Top 10 Best Job Websites In Nigeria (2024)

The top 10 best job websites in Nigeria this 2024 are by far the most visited when it comes to job hunting in the country. These are the leading websites that many Nigerian fresh graduates visit so as to look out for any job vacancies at some of the best companies in the country with a view to apply. In this article, we have listed the most popular job sites in Nigeria in order to make it easy for many job seekers to know where to begin their search for a new job.

Top 10 Best Job Websites In Nigeria

In the country today, many job websites are springing up and this is because the operators of these sites know that many people such as fresh graduates who have just finished NYSC are either looking for entry level jobs or are looking out for a change of jobs. This is good as it reduces the stress of walking up and down major cities in order to submit one’s CV especially when one can do all that and more online.

Over the years as many Nigerians became familiar with sites that help place job adverts, some of them became very popular and well trusted above the others in the country. It is these most popular and most trusted job websites that we shall be looking at as we proceed shortly.


The following are the 10 best and most popular job websites in Nigeria this 2024:


Jobberman is the most popular among the top 10 best job websites in Nigeria. This website gets a lot of traffic everyday as a result of the large number of people looking for jobs visiting it on a daily basis. On the Jobberman website, there are over several thousands of jobs listed. These listed jobs which cut across different sectors of the economy gives you variety in order to find what best suits you easily. If you want to get the best out of Jobberman, it would be advisable to first sign up with them and familiarize with their content online before deciding on which job to apply for and submitting your CV online as well.


Another very popular job website in Nigeria that is also one of the best is Hot Nigerian Jobs. The job website has been in existence for quite a while and it has helped match many Nigerian job seekers to their dream jobs. Hot Nigerian Jobs is a website that lists vacancies from in both the public and private sector and if you are an active user, you will agree that many of the jobs listed are genuine.


My Job Mag also ranks up there in the list of top 10 best job websites in Nigeria. It is a very popular job site that many Nigerians are familiar with, which has become very trusted with the passage of time. If you are a job seeker and you need a top website that can match you with what you are exactly looking for, this website is one of the places to begin your job search.


It is not possible that you are a job seeker in Nigeria and you do not know about Ngcareers or you have not come across this top job website in your search for your dream job on the internet. Ngcareers is rightfully rated among the top 10 best job websites in Nigeria because the administrators of the site really know what they are doing. Apart from the find a job section, there is also a section for students where they can look up course of study, scholarship and internship and also another section for career resources where you can get job insights, CV and cover letter service and templates as well as their online learning where you can learn new skills that will help you keep up to date with the demands of modern jobs.

In September 2020, 100% of Ngcareers was acquired by Jobberman to further consolidate the efforts of ROAM Africa, Jobberman’s parent company as a leading organization which serves ambitious job seekers with quality information in their quest for seeking out the best jobs out there. For a transition period, Jobberman Nigeria and Ngcareers will continue as independent brands, working closely together as a combined organization under the roof of ROAM Africa. The midterm goal, however, is to operate solely under the brand


NGR Jobs is packed with several job vacancies per day and majority of its job listings are for almost everyone, whether you are a graduate or not. What you as a job seeker need is to fulfil the requirements of the particular job you are looking to apply for and you are good to go. The beauty of the NGR Jobs site is that job seekers do not necessarily need to first register on their platform before they can begin to send their application to the companies listed on their website. This is so because the site is built to link job seekers directly to their potential employer’s career platform or it provides the necessary email address to forward your applications to.


Joblist Nigeria is a top job website in the country that lists jobs either by job categories or by companies. Whichever way you want to search, you are guaranteed that you will see what you are looking for. You can also choose to enter the job title by yourself and search for it on their website to save time. Whatever the sector, whether public or private, you are sure to be well covered by this top job website in Nigeria.


There are over 700,000 job vacancies on the Job Gurus website. To get the best out of this site, you may need to register with them. This website is one of the top 10 best job websites in Nigeria and it is also a very trusted and popular job site where you can visit to find out the latest jobs that match what you are looking for.


Jobzilla is one of the most trusted job websites in Nigeria. It lists job vacancies by State so that you know where to apply to in your State of residence instead of being in one State and applying in another. It also lists job vacancies by industry and field. This helps a job seeker to easily navigate the site and make the most of their job search.


PushCV is one of the top 10 best and most popular job websites in Nigeria and rightly so. The site is by far the largest pool of pre-screened candidates in Africa. This job website provides a platform where only the best talents are connected to top employers and recruiters in the country. In order to access all its features, job seekers are required to register with them and submit their CV so that it can be matched to the best employing company. To access their premium features, one has to pay. This website also helps to completely rewrite one’s CV at a fair price and many job seekers have used the platform to land their dream jobs.


The last but not the least in this list of top 10 best job websites in Nigeria currently. This job site lists many of its job categories so that you can easily see which is which and apply to the one you are best suited for. Just Jobs is an easy site to navigate with the search option available so that you find what you’re looking for as fast as possible.

One other notable mention includes this:


While these are the top 10 best job websites in Nigeria currently, it is not out of place to visit LinkedIn in search of jobs. You are guaranteed to meet employers in real time on LinkedIn and as much as you can, update your profile information on the LinkedIn platform and follow top companies in order to get a heads up on who is recruiting. On the LinkedIn website or mobile app, you do not necessarily need to send your CV as you can apply for a job immediately at the click of a button and your potential employer only needs to go to your profile for more information about you.

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