Top 10 Best Tech Blogs In Nigeria (2024)

The top 10 tech blogs in Nigeria as of 2024 are discussed in this article. Are you a tech enthusiast looking for the leading technology websites in Nigeria where you can learn about the latest technological advancements and devices? Are you seeking for comprehensive evaluations, product details, and prices regarding the newest electronic products available on the market? You can find information on your specific search queries and more on the Nigerian tech blogs that we have listed below for your perusal. These blogs rank as the authority among the many tech sites available in the country today.

Top 10 Best Tech Blogs In Nigeria


The following are the 10 best and most popular tech blogs in Nigeria this 2024:


TechCabal was founded in 2013 by Oluwafemi Bankole and is currently one of Nigeria’s most read technology blogs. This reputable tech site in Nigeria offers viewpoints on entrepreneurship, fundraising, and investment across the continent. According to user reviews, one of the numerous features that made the site a top pick among computer lovers was its newsletter. They have thousands of subscribers to their newsletters, which has allowed them to diversify their revenue streams while also enabling many people to learn various things about the tech industry.


NaijaTechGuide is yet another one of the best and most popular tech blogs in Nigeria today. This website is known for technology news, gadget reviews, buy guides, specs, and tips. The blog also discusses FinTech, online services, and apps, as well as the costs of gadgets including laptops, inverters, air conditioners, refrigerators, and other electronic devices. NaijaTechGuide also has a substantial following in the United States, United Kingdom, Kenya, Ghana, and India. Paschal Okafor, an Electrical and Electronic Engineering graduate of Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUTECH), founded NaijaTechGuide in December 2006; since then, the blog has expanded to rank among the top technology blogs in Nigeria and Africa in terms of traffic.


Naijaknowhow also ranks among the top tech blogs in Nigeria today. This technology website disseminates information on a variety of topics related to technology, including news, reviews, step-by-step instructions, phone specifications, and more. They give you the most recent technological advice and data available. It is interesting to note that over time, a large number of people have accepted their viewpoint only as a result of their amiable writing tone. On February 18, 2015, Franklin Obioha created the website and the blog’s main goal is to teach those who aren’t tech aware how to handle straightforward technological issues.


Techpoint Africa is a digital media company that amplifies the best innovations out of Africa through its publications, data, and events. Founded in 2015, Techpoint Africa has grown to become one of the most notable tech blogs across Africa’s tech, startup and business ecosystem, with a growing and dedicated audience of investors, startups, developers, professionals and African tech enthusiasts. Techpoint Africa hosts a variety of events, all-day seminars and conferences, including Techpoint Build, which is the largest tech and startup event in West and East Africa.


Chinedu Okeke launched NigerianTech in 2019, and since then it has developed into one of the most well-known tech blogs in the nation, providing you with evaluations and prices of some of the newest tech products available in the market right now. This top tech website in Nigeria has categories for everything from tablets to autos, telcom, and energy, to name a few. Their writing is clear, simple to understand, and incredibly interesting. On their website, you can perform a search to learn more about them.


A lot of people visit the gadget-focused website GadgetStripe every day. It has been in operation since it opened in 2016, when it was founded. GadgetStripe boasts a big specification database with nearly all the gadgets from hundreds of manufacturers that are looked up by users throughout Nigeria and many parts of the world. They provide reviews, videos, and other content regarding mobile phones and other electronic items on their website because they want to assist all of their visitors in making the best purchase decision.


HowToTechNaija is influenced by technology. Abiodun Olubakinde, who sought a place to share his opinions on both established and upcoming technology, served as the inspiration for the establishment of Nigeria’s top technology blog in 2016. Eric Okafor was hired two years later as a managing partner, and he resigned his position in July of 2020. One of the top tech websites in Nigeria today, HowToTechNaija, aims to have a significant influence on consumers’ purchasing behaviour and technology use in their daily lives.


MobilityArena was one of the first and foremost tech blogs in Nigeria to cover mobile technology and services when it was established in 2008. Yomi Adegboye created the company. For mobile consumers, MobilityArena delivers how-to articles, reviews of cell phones, news about smartphones, specifications of current and upcoming smartphones, and information about related technology. Their mission is to assist readers in selecting and utilizing cellphones to their fullest potential.


Through its blog and YouTube channel, this website is committed to evaluations and reporting of Technology news outside of Nigeria. Due to the specifics of technology-related problems, Tech City Ng’s strategy offers people top-notch knowledge in an engaging manner.


Oscarmini is a well-known tech site in Nigeria that focuses on mobile devices, including reviews, recommendations, how-tos, and game tips, to name a few. In 2011, Oscar Frank founded it.

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