Top 10 Best Aluminium Companies In Nigeria (2024)

This article is about the top 10 best aluminium companies in Nigeria this 2024. The aluminium companies in our dear country, Nigeria primarily produce aluminium and aluminium products for use by their numerous final consumers and we shall discuss about them in detail in a short while but before then, let us quickly take a look at what aluminium is all about.

Top 10 Best Aluminium Companies In Nigeria

Aluminium is one of the most abundant elements found in the earth’s crust, it is used to make a number of products which include: roofing sheets, cans, aeroplane parts, window frames, kitchen utensils, and foils, to mention but a few. Aluminium is light and non-toxic, it conducts heat properly, and is corrosion-resistant.

Because it can be easily cast, and formed into different usable materials, this is why most aluminium companies use it to produce many of their products that are very useful in our everyday life. Aluminium isn’t particularly strong, hence it is used as an alloy to give it greater strength and it can be combined with copper, manganese, magnesium and silicon which are lightweight but strong, and aluminium alloys are used to make parts of aircraft, etc. Having said that, let us now focus our attention on the leading aluminium companies in Nigeria today.


The following are the top 10 best aluminium companies in Nigeria this 2024 in no particular order:


Tower Aluminium Group is a pioneering leader in aluminium products in Nigeria and in West Africa. The Group’s products are distinguished for high class quality, excellence in customer service and value to society. The Tower Aluminium Group has the single largest vertically integrated operations, with presence across West Africa in Nigeria, Benin Republic, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea. This conglomerate is one of the leading manufacturing businesses in Nigeria and has carved out a niche in the aluminium down stream products.

Their corporate symbol, the TOWER, illustrates the Towering Success achieved with commitment to partnerships with their suppliers and customers and the communities in which they operate. Tower Aluminium Group Nigeria Plc manufactures and markets high quality Billets, rolled Coils, Circles, Pots and Pans, Roofing and extruded aluminium products, which meet the needs of their customers in Nigeria and West Africa since 1959. Tower Aluminium Group, with the massive investments in a fully vertically integrated plant enjoys the benefit of being present in a long and a total value chain organization in West Africa.


Abumet Nigeria Limited is a leading aluminium company in Nigeria that has been existence since 1991. They are an experienced, full service aluminium and glass provider with the resources to deliver a range of building construction solutions. Their team of engineers and specialised staff are experts in their field, with unrivalled technical knowhow and proven capabilities ensuring the consistent successful implementation of projects.

Whether it’s for the new construction or renovation of a single private home, housing estates or commercial offices and buildings, this leading aluminium company in Nigeria offers top-of-the-line consulting to ensure the right solution for every requirement. They pride themselves in being invested in the long-term performance of their solutions, making Abumet the ideal choice for homeowners, architects, developers and contractors seeking quality aluminium and glass solutions.


Nigerian Aluminium Extrusions (NIGALEX) Limited was established in 1973 with a work force of 250 employees and has since been contributing immensely to Nigeria’s economic and industrial growth. This top aluminium company in Nigeria is backed with relevant modern cutting-edge technology, and has over the years emerged as the leading producer of high quality aluminium profiles in West Africa.

Owned mainly by big time institutional investors and Leichstein based company, Messrs. Hallmark Beteiligungsstiftung, NIGALEX extrudes aluminium in desired configuration and colours to users in the construction, automobile and aviation industries. With annual capacity of 5,000 tonnes and over 5,500 extrusions Dies, Nigalex produces aluminium profiles in press finish, wood finish, silver and bronze colour and modern powder-coated forms according to the RAL chart.

In order to meet the demands and the yearnings of their numerous customers, NIGALEX has installed a plant of about 2,200 metric tonnes with the capacity of 30 tonnes per day. It has also opened the solution channels in Aba and Abuja to serve the eastern and the northern regions of the country. Motivated by a vision of excellence, the company invests in both qualitative material and skilled manpower to ensure customers’ satisfaction.

Little wonder then that NIGALEX remains the indisputable leader in the production of profiles used in the construction of aluminium windows, doors, curtain wall, partitioning etc. in Nigeria and Africa.


First Aluminium Nigeria Group, often referred to as FAN, is a top aluminium company in Nigeria. The company started with the production of aluminium sheets and has introduced aluminium roofing in Nigeria, setting the standards for it in the process. This leading aluminium company in Nigeria took its present name, First Aluminium Nigeria Plc in 1991 and became quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 1992.

In 1960 the remelt and rolling mills operations started in Port Harcourt. Being one of the very few vertically integrated aluminium companies in Nigeria, First Aluminium guarantees the quality of the product, from alloy composition to the installation of the roof, and they do not compromise on quality.

Even today, the company is still a market leader in aluminium sheets in Nigeria and also supplies roofing sheets and execute roofing projects. Being one of the few vertically integrated aluminium companies, First Aluminium controls the whole process from the chemical composition of the aluminium alloy to the installation of the roof thereby guaranteeing the highest quality available in the Nigerian market.


Located in Sango Ota, Ogun State, Alumax Aluminium Company is a leader in this line of business manufactures Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP), also popularly known as Aluco Boards, with the latest state of the art technology. All their products are tested at their in-house testing laboratory with inspection being carried out at each stage of the manufacturing process. Alumax Panel is a versatile decorative material which has various applications, particularly for the wall cladding in both external and interior applications. Some of their clients include the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Ikeja Electric, Murtala Muhammed Airport 2, to mention but a few.


Alumaco Plc is yet another popular aluminium company in Nigeria that manufactures a wide range of aluminum products for use in home, offices and infrastructures. It is located in the Apapa area of Lagos State, and the company manufactures and distributes long-span roofing sheets, aluminium window, doors and steel roofing structures.


Metalum Limited is a private liability Company that was incorporated in May, 1976 and commenced business in July, 1976. It is situated on a 40,000 square metre parcel of land, with a 16,000 square metre fully integrated factory at Plot 5, Block D, Wemco Road, Ogba Industrial Layout, Ikeja, Lagos State Nigeria.

At the Factory, all fabrication, glazing and other works are undertaken. Their products can be manufactured to customer’s requested designs and specifications. For over 36 years, Metalum Limited has maintained a Technical Partnership with Schueco International Germany, a global leader in the Aluminium Industry, one of the top twenty-five companies in Germany and an European standard’s award winner.

The transfer of technology from their technical partners has made this company the leader in the Aluminium Industry in Nigeria, bringing to the Nigeria market well designed technology advanced products. They have equity participation in NIGALEX and TSG, companies which are strategic suppliers of large-scale raw material input to the company. This ensures that a synergy is maintained with their major suppliers. If you’re thinking about a reputable aluminium company in Nigeria today, Metalum is one of them.


Palace Aluminium Systems Limited specialises in the installation of aluminium and glass systems (windows, doors, shower stalls, partitions, etc.) for the construction, fabrication and industry markets both in commercial and residential purposes. They offer nationwide coverage with a first rate quality service working beyond the standards expected of ISO 9001; and supplying their customers with a vast product range.

From their office facility in Lagos, they offer nationwide coverage with a first rate quality service surpassing the high standards that you would expect, from the point of initial enquiry to post-installation service. As a company they pride themselves on their customer service and satisfaction, product knowledge and experience. This helps them to ensure they provide their customers the highest quality products with service to match.


Alo Aluminium Manufacturing Company Nigeria Limited is a leading aluminium company in Nigeria that is based in Port Harcourt but has branches in many parts of Eastern Nigeria which include Enugu, Ebonyi and Anambra States. This company specializes in the manufacturing, supplies and installation of aluminium coil, step tile roofing sheet, long span roofing sheet, etc, all to international standards. They are very good at what they do and it is little wonder why they feature in this list of the best aluminium companies in Nigeria today.


Omab Investment Concept Limited is yet another leading aluminium company in Nigeria. This company comprises of a team of Aluminium Engineers that offer their services in aluminium products, doors and windows, roofing, general contracts, to mention but a few. They are located in Abuja with branches in other States of the federation.

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