Shell Salary Structure In Nigeria Currently (2024)

This article is about Shell salary structure in Nigeria this 2024. Shell Nigeria is one of the leading oil companies in our country today and they pay some of the most interesting monthly packages as salaries. Being a major player in the oil and gas sector in Nigeria, Shell are part of the top establishments in the petroleum industry where many Nigerian graduates would love to work at.

Shell Salary Structure In Nigeria Currently

The company is also a global leader in the energy sector and it plays a leading role in ensuring that the world’s energy demands are met in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible. If you are interested in working at Shell Nigeria or you are just curious to know about their salary structure per month so as to get an idea of how much they pay their workers currently, this article is for you and we will do justice to the figures as soon as possible but before then, let us take a look at the company’s overview.


Shell has a history of over 50 years in Nigeria and the largest footprint of all the international oil and gas companies operating in the country. Shell has been active in Nigeria since 1937. Shell companies and investments have played a pioneering role in onshore, shallow and deep water crude oil exploration and production. The company has also been at the forefront of gas development, producing and delivering gas to domestic consumers and export markets for over 40 years. The company operates four (4) business activities in Nigeria and they are:

  • Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC)
  • Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCO)
  • Shell Nigeria Gas (SNG), and,
  • Nigeria LNG (NLNG).


The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC) is the largest Shell company in Nigeria and produced the country’s first commercial oil exports in 1958. SPDC is the operator of a joint venture (the SPDC JV) between the federal government-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation – NNPC (55% share), SPDC (30%), Total E&P Nigeria Ltd (10%) and the ENI subsidiary Agip Oil Company Limited (5%). It is focused on onshore and shallow water oil and gas production in the Niger Delta.


Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCO) operates the Bonga field, Nigeria’s first deepwater oil discovery. The Bonga facility has the capacity to produce more than 200,000 barrels per day of oil and 150 MM standard cubic feet of gas per day.


Shell Nigeria Gas (SNG) is the only international oil and gas company to set up a gas distribution company in Nigeria to supply industry customers.


Nigeria LNG (NLNG) is a joint venture incorporated in 1989 to produce Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and natural gas liquids for export. It was Nigeria’s first LNG project. Shell holds a 25.6% share, together with NNPC (49%), Total (15%) and ENI (10.4%). The SPDC JV’s assets include around 50 producing oil fields, a network of approximately 5,000 kilometers of oil and gas pipelines and flowlines, five gas plants and two major oil export terminals (Bonny and Forcados). Bonga was Nigeria’s first oil and gas project in water depths over 1,000 metres.

It increased Nigeria’s oil capacity by 10% when it began producing in 2005 and has production capacity of 200,000 barrels of oil per day and 150 million standard cubic feet of gas per day. The NLNG plant at Bonny Island has six processing units (trains) with total processing capacity of 22 million tonnes a year of LNG and up to 5 million tonnes of natural gas liquids (LPG and condensate). NLNG accounts for approximately 7% of the world’s total LNG supply.


On the average, this 2024, entry level workers at Shell Nigeria are paid salaries of about $2500 per month and this amount, when converted to our local currency, is about ₦1.2 million.

Kindly note that the salary paid to fresh graduates at Shell Nigeria is dependent on their job descriptions and the particular skills they possess which they’re recruited for. When it comes to salary payments, Shell is among the very best in Nigeria that rewards their workers with some of the highest monthly salaries.

The following are the various salaries of other workers at Shell Nigeria this 2024:

  • Business Development Manager: ₦2,500,000 per month this 2024
  • Senior Metocean Engineer: ₦2,200,000 per month in Nigeria currently
  • Senior Production Engineer: ₦2,100,000 per month
  • Petroleum Engineer: ₦2,000,000 per month
  • Mechanical Engineer: ₦1,800,000 per month monthly
  • Engineer: ₦1,500,000 per month
  • Team Lead: ₦1,400,000 per month
  • Commercial Advisor: ₦1,400,000 per month
  • Information Analyst: ₦1,300,000 per month
  • Mechanical Supervisor: ₦1,200,000 per month
  • Safety supervisor: ₦950,000 per month
  • Flow Assurance officer: ₦800,000 per month
  • Maintenance Planner: ₦618,000 per month
  • Web Developer: ₦500,000 per month
  • Contractor Coordinator: ₦470,000 per month
  • DD Analyst – Monthly Contractor: ₦450,000 per month
  • Operations Manager: ₦400,000 per month
  • Computer Engineer: ₦390,000 per month
  • Occupational Health Nurse: ₦300,000 per month
  • Contractor Planner: ₦290,000 per month
  • Interns: ₦95,000 per month.

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  1. Adeuga Ademola says:

    I really want to work with this company and I promise to follow all your rules. This has been my childhood goal. The management should please consider me.


    This company is my dream company, Management I really want to work with this company, please consider my application.Thanks.
    God please order my steps

  3. Gbenga Ubi says:

    This company has been my main prayer point when it comes to job opportunities,I don’t know how am going start working as shell staff but I know this for sure.with God all things are possible.i really love the shell family and I can’t wait to be employed.may God bless you all.

  4. Nwaneri Christian Ifeanyi says:

    Shell is my dream company. I wish my application for Shell Graduate Programme 2023 will be successful. Working at Shell is a life time opportunity & I pray the person in-charge of recruitment will consider my application. My experience in security & safety field for 13 years both in Qatar and Nigeria will make positive impact in terms of security and safety arrangements in Shell. May God bless the Shell family.

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