Top 10 Best Sanitary Pad Brands In Nigeria (2024)

In this article, we shall be discussing about the top 10 best and most popular sanitary pad brands in Nigeria currently in this year 2024 to give an insight on the preference of many Nigerian women when they are on their period.

Top 10 Best Sanitary Pad Brands In Nigeria

Sanitary pads, also known as sanitary napkins or menstrual pads, are designed for female personal hygiene or personal care. They are composed of absorbent material that absorbs the menstrual flow that is discharged from the female private part during menstruation.

The most common type of sanitary pads are the disposable ones that are only meant for a single use and this is what is largely obtainable in the market but there are also the reusable sanitary pads that are mostly cloth pads which can be washed, dried and used over a number of times before they are finally disposed.

Be informed that sanitary pads come in different shapes and sizes, and they have different capacities to absorb either heavy or light menstrual discharge or bleeding. Once females hit puberty and keep developing physically afterwards, they keep experimenting with different kinds of sanitary pads in order to know which one best suits their personal care needs.

The purpose of wearing sanitary pads is not only restricted to menstruation alone but also for recovery after vaginal surgery, post-birth bleeding (lochia), miscarriage, to mention but a few. If you will like to know the leading sanitary brands in Nigeria today, do kindly read along to find out what they are.


Listed below are the top 10 best, most popular and highest ranking sanitary pad brands in Nigeria this 2024:


Always Sanitary Pad is a global brand produced by the FMCG company, Procter & Gamble. This leading brand is a premium brand of sanitary pads in Nigeria and it has become the default name for all sanitary pads in the country because of its popularity among many women.

Always sanitary pads come in different shapes and sizes to suit the needs of different women all over the federation according to their body types, menstrual flows (whether light or heavy), and other personal care reasons that are peculiar to females all over the country.

Always sanitary pads absorb menstrual flow really well and prevents stains for up to eight hours or more depending on the type. That said, be informed that this brand is very expensive for many people so you will need to check your budget before deciding to go for this particular product.


LadyCare sanitary pad is a brand of quality sanitary products made by Sankin Nigeria Ltd. Launched in 2001, their goal is to give an affordable, caring, and customer friendly face to menstrual health.

The LadyCare brand of sanitary pads was introduced into the Nigerian market after the influx of foreign sanitary pads and this was done to create a pad fully designed for Nigerian women.

This brand of sanitary pads in Nigeria brought variety in quality and features to the sanitary pad market, while ensuring that many young girls who often couldn’t afford sanitary pad brands in the market, could equally be provided great care.

Manufactured under the highest quality standards, LadyCare sanitary pads guarantee comfort and can serve efficiently while in use. They are also available at competitive prices for every woman.


Virony sanitary pad is also another leading brand of sanitary pads in Nigeria that is widely patronized by many women and girls all over the country. The sanitary pads from this brand are designed to comfortably adapt to different kinds of underwear so as to be very comfortable no matter where a lady is at.

Virony sanitary pads are flexible, cotton soft, and are composed of pre-folded sides, also known as extended wings that gives women great comfort when they are seeing their menses without the fear of any menstrual leaks. They also come with an accompanying fresh scent.


Molped sanitary pad is a top sanitary pad brand in Nigeria that is produced by Hayat Kimya Limited, makers of Molfix baby diapers. This brand of sanitary pads is skin-friendly, ultra-soft, and is designed to make young girls and women feel as comfortable, soft, and secure as they feel beside their best friends.

Molped sanitary pads have specially designed absorbent channel system that are made from Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP) which keeps the liquid locked in thereby offering 100% leak protection, and non-irritation because of its unique cotton-soft and nylon-free features.

Molped was launched in two variants: Molped Ultra Soft Sanitary Pads for ladies who prefer ultra-sanitary pads, and Molped Maxi Thick with side wings for ladies who prefer thick pads, across multiple pack sizes.


Longrich sanitary pads are innovative pads that help women and girls absorb menstrual flow for longer periods and relieves menstrual pain. This particular sanitary pad brand is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory in nature, and it helps to eliminate unpleasant odours in women’s private parts.


Lady Sept sanitary pads are a brand of sanitary towels that are very natural, cool and highly absorbent. It ensures a safer, comfortable and secure feeling for women and girls, and it is super hygienic and recommended by professionals. This brand of sanitary pads is also one of the best choice for safe delivery.


Angels Secret sanitary pad is a product of JMOA. This brand of sanitary napkins uses the negatively charged ion strip and is one of the most exciting discoveries presently. Angels Secret sanitary towels help increase the feeling of freshness and vitality, giving women and girls more confidence and comfort. The pad has instant and strong absorption, it is breathable and comfortable, and has many benefits in female health.


Tampax tampons is a brand of sanitary towels in Nigeria that is also produced by Procter & Gamble. This brand of sanitary napkins are designed to help women stand out confidently and stay active, keeping them protected as they go about their daily activities without any worries of menstrual stains or leakage. Tampax tampons come in different sizes depending on a woman’s menstrual flow type.


Sofy sanitary pad is a unique pad that was created with the purpose of providing a perfect blend of softness, slimness and comfort while serving as protection for women. Sofy is manufactured under the most hygenic health conditions making it one of the safest sanitary products to use.

The pads under this brand use wings technology to provide comfortable full coverage, and they are mini and you can carry it anywhere for extra protection. This brand of sanitary pads in Nigeria are well tested and have been approved by National regulatory bodies including NAFDAC. Sofy is 100% compatible for all ladies and causes no health issues or irritation by its use.

Sofy sanitary pad is uniquely slim and its shape can fit into any panty liner without the feeling of bulkiness or compactness. Sofy Convenient Pack contains 2 pads which can fit easily into your purse or pocket.


Stayfree pads have a long heritage of being an innovator in the sanitary protection category. Since launching the first beltless pad in 1974, the brand has been creating products that provide better and better performance with the goal of providing comfortable, dry protection. Today, Stayfree pads feature ThermoControl technology to quickly wick away moisture and flexible layers that move with the body.

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