tourists travel from all across the nation to the Audu Bako Zoo. Daily hours at the zoo are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


In 1974, the University of Ibadan Zoological Garden was officially established. The main goals are education, entertainment, and conservation. Over the years, the zoo has undergone significant changes to comply with international standards. It has, among other things, been elevated from obscurity to visibility and increased patronage through infrastructure acquisition and restoration as well as by being ICT-sensitive. A new architectural plan for the Zoo has resulted in modifications to various buildings. Numerous animal species are kept in the University of Ibadan Zoological Garden and are arranged in several zoo areas. The zoo is divided into several areas, such as the divisions for birds, reptiles, small animals, herbivores, carnivores, and primates. It is a fun-filled tourist destination situated on the grounds of the University of Ibadan, in the capital of Oyo State.


Spending time with your family and loved ones at the National Children’s Park and Zoo is highly recommended. Situated in the Asokoro District of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, it is home to a variety of animals, including lions, donkeys, zebras, ostriches, giraffes, camels, and cheetahs. The children’s playground is located in the zoo’s park, and there is a cafe on the grounds that makes it convenient for parents and guests to purchase food and beverages while exploring the facility. Animal cages at the National Children’s Park and Zoo are equipped with name tags to facilitate easy identification of the animals. The zoo is open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Oko Central, in the Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State, is home to the Ogba Zoo and Nature Park. It was founded in 1971 with the goal of promoting tourism and offering recreational opportunities as a biological garden and nature park. Ogba Zoo and Nature Park is situated on a vast terrain and has all the amenities that are required. It has picnic areas, a children’s playground, a forest walk, and a recreation centre. Fun-seekers therefore swarm the area, especially on weekends and during holiday seasons.


On May 10, 1976, Chief S.C. Onyeaguocha, the State’s first Chief Forest Conservator, founded the Imo State Zoological Garden, following the formation of Imo State from the previous East Central State. Along with recreation or tourism, education, and revenue, the goal was to rehire people from Imo State who had returned from the Enugu Zoo in East Central State. Located on the Old Nekede road, beside the Songhai farm (Imo State Agricultral Development Corporation), the zoo is roughly two kilometres southeast of the capital city of Owerri. A little over twenty-two hectares make up the Zoo. It is divided into two strata: the Ex-Situ Conservation portion, covering around seven hectares, and the Tropical Rain Forest Replica, spanning fifteen hectares and abundant with flora and fauna. Every day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on Sundays and public holidays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., the Zoo is open to the public.


Of all the zoos and animal conservation centres in Nigeria, the Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) ranks up there with the most well-known. This is one of Nigeria’s biggest and best zoos, in the opinion of many. Located in Lekki, Lagos State, the park was created in 1990 and occupies 78 hectares. Chevron Corporation designed and developed the conservation center for educational and scientific reasons, and the company provides yearly maintenance funding. In order to protect animal and forest species in the country that are in danger of going extinct because of urbanization, the Lekki Conservation Centre, or LCC, was established. At LCC, the rich savannah grassland and vast wetlands combine to create an amazing aquatic view. There are picnic areas, an amusement park, a children’s playground, and a modern view with a variety of bird species, crocodiles, squirrels, ducks, and other reptiles visible at LCC.


Omu Resort is situated in Ibeju Lekki Lagos State. It is a really peaceful resort where the splendor of the natural world creates an amazing sight. The Omu Resort is a fantastic tourist destination with excellent on-site amenities like a zoo, cafes, amusement parks, and a wax museum, to name a few.


The Sanda Kyarimi Zoological Park is located in Maiduguri, Borno State, inside the city along the Shehu Laminu Way. Established in 1970 as a collective forest reserve, it has expanded into a 42-acre animal refuge and botanical park over time. It provides a home for numerous exquisite animal species and offers recreational opportunities to the public, particularly during holidays.

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