Top 10 Best & Most Popular Igbo Soups In Nigeria (2024)

This article is about the top 10 best and most popular Igbo soups in Nigeria currently in this year 2024. The Igbo people of Nigeria are native to south-eastern geopolitical zone of the country and many of them can also be found in south-south which make up the Niger-Delta region. Igbo is a prominent ethnic group in Nigeria and one of the most widely spoken languages, along with Yoruba and Hausa.

Top 10 Best & Most Popular Igbo Soups In Nigeria

There aren’t many tribes in Nigeria nowadays that can compete with the Igbo people for having the best local cuisines. Their soups which in the Igbo Language, are known as ofe, are among of the best, if not the best in the country currently. Although Igbos have a vast variety of native soups that are unique to them, we will only include the top 10 for the sake of this post from the many that are available in all of Igboland. Any of the swallows that are available in Nigeria, like eba, pounded yam, semovita, and akpu (fufu), can be eaten with these soups.


The following are the 10 best and most popularly consumed Igbo soups in Nigeria this 2024:


Igbos love bitter leaf soup, which they refer to as Ofe Onugbu in Igboland and ofe olubi in some areas of Imo State. In various parts of Igboland, it is served at most formal occasions, earning it the title of “king of all soups”. Ofe Onugbu is a popular dish in Igboland, however it truly comes from Anambra State a. The Igbo word for bitter leaf is onugbu. Despite the soup’s name, bitter leaf soup, the leaf must be thoroughly washed to remove all bitterness before it can be utilised to make the mouthwatering soup that we all adore.


One of the best and most widely consumed soups in Igboland is egusi soup, also known as Ofe Egusi, pronounced properly as Egwusi. Made from melon seeds, egusi is a truly delightful soup that is always appreciated even on special occasions. It is second in popularity only to bitter leaf soup. Since almost every tribe in the country can make it in their own unique style and recipe, egusi soup has become a national delicacy.


Ofe Oha, commonly known as Oha soup, is one of the most well-liked Igbo soups in Nigeria. The soup is truly wonderful in terms of flavour, scent, and visual appeal. One particularly delightful aspect is the crispiness of the oha leaf when chewed. Oha soup is also known as Ora soup by most Anambrarians and it is eaten all over Igboland. To really understand this soup’s exquisite taste, you simply have to try it.


The Owerri soup, often referred to as Ofe Owerre, is an expensive dish that is made for people of significance, including family, friends. Although it originates from Owerri, as its name suggests, it is highly well-liked by many Igbo people in Nigeria. Ofe Owerre satisfies the taste buds in ways that are truly beyond description and can be enhanced in flavour by adding various proteins to the preparation.


Because it’s made without palm oil, nsala soup, also known as Ofe nsala, is sometimes referred to as white soup. In essence, it’s a kind of peppersoup thickened with pounded yam, which gives it a unique taste. The thickener takes the soup from good to amazing by skillfully combining and binding together the flavours of each ingredient to leave your taste buds wanting more. Among the Igbo people, nsala soup is highly valued and pairs well with any kind of swallow.


One of the most popular and widely consumed soups in Igboland is ogbono soup, commonly referred to as Ofe Ogbono in Igbo. It is a very tasty soup that can be made with many different types of vegetables. Its mouthwatering Ogbono seeds, also referred to as bush mango seeds in English, are the source of the name. The slimy soup pairs well with any available swallow, while akpu (fufu) is the main swallow that most people like to eat it with.


Okro or Okra soup, known in Igbo Language as Ofe Okwuru, is undoubtedly the cheapest Igbo soup, one of the most popular, one of the best as well as one of the most delicious, nutritious, mouth-watering and finger-licking soups in in igbo land. Ofe Okwuru is most preferred not just because of its taste but also because it is very easy to prepare.


The Igbo people of South-Eastern and South-Southern part of Nigeria are known for one of their favourite soups which is Ofe Akwu, also known as banga soup. Ofe akwu is primarily used as stew and eaten with white rice by many Igbo people but it is more than just a stew as it can also be eaten with assorted swallows that leave the taste buds wanting more.


Okazi soup, is among the best and most popular soups among the Igbo people in Nigeria. This soup is known in the native tongue as Ofe Okazi or Ofe Ukazi, and it is prepared with the okazi leaves as well as the ugu or fluted pumpkin leaves. Depending on the Eastern Nigerian State, there are several ways to make this tasty soup. While some people like to use both okazi and ugu leaves, others prefer to use just the former. A variety of fish, meat, spices, and a soup thickener like ofor or achi are used to make ofe okazi.


The Igbo people of Nigeria, particularly those in Abia, parts of Ebonyi, Enugu, and Imo States respectively, love the ofe achara or achara soup. Although Ofe Achara is made with several other ingredients, the Achara plant, which gives it its name, is what really sets it apart.

Other worthy mentions include:

  • Ugu Soup (Ofe Ugu/Ofe Akwukwo Nri)
  • Ugba Soup (Ofe Ugba)
  • Garden Egg Leaf Soup (Ofe Anara/Anala).

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