Top 10 Best Courier Companies In Nigeria (2024)

This post is about the top 10 best courier service companies in Nigeria this 2024 and some of them are among the cheapest courier services you can find in the country currently.

Top 10 Best Courier Companies In Nigeria

In recent times, e-commerce and courier service companies have made the delivery of goods and services really easy all over the federation as one can place an order online right from the comfort of their homes and have it delivered to them with minimal fuss. This was not the case in times past as people struggled to get their goods moved from one point to another in record time and with relative ease.

Nowadays, courier service companies handle all the logistics that go into the shipping of goods and services from one place to another either within a State or within the country at large, and due to their trustworthiness, many Nigerians have been able to identify a few of them that have stood out in this line of business with the passage of time. As we proceed in this article, we will discuss in detail about the leading courier service companies in Nigeria today.


The following are the 10 best and most popular courier service/logistics companies in Nigeria this 2024 in no particular order:


Zenith Carex International Limited is a registered, licensed and accredited clearing and freight forwarding Agent by the Nigerian Customs Service and under the Companies Act of 1968 incorporated on the 1st of November 2002 with over 40 branches nationwide.

This courier service and logistics company has in line with their vision, already taken a front line position in the air express industry in less than a decade since the commencement of their operations. They have cut a niche as the air express company that can be depended upon not only to keep with the terms of their services but more often to exceed customers expectations.

Zenith Carex International Limited offers a comprehensive range of Courier, Clearing and Freight Forwarding from domestic to international logistics services. The acknowledgement of their effort and performance by international organizations is a token consistent with many such recommendations from notable clients.


The NIPOST EMS speed post is one of the oldest courier services in Nigeria dating back to the year 1986, and this courier service ranks among one of the cheapest in the country.

The NIPOST EMS Speed Post offers the following services:


Express delivery services for documents and merchandise (including dutiable goods). The service provides express custom clearance for dutiable goods and is available to many international destinations.


This is the domestic express delivery service for documents and merchandise items nationwide.


This is a paid return service by the sender at the point of posting. The service is only provided for Speed post transactions.


This is EMS/speedpost branded packs (carton containers) sold across the counter to customers sending merchandise items.


This is a 48-hour domestic service. It is targeted at social customers sending non-time critical items and at lower service level than the normal speedpost.


The intracity service offers effective and efficient collection and delivery of documents and merchandise items within big cities in Nigeria at very competitive rates.

It should be noted however that:

  • Maximum weight of International items is 30kg.
  • Maximum size is 1.5 metres for one dimension or 3 metres for the length and the greatest circumference measured in a direction other than the length.


This service is an estimated 6-hour Service delivery to major airport towns in Nigeria such as Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Benin, Enugu, and Calabar.


GIG Logistics, also known as GIGL, ranks among the very best courier service companies in Nigeria today. The company prides itself as being Africa’s leading Logistics Company and it was established in 2012. GIG Logistics belongs to a distinguished class of logistics companies with a clear defined market path across Africa.

It is an ever expanding courier service company with scores of local branches in Nigeria, Ghana and the United States with a wide robust global network providing domestic and international, intra and inter-state express delivery services.

The company not only majors in courier services but are very active players in the areas of freight forwarding, haulage services, mail room services, warehousing and distribution services, and e-commerce logistics.


Trans-Nationwide Express Plc, popularly known as TRANEX is a leading logistics and courier service company based in Lagos State, Nigeria. The goal of this courier company is to offer high quality and affordable delivery services. They are also one of the most efficient courier companies in Lagos and across the country. TRANEX has grown to become one of the largest distribution companies in Nigeria offering courier services, cargo, cold chain, air cargo nationwide and internationally.


FedEx is a world renowned courier service company that has its subsidiary in Nigeria as FedEx Nigeria. This courier company is widely recognized by many people in the country for its effectiveness, and reliability, providing convenient drop-off locations that will not only save money but also valuable time.


United Parcel Service (UPS) is a top courier service company in Nigeria. UPS is a global brand that is headquartered in the United States from which it has spread internationally to many other countries in the world. This leading courier company is also into cargo delivery and shipping, and they have a large customer base in Nigeria.


DHL is the largest logistics company in the world with its headquarters in Germany. This courier company was established in 1969 and it has presence in many countries in the world including Nigeria. DHL specializes mainly in sea and air mails even though it sometimes uses trains and boats for its cargo transportation system.

When it comes to courier services in Nigeria, one of the first companies that come to mind by default is DHL. The company is undoubtedly one the best courier companies in the world and by extension, in Nigeria. They are very trusted and deliver at the right time with their only issue being their pricing and that shouldn’t be surprising seeing that their brand is above many on the global stage.


Another very popular courier service company in Nigeria is Red Star Express. The company became a publicly quoted company in the Nigerian Stock Exchange on November 14, 2007, and it provides a portfolio of full logistic solutions in Nigeria which includes, but not limited to International and Domestic express delivery, Freight Forwarding, Integrated Logistics Solutions, Information and Document Management Solutions, Warehousing, Packaging Services, Food Delivery, Agriculture Logistics and E-commerce Solutions.

Red Star Express Plc can also serve as third party logistics service for e-commerce companies and this is a major strength since the company has been known to reach virtually every part of the country this way.


ABC Cargo is a subsidiary of ABC Transport with its headquarters located in Owerri, the Imo State Capital. The company, though a courier service company, is also involved in shipment handling and provision of support services to other courier and logistics companies. ABC Cargo ensures that your parcels are easily tracked and their services over the years have been nothing short of consistent.


CourierPlus is a leading logistics and distribution services company in Nigeria that was established in 2009. They offer a wide array of express courier and logistics support solutions to their various customers.

The company has excellent competencies in striving sectors such as Financial Services, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Government Agencies, and Oil & Gas/Utilities. As a diverse end to end logistics solutions provider, CourierPlus offers a range of expertise aimed at helping customers re-engineer and reinvent their businesses to compete successfully in an ever changing marketplace, with the final objective of safely and promptly delivering all their customers consignments as expected.

CourierPlus Services Limited is ultimately owned by Superflux International Limited after the company was acquired in 2012. Since the acquisition, they have upgraded their offerings and deliverables to their esteemed customers using the most efficient and up to date infrastructure.

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