Top 10 Best Superstores In Lagos, Nigeria (2024)

This article is about the top 10 best superstores in Lagos, Nigeria this 2024. These supermarket chains are mostly found in shopping malls and they are the most popular tenants of any top shopping mall in the country, especially in Lagos State as a result of their popularity and wide patronage. Some however are built outside of a shopping mall as a standalone building with massive customer influx.

Top 10 Best Superstores In Lagos, Nigeria

With the increase in population in the country, local and foreign investors have pounced on the opportunity to invest in top supermarket chains especially in urban areas and this has completely changed the face of shopping in Nigeria, chiefly in Lagos State as almost everything you need ranging from groceries to household items, cosmetics, food and drinks, electronics, etc are all housed in one massive superstore for a unique shopping experience.

Going forward, we shall list and discuss about the leading chain supermarkets/superstores in Lagos State currently and as always, we encourage you our esteemed readers to kindly continue in order reading to find out what they are. Without further ado, let’s proceed.


The following are the 10 best and most popular superstores/supermarket chains in Lagos, Nigeria this 2024:


Shoprite is arguably the biggest, best and most popular superstore/supermarket chain in Lagos State, and Nigeria at large. This Superstore is a South African business that has gained wide acceptance in major cities across Africa, with Lagos State not being left out. Shoprite operates on a promise of lower prices. This promise has formed the very foundation of their business, and has helped the brand grow into Africa’s largest food retailer. Using their massive bulk buying power, this supermarket chain is able to offer their customers a world-class shopping experience on a variety of food products, household goods and small appliances at the lowest possible prices.


Another top superstore in Lagos, Nigeria is Spar. It ranks among the best and largest supermarket stores in the State and competes favourably with Shoprite in the grocery and household items business. Spar is an award-winning supermarket and department store brand in the country that offers its customers the widest range of products at the lowest prices. Whether it’s for your cooking, home decoration, or work needs, this superstore has everything under one roof to take care of you and your family. They pride themselves in their various stores in Lagos State and Nigeria at large, fresh produce and meats, and their ability to deliver the best possible shopping experience to their customers across the country.


Prince Ebeano Supermarket is Nigeria’s foremost indigenous supermarket with one-stop neighbourhood stores, catering to the daily needs of a wide range of clientele. This Superstore chain is a partnership between two brothers, Mr. Sunday Egede and Mr. David Ojei, and the partnership is based on a 50-50 agreement. There are currently five outlets of Prince Ebeano Supermarket located in Lagos State and Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. This supermarket chain has an unparalleled expertise and commitment to sourcing for quality products with unbeatable prices and discounts.


Game Stores is another popular retail chain supermarket in Nigeria that has presence in some major cities in the country, especially Lagos. Game Stores operate two supermarket branches in Lagos State, both of which are located in Lekki. Irrespective of their low numbers in the country at large, this superstore is highly popular among shoppers in Nigeria.


My first encounter with CCD Superstores was at Ogudu in Lagos State, and I was very impressed at their facility. This supermarket chain offers the best quality products at affordable prices and currently, they operate only in Lagos, maintaining presence at Ogudu, Bariga and Ogba with the vision to expand as soon as possible. If you haven’t been to this supermarket before, you should pay it a visit, they are on top of their game.


Addide Supermarket in Lagos State is another top quality superstore offering a wide range of products ranging from groceries to baby products, household items, wines and spirits, and other consumables. They have presence in many parts of Lagos State and their services are as good as other Superstores listed in this article.


Market Square is Nigeria’s emerging grocery retail chain; a place where Nigerians can go to find their trusted brands of groceries at the best prices. Market Square was conceived from a burning sensation to create a modern and relevant retail shopping experience for Nigerians and a more convenient way for people to get their everyday needs. This superstore provides a wide variety of prepared and packed food, fresh bakes, fresh produce, groceries, wines and spirits, toiletries, baby products and small domestic appliances, to serve the daily needs of individuals, households and corporate organizations. The company is mainly concentrated in major cities in the Southern part of Nigeria with its only branch in Lagos State located at Ago Palace Way.


Hubmart is yet another leading superstore in Lagos State that combines international retail standards with Nigerian quality products. The supermarket chain is happy to help always so when next you visit, you can be rest assured that you will find what you are looking for. There are different departments at Hubmart, they include: Hubcare which caters to the health and beauty needs of their customers; Hubdeli which works as a restaurant where freshly cooked foods can be purchased on the go, etc. Hubmart is simply up there with the very best supermarkets in Lagos State today.


Justrite Superstore is an ultra modern mega store in Lagos State that stock and sell a wide variety of goods. The store is your neighborhood one-stop retail supermarket with a wide variety of goods at competitive prices, all at your convenience. The first Justrite Superstore opened in Ota, Ogun state in the year 2000 and it became an instant success. Today, there are Fourteen (14) Justrite Mega Stores spread across South West Nigeria, and counting. Products on offer at this supermarket chain include full lines of groceries and general merchandise under one roof, and they are able to meet everyone’s needs at pocket-friendly prices.


This Superstore is located at the Yaba, Badore and Victoria Garden City (VGC) areas of Lagos State, and like other top supermarket chains in the State, they offer quality products at competitive prices.

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