Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies In Nigeria (2024)

This article is about the top 10 best web hosting companies in Nigeria currently in this year 2024. If you have a website that you want to host online via a reputable hosting company or you want to own a blog but you do not know which Nigerian hosting service provider to choose from, this article will enlighten you further.

Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies In Nigeria

Web hosting companies in Nigeria, as with other countries of the world, provide the platform or storage space that your website will require to function. What they simply do is that they allocate space on a web server for your website to store its files so that when people search directly for your website, depending on the services you render, or they search organically through their search queries on the search engine, your website will be visible on the world wide web via the internet.

When looking out for the best and most popular Nigerian web hosting companies, certain things that you should have at the back of your mind include the quality of service they render and their prices. Things like up-time, disk space, bandwidth, etc, should also be what you should consider before committing your money to any of the existing web hosting companies in the country.

If you want to set up your website and you still are not very sure about any of the web hosting companies in Nigeria, a quick visit to their official websites should help you find out more information on the particular hosting company you’re about to choose.

A very important reason why many people in the country are opting for Nigerian web hosting companies and their services instead of the ones abroad is because they get to pay for their hosting services in our local Nigerian currency, the Naira via bank transfer, bank deposit or through the use of a Naira ATM card without stress, as opposed to paying for foreign services considering the high exchange rates involved. That said, let us look at the 10 leading web hosting companies in Nigeria in detail.


The following are the 10 best and most popular web hosting companies in Nigeria this 2024 :


Many Nigerian website owners are very familiar with Qservers. This top web hosting company is arguably the best and most popular in Nigeria currently and they offer not just only shared web hosting services but also, e-commerce hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, as well as dedicated server hosting. Depending on the one you want, Qservers will surely give you good value for your money.

For as low as ₦5,000 a year, which is broken down into ₦500 per month, Qservers gives you 2GB storage space, 8GB bandwidth, Free SSL certificate, 5 sub-domains, etc on your shared web hosting plan. You can look up their website, for more information. Their payments options are also very easy, you can pay through bank transfer or through the use of your ATM card. Many people prefer bank transfers as it is very fast and convenient for them.


DomainKing is another leading domain name registrar and web hosting company in Nigeria this 2022 with operations in over 4 countries. They are accredited with over 16 Asian, African and Global Domain Registries including NiRA (.NG Domain Registry), ZACR (.ZA), DotPH (.PH), NIXI(.IN), .PW & CentralNic to bring the best services to their numerous clients at very affordable prices.

This top web hosting company in Nigeria today, specializes in offering services such as Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting obviously, WordPress Hosting and Website Design for their clients. Payment options available for transactions with DomainKing in Nigeria include: ATM cards, bank transfers, bank deposits, etc. International clients can pay via the global payment methods such as: Paypal, Payza & Webmoney.

For as low as ₦375 per month, you get unlimited hosting with free domain, SSL and unmetered bandwidth. For more information, you can check out their website at


WhoGoHost is a leader in the web hosting business as far as Nigeria and West Africa are concerned. The company commenced operations as a web hosting firm but has since evolved to offer a lot of other products and services to help her customers grow and succeed in the online world. WhoGoHost is an accredited NiRA (dotNG) registrar and also a Google G Suite accredited reseller.

Hosting services they render include: shared Web hosting, Note.JS Site hosting, Cloud hosting, Email hosting, Managed Cloud Services, WordPress hosting, to mention but a few. More information can be gotten on their website at


GígaLayer used to be known as HUB8. This top web hosting company in Nigeria currently is very affordable for many website owners depending on the plan they want to do. With just ₦8,750 a year, you can enjoy impressive web hosting services from this company.

This includes 20GB bandwidth per month and up to 2GB storage space but it does not have SSL built-in, so you will have to buy that separately. If however, you want free SSL and more capacity for your website, GigaLayer offers you a medium plan for ₦14,000 per annum, a large plan for ₦21,000, and a Colossal plan for ₦28,000, all for one year each. For more information, visit their website at


HostNowNow has been in Nigeria for quite a while now, and they are popular too. For just ₦500 per month, you can get a shared hosting plan depending on the capacity of your website. The company also offers cloud hosting from just ₦2,400 per month and you can get their reseller hosting starting from ₦5,000 per month. For more information, visit


Syskay Systems was established in year 2006 with a vision to further expand the scope of web hosting services in Nigeria. They are one of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria that started with the commitment to provide effective web hosting services to individuals as well as small and mid-sized companies in the country.

Syskay Systems specializes in providing competitively priced, high performance Personal and business web site hosting, e-commerce hosting and internet portals. They provide Linux servers and custom web hosting software and services to individuals and businesses. For more information, visit


Web4Africa is another top Nigerian web hosting company that offers top quality services. They offer web hosting subscription packages starting from ₦800 – ₦6000 per month. The cheapest plan offers unlimited bandwidth with 2GB disk space, while the highest plan offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space.

The company was established in 2002, and it is an ICANN Accredited Domain Name Registrar and a leading Pan-African Web Hosting company offering hundreds of domain types as well as hosting solutions from 4 data centres across Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa. For more information, visit


Utiware Software Limited is a popular, leading web hosting company that is registered in both Nigeria and the United States. The maintain offices in Lagos, Nigeria and Cincinnati, USA. Their Lagos offices handle their Web Hosting services while their USA offices manage their Cloud and Physical Servers in their own world class data centre.

Hosting services they render include: Windows web hosting, Linux web hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting. More information can be gotten from their website at


Smart Web Nigeria Limited was established in 2004 to give people easy and affordable way to get their ideas online. They provide affordable domain registration, web hosting and cloud services to over 100,000 sites, blogs and applications, and supports over 20,000 web designers, developers, content creators, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The company offers various web hosting options which include Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting. With just ₦5,000 per year, Smart Web offers you 3GB of disk space and 15GB bandwidth. Find out more at


Registeram is yet another top web hosting company in Nigeria presently. Their Linux shared hosting services costs between ₦11,500 – ₦75,000 per annum and they offer storage spaces ranging from 5GB – 30GB depending on your subscription package. For more information, visit


GlobalHosting247 provides premium web hosting services and domain registration for small and medium sized businesses. Their shared hosting plan costs between ₦2,500 – ₦55,000. More information on their services can be found on, which is their official website.

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