Petroleum Engineering Salary Structure In Nigeria (2024)

What is petroleum engineering Salary in Nigeria this 2024? How much do they pay petroleum engineers in the country presently? These are some of the questions that run through people’s minds when it comes to this job. Seeing it is one of the most sort after jobs in the country and the pay is really attractive, we have set out to provide the salary structure and scale of petroleum engineers in the federation currently.

Petroleum Engineering Salary Structure in Nigeria Currently

Petroleum engineering is one of the best courses to study in Nigerian universities and a career in this field gives the professionals involved the much needed financial stability that everyone prays to have while working for some of the leading companies in the country. Top companies, especially in the oil and gas sector employ the services of petroleum engineers and pay them mouth watering basic salaries and bonuses, making sure that they are well taken care of and giving them the platform to forge a career in their profession.

In Nigeria today, when you talk about one of the top paying jobs currently, you cannot exclude petroleum engineering. The professionals in this field of engineering are almost indispensable and very important to the growth of their companies going forward.

In the oil and gas sector, apart from the top management and key company officials, those next in the salary hierarchy are petroleum engineers, that is why it is not a surprise to see many science inclined youths who are extremely good at calculations aiming to study the course in the university or other tertiary education institutions where it is being offered because in truth, Nigeria is an oil dependent nation and the oil and gas sector is what drives the economy of the country.

As at 2016, petroleum engineering was the highest paying job for entry level in the country and even if it has slightly dropped as number one, it still remains one of the top jobs with good pay in Nigeria. Petroleum Engineering is a very dynamic field, and together with Geology, Geosciences and other inter-related fields, play leading roles in the Petroleum industry.


This 2023, the entry level workers at Shell, a leading multinational oil and gas company in Nigeria are paid a salary in the range of about ₦3 million – ₦6 million yearly with bonuses and allowances that make their take home pay increase significantly. Salary is determined by the nature of the job and it is subject to increase with time.

Shell are one of the highest paying companies in the oil and gas sector in Nigeria and they are currently the largest and the oldest oil producing company in the country. Total E&P is also another top Petroleum company in the country that ranks among the highest paying as far as petroleum engineers are concerned.

The salary structure for Petroleum Engineering entry level staff at Total E&P ranges between ₦7 million – ₦12 million per year based on the job description of the engineer. They are also paid allowances and bonuses that significantly increases their pay packet.

At Schlumberger Nigeria, entry level staff are paid a salary in the range between ₦2 million – ₦5 million per year. This company is one of the best paying in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. As is the case with most top oil and gas companies, they also pay allowances and bonuses to boost the overall pay packet of their entry level employees.

ExxonMobil Nigeria pays their entry level employees a salary in the range between ₦6 million – ₦10 million yearly plus allowances and bonuses. Pay increases with time and experience on the job. ExxonMobil is a great place for young petroleum engineers to target at the start of their careers. They do not just offer flexibility in terms of job description, they also give plenty room for growth and train young professionals in the field to be their very best version.

With the above mentioned salary scale for some of the top companies in the petroleum industry, you can see that petroleum engineering is indeed one of the leading professions in Nigeria. The profession leads the way in the general field of engineering as the highest paying and without any doubt, one of the best paying jobs in Nigeria today. The profession is also one of the most secure in the country presently and petroleum engineers are not limited to only offshore operations in the industry. Some of them work with civil engineers and interrelate with other engineers in other fields when the need arises for great pay as well.

Petroleum Engineering salaries in other top oil and gas companies this 2022 include the following:

  • Oando Nigeria: ₦1.6 million – ₦5 million per year
  • Chevron: ₦6 million – ₦9 million per year
  • Saipem: ₦2.4 million – ₦4.8 million per year
  • Halliburton: ₦3.6 million – ₦4.5 million per year
  • Seplat: ₦2million – ₦4.5 million per year.

These are the salaries for Petroleum Engineers in the country presently. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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