Top 10 Best Amusement Parks In Lagos State (2024)

Lagos, Nigeria’s smallest State, is home to some of the country’s best amusement parks, and we’ll talk about the top 10 of them for this year 2024. The State is a mixture of various peoples and cultures that have come together to create a mega city that is not only the most beautiful State in the country but also the richest and most populated. This has led to massive development that includes a lot of entertaining areas, tourist attractions, impressive beaches, excellent museums, art galleries, class restaurants, and of course, amusement parks, to name a few.

Top 10 Best Amusement Parks In Lagos

People of all ages frequent amusement parks to engage in games, rides, and other enjoyable activities. The attractions at many amusement parks, particularly those in Lagos State, include rollercoasters and train rides. In the minds of people, especially younger people, they are places of never-ending fun and games that leave enduring memories. If you’re looking for some of Lagos State’s top amusement parks, check out our detailed list of the top 10 below.


The following are the top 10 best amusement parks in Lagos State 2024:


Omu Resort is a Lagos State amusement park located in Ibeju Lekki. It is one of the most popular amusement parks in the state, featuring a variety of exciting activities for both adults and children. Omu Resort, a multipurpose amusement park, includes a mini zoo, wax museum, paintball arena, SeaWorld, skating area, golf course, quad bikes, mechanical bull riding, horse ride, water park, and water sporting activities such as go-cart racing, kayaking, and so on, all with maximum security to ensure a safe experience.


The Apapa Amusement Park, located in the maritime city of Apapa, is one of the oldest and most popular amusement parks in Lagos State. The Apapa Amusement Park recently got renovated, giving it a clean appearance and allowing it to proudly place among Lagos State’s best amusement parks. The park features indoor and outdoor arenas, as well as kart racing, bumper cars, carousel rockets, pirate ships, and train rides, to name a few attractions. This park should be visited to really understand how much it has improved.


Dreamworld Africana is another popular entertainment park in Lagos State. This beautiful amusement park, located in Lekki, Lagos, was founded in 2018 and is situated on a ten-acre plot of land. Dreamworld Africana amusement park is a great place to go if you want to have a lot of fun. The complex includes an outdoor event arena, a tennis court, a rollercoaster, train rides, swings, slides, a merry go round, a carousel, and other attractions. Visiting Dreamworld Africana is an unforgettable experience.


Another top-rated amusement park is Family Fun, which is situated in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State. In addition to being an outdoor amusement park designed with kids in mind, this entertaining facility also functions as an event space for retreats, excursions, kid’s birthday parties, etc.


Fun Factory Lekki is located in Lekki, Lagos State, and the amusement park is among the best parks in the Lekki area of the State. With a tonne of entertaining games to keep everyone entertained, it is designed for both adults and children. This indoor and outdoor amusement park, which has an area of 3,000 square metres, offers games, swimming pools, basketball courts, train rides, and bouncy castles. Want nonstop enjoyment? Drive to Fun Factory in Lekki.


One of the best water and amusement parks in Lagos State is Funtopia Waterpark, which is situated in Lekki and occupies two acres of ground. It is filled with tonnes of games and entertaining activities to the enjoyment of both adults and kids who desire to feel pure bliss. The beautiful indoor and outdoor facility Funtopia Waterpark has a jumping castle, swimming pools, and indoor activities, to name a few. It will be worthwhile to visit this park.


This leading amusement park is situated in Ketu, Lagos State. It is a recreational facility that provides event hall amenities in addition to other amenities like carousels, ocean wave flying, trains, swimming pools, bouncy castles, pirate ship, swinging wave, and kid-friendly playgrounds, to name a few. Both adults and children can have a blast at this amusement park, which, as earlier stated, also doubles as a venue for staging significant events.


Hi-impact Planet is a fantastic amusement park with thrilling outdoor rides and amazing interior activities designed to provide a fun-filled experience for kids, teenagers, and the entire family. The planet features cutting-edge amenities like luxury residences, a well-stocked clinic, multipurpose rooms, and a souvenir shop with a wide selection of items. To ensure the seamless running of the entire facility and everyone’s safety, there is an uninterrupted power supply and sufficient security. The Ibafo area of Lagos State is where this park is situated.


One of the first amusement parks to open in Lagos State was Rosellas, which opened its doors in 2001. The park can be found at the Lagos International Trade Fair Complex, behind the mini stadium between Festac and Ojo Cantonment. Swimming pools, a bouncy castle, a merry-go-round, boat rides, several slides and swings, a rollercoaster, and other attractions keep tourists entertained at the complex, which is filled with fun and games. The best times to visit this location are during the holidays and on weekends.


FuntasticaLand is a party and family entertainment center with locations in Ilupeju, Maryland, and Festac, Lagos State. This amusement park was designed to provide the local community with a fun-filled day out in a safe atmosphere with lots of interesting things to do, but most importantly, at an affordable price so that everyone can participate. Their family entertainment center includes family rides such as kiddie rides, merry-go-rounds, video game arcades, bouncy castles, funzone, 6D cinema, PlayStation, 3D movies, fun food kiosks, party shop, dancing machine, party hall, and much more. A visit to this park will undoubtedly be worthwhile for you.

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