Top 10 Best Tourist Attraction Centres In Abuja

This article is about the top 10 best tourist attraction centres in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria this 2024. Are you new to the city and you would love to explore it? Or you’re planning on travelling to Abuja and you do not know the fun spots around the city but you would love to have a good time during your stay? This article is just for you as Nigerian Guide has compiled a comprehensive list of some of the leading tourist destinations in Abuja in order to inform you of where to visit when you finally arrive at the country’s centre and seat of power.

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Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria is literally situated right in the centre of the country, it was developed in the 1980s but officially became the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria on December 12, 1991, taking the mantle from Lagos, the richest state in Nigeria. Abuja, which is one of the most beautiful States in Nigeria, as well as one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria, is home to some of the country’s most interesting tourist destinations and if are visiting the nation’s capital or you reside in the city, there are a number of fun places to visit, many of these places are blessed with beautiful scenery that many tourists can admire while on site and we shall discuss them below.


The following are the 10 best and most popular tourist attraction sites in Abuja, the federal capital territory of Nigeria this 2024 in no particular order:


The popular Millennium Park, Abuja, is the largest park in the city and it is a very beautiful and serene place. This park is one of the best tourist attraction sites in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, and it is characterised by its impressive walkway designs, running fountains and solar powered night-lights, serving as a relaxation centre for many travelers and tourists in the city.

Millennium Park, Abuja was designed by an Italian architect, Manfredi Nicoletti, and was commissioned in 2004 by Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, the British Monarch. The park comprises of two main sides, the first one consisting of unspoilt nature, brushwood as well as greenhouses for butterflies and tropical birds, while the other side is dedicated to the scientific knowledge of the natural environment with its very traditional and rigid Italian Style Garden Layout. This peaceful park is best visited at weekends.


Another top tourist destination to visit in Abuja is Magicland Amusement Park. This facility is a classy recreation centre that is built to international standards; it prides itself as the biggest and most equipped amusement park in the country, and it is located in the heart of Abuja, just a few minute’s drive from the city centre, and opposite the National Stadium, close to the City Gate.

Magicland Amusement Park and Resorts, Abuja sits on 330,000 square metres of land and it was commissioned with a flamboyant opening ceremony by a former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, on the March 1, 2007. The park features leisure gardens for relaxation, games and rides for all ages, a restaurant known as the Fulani Ranch, which provides continental Mediterranean and African cuisines, and there are also cafeterias and shops all over the place for travellers and tourists’ satisfaction. This family oriented park is truly the place to be.


Usuma Dam is a beautiful tourist destination that is situated at Ushafa in Bwari along the Duste-Bwari Road, Abuja. The dam is 25 kilometres from the heart of Abuja along the Dutse-Bwari Road on the Kaduna expressway. The Usman Dam is a man-made dam that is encompassed by an outstretched lake and fall mountains. It was built in 1990, and it is one of the four operating dams that supplies the city of Abuja with drinking water. This beautiful place is better experienced than reported and there are a lot of fun activities that are carried out there, some of which include but are not limited to hiking, boat riding, picnics, swimming.


The Mpape Crushed Rocks is a place to be in Abuja, the place is so beautiful and serene that one can mistake it for one of the choicest tourist sites oversees when it is captured in pictures. This beautiful tourist attraction site in Abuja was recently discovered by Abuja residents, and tourists, and ever since its discovery, it has become a hub of many memorable activities. The site for the Mpape Crushed Rocks was the source of most stones used to transform Abuja from a small village in the 1980s into the beautiful city that it is today.

Many of the high-rise buildings in the country’s capital were constructed from the stones gotten from the quarry that used to be where the present site of the Mpape Crushed Rocks is. In order to access the area, visitors go by a small winding footpath to the top terrace, where the grass is ideal for picnicking. A beautiful lake that was formed as a result of the quarry activities over the years can be viewed with awe and excitement at this serene place. Tourists and visitors are however warned not to go swimming in it as the locals and tour guides believe that it is full of abandoned machinery.

Other features of this leading tourist attraction site in Abuja include the rocky cliffs that climb into a blue sky, a moss-lined footpath, small green hills and a lake that shimmers in the sun, to mention but a few. The tourist site is a great place for a weekend getaway, picnics, a date with a loved one, etc.


The Ushafa Crushed Rocks is less popular than the Mpape Crushed Rocks but it is really beautiful. Ushafa houses the Usuma Dam, a pottery village, as well as a seasonal mini waterfall via a cave. All of these plus an abandoned quarry are located in the Bwari area council of Abuja. The Ushafa crushed rock features a man-made lake that is fast attracts many tourists and unlike the Mpape Crushed Rocks, its beautiful waters can be accessed by the many visitors that throng to the site. This tourist destination is a beehive of many recreational activities.


Almat Farms offers you that exclusive leisure and business getaway experience. Here you’ll discover that right balance to relaxation and recreation. Almat Farms sits on over 100 hectares of beautiful landscape. More than you’ll find in the average farm is a beautiful panorama of delight. Sports and activities like Polo, Volleyball, Football, Tennis, Hiking, Picnics, Snooker, Camping, Horse Riding, Quad Bike Riding, Board Games are some of the many activities that will keep you engaged and refreshed while in the farm.

Reserved for your private view at the farm is a collection of the wild in their petting zoo just along the walk path into the thickness of their quintessential abode. They also have continental cuisines in their restaurant and assorted drinks in their bar. When the sun is setting they have barbecues and tours around the farm getting you more acquainted with Almat Farms and the vision behind it. Almat Farms is not just location, it is an experience!


Zuma Rock is one of the major rocks in the country and it is a very important natural landmark in Nigeria. The rock is a large natural monolith that is very famous and it appears on the country’s ₦100 currency note. Zuma rock is a famous tourist destination for both travellers and locals in Abuja and its environs.


Jabi Lake is a yet another beautiful tourist destination in Abuja, Nigeria. It is a body of water that was formed from a man-made earth dam. This leading relaxation and fun spot in the city of Abuja is blessed with an environment that favours picnicking, boat rides, swimming, to mention but a few. At this serene environment, you just can’t help but admire the beauty of nature at its best.


The National Children’s Park and Zoo in Abuja is located in Asokoro, behind the Presidential Villa. It houses enough wildlife animals to be admired by the many visitors that throng into the facility. It also features playgrounds and other fun activities for children along “Toddler’s Lane” for maximum fun. The Lake Cafe is open for a hot snack or fresh shake. This beautiful place is a great fun spot for family time.


The Abuja Art and Craft Village is located behind the Musa Yar’adua Centre, Central Business District, and it is one of the wonderful places where visitors can see and buy some of Nigeria’s arts and crafts that represent the country’s culture. The art shops are thatch-roofed huts with walls made from red earth (clay). The art ranges from small sculpted “warrior and horse” statuettes, beaded necklaces and bracelets, African traditional masks, leather bags and clothes. Food and drink stalls are also available.

Other worthy mentions include the following:

  • The IBB International Golf and Country Club
  • Abuja National Arboretum
  • Aso Rock
  • Padam Lake
  • The National Ecumenical Centre
  • The Abuja Central Mosque
  • Nike Art Village
  • Thought Art Pyramid Art Gallery
  • Bwari Pottery Village
  • Abuja National Stadium
  • Abuja City Gate.

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