Top 10 Best Beaches In Nigeria (2024)

The top 10 beaches in Nigeria as of this year 2024 are discussed in this article. In order to provide you a thorough explanation of the top beaches in the country, we have included some of the best beaches in Lagos State and other States of the federation in this list.

Top 10 Best Beaches In Nigeria

Nigeria is endowed with many beautiful seashores, despite not being particularly known for its coasts. There are numerous stunning locations and beaches to explore in the Giant of Africa. The countless wonderful beaches in Nigeria cannot be exhausted in this list, however, we have provided you with the top 10. Have a look.


The following are the 10 best and most popular beaches in Nigeria this 2024:


The La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort which was established by Otunba Wanle Akinboboye in 1984, is renowned for being one of Nigeria’s top beaches because it combines contemporary elegance with hospitality with and African flair. Ex-presidents, ministers, and royalty are just a few of the eminent personalities who have graced this beautiful beach in Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria.

La Campagne Tropicana Beach comprises of 2,000 meters of gentle, golden sand that stretches between towering coconut palms. The beach offers a vast range of tropical flora and fauna attractions, such as mangroves, different epiphytes, snake trees, monkeys, bats, squirrels, and other bird species including sea hawks, kingfishers, ducks, and egrets.

The beach is the perfect location for weddings, corporate retreats, honeymoons, and family vacations. Visitors can also go fishing in the lagoon, play and bond with their families and teammates, explore the mangrove forest, or simply relax on the beach between the warm sands. Otunba Akinboboye made effective use of native resources at the beach that one would never have given such beauty and utility to. Everything is arranged precisely and tastefully, creating a captivating atmosphere.

Other notable creations at the resort that have made it the envy of everyone include a chalet made of mud materials with an indoor swimming pool, Omi Gaari Ijebu, the Mud House Amoosan, the longest swimming pool in Africa, with a length of 240 metres, and a refreshing drink that has been exported from the local tradition. Kindly note that you can only access this beach and its facilities once you have made the necessary payments.


Asaba Beach, also known as Otuogo Beach, is one of the top beaches in Nigeria and is situated in Otuogo, Asaba, Delta State, one of the richest States in Nigeria today. The beach extends for more than 4 kilometres alongside the Niger Delta, a region that houses most of the oil producing States in Nigeria. Asaba beach is very beautiful with its gleaming white sand, exotic flora, unending sunshine, and palm trees adorning the landscape.

Asaba beach is the place to go if you are seeking for a beach in Nigeria that will provide you with a tranquil setting, breathtaking views, and tropical surroundings. The beach environment is quite fascinating, with creeks, coconut and palm trees, fine beach sand, and rock formations all around. It is regarded as the best location for leisure, celebrations, picnics, to mention but a few.


Ndibe Sand beach is the one for you if you are searching for a place to go for a picnic, sportfishing, shelling, canoe racing, etc. Access to Ndibe Beach from Abakaliki is via the Amuro/Mgbom roundabout in Afikpo, which is part of the Afikpo-North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

It is a piece of the expansive beaches with golden sand that run along the Cross River basin. After taking in the stunning sights and sounds of this tropical beach, those searching for the ideal location for leisure will find the answers with this beach. Due to its position and the recreational opportunities it provides, it is one of the best beaches and most coveted vacation destinations in the country.

Ndibe beach has the best atmosphere for celebration and fun. During festive times, the resort is constantly bustling with enjoyable events and a large crowd of guests. Evenings are typically marked by bonfire parties with chill music, and it is fun to see the locals dance. It has hotels nearby where visitors can spend the night, and the resorts nearby also provide lodging options.


Ibeno Beach, which is widely known as the pinnacle of fun and amusement, is situated over more than 1,200 square kilometres of land, and it is part of the Ibeno Local Government in the southern part of Akwa Ibom State. The beach is bordered by the Esit Eket Onna and Eastern Obolo Local Government Areas. This Atlantic coastline of Akwa Ibom State spans for 30 kilometres to James Town.

For the sake of history, Ibeno served as the arrival point for the Scottish-based Qua Iboe Christian mission during the early 20th century. According to history, Ibeno natives first settled in the region between 1,200 and 1,500 BC. It is one of the oldest beaches in the West African sub-region and the longest sand beach in Africa.

The resort offers the most leisure opportunities because it has numerous water sports facilities. Ibeno beach is popular with tourists, making it difficult to enjoy a calm afternoon there; it is therefore advised that you go there at night.

The nearby booths provide a wide range of goods at reasonable costs, including snacks, fruits, delectable dinners, beer, and beverages. Additionally, the beach is well-regarded for its tranquil and safe atmosphere. Ibeno beach may be the best site to visit if you are ever in Akwa Ibom State.


Eko Tourist Resort, also known as Akodo Beach, is one of the most popular beaches in Nigeria today and it offers contemporary amenities to go along with all other incredible experiences. It is a privately-managed beach that is situated in a vast area of land and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. It is situated at Ibeju, Lekki, along the Lagos-Epe Expressway.

Lagos does indeed have a number of beaches, but the majority are rowdy and lack seclusion and intimacy. Are you a picnicker looking for a different experience from the hustle and bustle of all these traditional beaches in Nigeria? Then the Eko Tourist Beach Resort is the ideal location.

There are sporting facilities including quad biking, snooker, archery, beach football, boat riding, table tennis, and more at the resort in addition to an amusement park, a calm swimming beach, private security, a clinic, and finely equipped rooms and suites. A well-kept children’s pool is available in addition to the expansive beach along the Atlantic coast.

It is the best-kept beach not just in Lagos but also in all of Nigeria. Additionally, Eko Tourist Beach Resort has fully-equipped, self-contained cabins in a variety of categories, as well as a beachside restaurant providing upscale fare and beverages.


Ifoko Beach is another of Nigeria’s top beaches. It is one of the most well-liked natural beaches in the country and it is located in the City of Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital. It is distinguished for its entire natural qualities and preservation by the locals and is flanked by the rainforest vegetation. The majority of the population is dependent on the sea for their living because most of them are fisherman.

This beach provides the best location for viewing whales and the resort offers the best sea foods. As the region is still mostly as nature made it, watching nature is the main amusement that draws people to the beach. In addition, visitors can dine at the area’s superb restaurants, take a stroll along the shore and take in the unusual scenery and wildlife. Freshly caught seafood and other culinary specialties of Nigerian cuisine are available in the local restaurants.


Instead of being your typical Atlantic beach with silky soft sand, Patigi Beach offers a unique beach view because of its rough topography. It is bordered by lush flora and the River Niger, one of the major rivers and the longest river in Nigeria, which is in motion, in Pategi, Kwara State.

Patigi Beach is well known for being one of Nigeria’s most romantic beaches. Many fisherman and fish lovers frequent the beach. Visitors get the chance to see the various fish species, including whiting, bream, and flathead, that can be found in the river while engaging in beach activities.

A boat excursion or a game of volleyball are other options for entertainment. The ground-level eateries are well recognized for their mouthwatering appetizers and meals made with just-caught fish and shellfish. It’s the ideal location for a maritime excursion for you and your significant other


Elegushi beach, located in the Ikate area of Lekki, Lagos State, is presumably the most well-known beach on the peninsula. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that if you want to have a nice time at the beach, you will need to come financially prepared.

It is a privately owned beach that belongs to the Elegushi Royal family, which is headed by HRM Oba Alayeluwa Saheed Ademola Elegushi. Elegushi beach might not be your first pick if you are looking for peace and quiet, but it is the perfect location if you want your beach holiday to include some adventure, plenty of partying, and some culture.

Visitors can participate in entertaining paintball matches occasionally, take a leisurely horseback ride, and much more. A nighttime barbecue is available there as well. Additionally, there are numerous food booths selling exquisite regional cuisine along with a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Asun, nkwobi, suya, and grilled fish are popular among tourists. If you are fortunate, you might come across some stands offering fresh palm wine.


Another ideal beach for family holidays, corporate conferences, and romantic getaways is Whispering Palms Beach. The resort was established by Professor Olufemi Pearse and is situated in Aradagun, Lagos State, in Iworo Village, off the Lagos Badagry Expressway. Since then, Whispering Palms has grown to be a well-liked getaway for pre-wedding photo sessions, honeymooning couples, groups, and businesses that value quality.

You should not go to the beach and skip the museum because Whispering Palms is known for being a center of the slave trade. It also happens to be home to a heritage museum. Photographs of significant slave routes and sites, old slave shackles, and boats are just a few of the museum’s intriguing exhibits.

In addition to the activities and lovely structures at the beach, there are a number of works of art, a miniature zoo, a museum, and an exhibition area for Prof. Pearse’s love of the arts. Additionally, tourists can take part in water activities including boat cruises and court games. Simply put, the scenery is breathtaking and overwhelming.

Your problems are lovingly swept away as you sit with your spouse in the warm Atlantic Ocean breeze. Luxury eateries serving both regional and international cuisine may be found in Whispering Palms. There are volleyball, swimming, football, table tennis, and gym facilities available for sports.


Barracuda Beach is one of Nigeria’s most reasonably priced private beaches, and it can be found at Okun Ajah Road, Okun-Mapo Village, Ajah, Lagos. With private accommodations that come complete with all the amenities you need for a comfortable and happy stay, it provides visitors with an engaging experience. The beach at the Baracuda resort is clear and spotless and has white sand.

It has a tropical climate throughout, which makes sunbathing more enjoyable. It offers visitors access to a basketball court and other athletic amenities. Additionally, there are restaurants and a cozy lounge along the beach where you may eat a variety of foods and beverages.

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