Top 10 Best Wedding Blogs In Nigeria (2024)

These are the top 10 best wedding blogs in Nigeria this 2024. We have provided a list of these leading popular blogs in the country because they are very good at what they do. You may have fixed your wedding date and you may want these wedding blogs in the country to feature you on your big day or to remember your wedding anniversary, all in all, these top wedding blogs in the country will do just that and more for you.

Top 10 Best Wedding Blogs In Nigeria

In Nigeria today, the wedding business has become some serious business and it is not just left for the top best fashion designers in the country alone to design that stunning outfit for you to slay in, neither is it limited to any of the excellent make-up artists from some of the top make-up schools in Nigeria that you may have hired to perform their magic.

When it comes to planning and executing a wedding, every detail counts. From the cameraman to the reception hall to the food and drinks, colour of the day, and also to any of the top 10 best wedding blogs in Nigeria that you would love to be featured on so as to have that memory and give someone else planning their wedding some style inspiration.

If you would love to make a fashion statement and ensure that your wedding is the talk of the town, and you are looking for any of the top 10 best wedding blogs in Nigeria presently so as to get featured, the list we have compiled with give you and up to date information about them in order to aid your selection.


In no particular order, these are the 10 best wedding blogs in Nigeria this 2024:


Bella Naija is an all round entertainment, fashion and lifestyle website which houses their wedding blog as well. Listed as one of the top 10 best wedding blogs in Nigeria, perhaps Bella Naija is the most popular on this list due to the fact that at the mention of weddings, Nigerian weddings precisely, many people instantly connect with it and they have been conditioned to use a hashtag along with “Bella Naija Weddings” if and when they want to share their big day on social media.

Apart from weddings, Bella Naija is also very popular for Aso Ebi, the uniform dresses people wear at weddings and their “Aso Ebi” recommendation and sale is popularly known as Aso Ebi Bella. To know more about them, visit and scroll to their weddings section or


Another top wedding blog on this list of top 10 best wedding blogs in the country is My Wedding Nigeria. This wedding blog is famous for giving couples great publicity and aspiring newly weds invaluable wedding tips, motivation, style inspiration, choice locations, to mention but a few. My Wedding Nigeria has what it takes to make your wedding day a very memorable one. You can look them up on their website via for more information.


Wedding Digest Nigeria is another top popular wedding blog in the country that is famous for covering celebrity weddings. There is never a dull moment on their website as they keep couples glued to their screens while looking up information on how to make their weddings last long in their memories. Wedding Digest Naija blog offers great style inspiration for those who love to slay and keep the attention focused on them on their big day. You can also shop for great wedding outfits on the website. The Wedding Digest Naija website is


This blog is also rated among the top 10 best wedding blogs in Nigeria presently. Nigeria Wedding blog provides couples with fashion, beauty, planning and wedding inspiration tips. They also provide information about great bridal train outfits and the trending fashion styles for weddings, pre-wedding photos and lots more. They even recommend event vendors. Their website is


Wedding Feferity is a top wedding blog in the country that covers everything about weddings. The have great information on wedding dresses, wedding pictures, wedding cakes and gowns, and where you can get all of those at affordable prices. If you want to look up Wedding Feferity, kindly do so by visiting their website


Naija Glam Wedding is a top wedding planning blog in Nigeria where you will find expert, unique wedding planning ideas, modern bridal trends, tips and inspiration for savvy soon-to-be-brides of every budget, as well as free ready-made wedding planner templates that you can use straight away to do your wedding shopping, rentals and put every little detail in place, for your big, fairy tale day. You can look them up by visiting their website


All About Naija Weddings blog was created so as to equip Nigerian marriage-bound men and women with an online directory of vendors and also reviews to ensure the right vendor is picked. This wedding blog fulfills the need for an online resource dedicated to Nigerian wedding planning, celebrating the very best of the marriage tradition and addressing the tastes, interests and issues of concern to today’s couples. Their website is


Sugar Weddings blog is one of the top 10 best and most popular wedding blogs in Nigeria that is packed with loads of information about the latest wedding trends as well as fashion, style and general wedding tips; and if you so wish, they can help you make your wedding the talk of the town. Their website is


Rose blossom bridal is a top wedding blog in Nigeria that majors in bridal outfits. They are very famous for their quality bridal services to the delight of many over the years. They can also showcase your wedding on their blog if you contact them, helping to keep your memory fresh as well as using it as a fashion tip for intending couples and their bridal trains. Their website is


Jide Odukoya is a renowned photographer who specializes in making your big day come alive with breath-taking photos. He is the choice photographer for many people and his works speak for him. If you want to connect with Jide Odukoya, you can do so on twitter @jideodukoya.

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