Top 10 Best Tomato Paste Brands In Nigeria (2024)

This article is about the top 10 best tomato paste brands in Nigeria currently in this year 2024. In Nigerian cooking, tomato paste is a necessary component that gives food a nice flavour and beautiful colour. It can be difficult to choose the best tomato paste because there are so many brands on the market. The top 10 tomato pastes in Nigeria are listed here to help you make an informed choice. These brands have been carefully chosen, taking into account many variables like popularity, taste, quality, and customer feedback. Let’s take a look at them to find out what they are.

Top 10 Best Tomato Paste Brands In Nigeria


The following are the top 10 best tomato paste brands in Nigeria this 2024:


Gino tomato paste, currently the tomato paste of choice for many families in Nigeria, and widely regarded as the best in the country, is a finely blended fresh tomato paste that comes in convenient sachets and tins. It is useful for preparing a variety of delicious dishes. Gino tomato is a delicious mixture of fresh tomatoes packaged in sachets for convenience. It is useful for preparing a variety of delicious dishes. Gino tomato paste is a product of GB Foods.


De Rica tomato paste is one of the oldest and best tomato pastes in Nigeria today. It is manufactured with an ideal blend of freshly harvested tomatoes, adhering to thorough quality control and hygienic guidelines. For cooking jollof rice or pasta, tomato stews and soups, and a wide range of other meals, this is the ideal choice. It adds just the right amount of taste and freshness to meals while still being extremely nutritional and vitamin-rich.

De Rica Tomato Paste, an iconic Italian product, has been a mainstay in many kitchens worldwide for many years. The full De Rica product range embodies the principles of flavour, wholesomeness, and freshness. It is also simple, natural, and true to quality, with high-grade packaging. De Rica Tomato Paste is free of artificial flavours, colourings, and sweeteners.


Tasty Tom tomato paste, a product of Olam Foods, has created and inspired hundreds of recipes over the years. It is one of the best tomato paste brands in the country today. Cooks in Nigeria and beyond use Tasty Tom to create meals that are delicious, enriched, and leave people wanting more. A variety of the tomato paste known as Tasty Tom Jollof Mix, makes it easier for Nigerians to cook their favourite jollof rice. Tasty Tom Jollof Mix has all the ingredients needed to make jollof Rice, except rice and oil, saving the consumer time and effort. What is more, it gives the same great taste of authentic jollof rice.


A well-known Nigerian brand that has been in the market for many years is Erisco Tomato Paste, a product of Erisco Foods Limited. It has a bright red colour and an excellent tomato flavour. Erisco Tomato Paste is renowned for its superior ingredients and capacity to enhance flavour in food preparations.


A special combination of the best ingredients from around the globe is used to produce Ric-Giko double concentrated tomato paste. Modern technology and machinery are also employed in manufacturing this tomato paste which is a product of Erisco Foods Limited while preserving its classic flavour. Rici-Giko double concentrated tomato paste improves the flavour of everything it is added to, every meal becomes a cause for celebration. Jollof rice and stews turn out well with it.


Tomato Jos tomato paste, a product of Tomato Jos Farming and Processing Limited, Kaduna, is also one of the best tomato pastes in Nigeria today. It is prepared from ripe tomatoes to give you an original and irresistible flavour. It is an essential product in your kitchen, and it allows you to enhance the taste of any dish you choose in just a few minutes. Preparing traditional soups and stews has never been easier.


Nagiko tomato paste is a leading tomato paste brand in Nigeria that is produced by Erisco Foods Limited, makers of Erisco tomato paste and Ric-Giko tomato paste. This tomato paste brand is the preferred choice for many Nigerian homes as it is an excellent ingredient in making stews, jollof rice and other foods that require the addition of tomato paste in them.


Sonia double concentrated tomato paste, a product of Sonia Foods Industries, is made from the best tomatoes. It enriches your food with nutrition, colour, aroma, and flavour, resulting in a nutritious and delightful meal.


The tomatoes used to make Ricci Tomato Paste are an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants that prevent the production of free radicals, which are linked to cancer. This tomato paste which is among the leading tomato paste brands in Nigeria, is inexpensive, easy to use, and contains a wonderful blend of vital flavours for sauces. It makes for delicious meals that are nutritional.


St. Rita tomato paste is a delicious combination of flavours that are essential for sauces. It comes in an affordable, easy-to-use tin that is ideal for preparing wholesome, tasty meals. St. Rita Tomato Paste, gives your soup a rich, thick, and tantalising tomato flavour.

Other worthy mentions include:

  • Vitali Tomato Paste
  • Fine Tom Tomato Paste
  • Pomo Tomato Paste
  • Toma Tomato Paste.

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