Top 10 Most Competitive Courses In Nigerian Universities (2024)

This article is about the top 10 most competitive courses in Nigerian universities this 2024. Today, in our great country, Nigeria, there are certain courses in our universities that are the most preferred. These courses are termed competitive courses and because they are given high priority than the others by prospective students, we have compiled a list of the leading ones, kindly continue reading to find out what they are.

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Truth be told, every course studied in Nigerian tertiary institutions of learning is very important but there are some that are perceived as the best, maybe because of how highly placed our society has made them or because of the perceived prestige that they bring to the people who study these courses and their families in general.

For prospective students seeking admission into Nigerian tertiary education institutions, some of the questions that they ask themselves are questions like, What are the best courses to study in Nigerian universities? What are the courses in Nigeria that give me the best jobs? What courses can I study to get highly paid when I graduate?

These questions are real and genuine and are very pivotal to what some students eventually go and study in school. In this article, we have compiled a list of the courses in Nigerian Schools that are considered the best and we shall see them as we proceed.

When choosing some courses that are considered to be at the top of the rung of the ladder in academics, perception comes into play, and as aforementioned, career opportunities form a large part of the decision to choose a particular discipline to study in school.

For the avoidance of doubt, Nigerians rank Medicine and Surgery as the undisputed king of courses to study in the country and this is because there is the general belief that medical doctors do not look for jobs, jobs come looking for them. This belief however, is beginning to be disputed due to the nature of things in the country presently.

While it is difficult to list the top 10 most competitive and most sort after courses in Nigeria due to the unavailability of standard data and system to rank these courses, we have however, ranked them in no particular order based on the choice of prospective students and how many Nigerians view them, as well as their marketability.


The following are the top 10 most competitive and most popular courses in Nigerian universities this 2024:


Medicine and Surgery is the most sort after course in the country today. It is a top course that most science students love and one of the accredited medical courses in Nigeria that commands huge applications for admission every year by prospective students who want to become medical doctors. One interesting thing about Medicine and Surgery is that after studying the course, medical doctors are almost always guaranteed a job. Being a very competitive course in the country, gaining admission to study it requires a prospective student to score really high in JAMB UTME.


Law is the most sort after art course in the country presently and this has been the case for many years now. Law students are distinguished from every other student on campus by their white and black dress codes. In order to be admitted into the university for law, prospective students must be very intelligent and score very high marks at UTME and post UTME respectively. A lawyer can work in any company and get paid a decent salary. Some choose to go all out and practice their profession in the law courts. This gives them prestige and they refer to themselves as learned colleagues.


Рharmacy is also a top medical course in Nigeria currently. It is so competitive that it also requires prospective students to get a high UTME score before they can be admitted. The top 10 best universities to study pharmacy in Nigeria offers you this course at its best and you can be rest assured of coming out with good grades if you know what you’re doing. Students of pharmacy need maximum concentration and no distractions in order to graduate with flying colours. Pharmacy is one of the most respected courses in the country, and as earlier stated, it requires really brilliant minds to study it. Pharmacists also get decent jobs once they graduate from school and are paid really well.


The general field of Engineering is very interesting and highly sort after. Be it Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, to mention but a few, anyone you choose is very competitive. Engineers need to be academically sound and very good with calculations and their job opportunities come with interesting salaries.


Accounting/Accountancy is another competitive course in Nigeria that ranks as one of the best. Every top company in the country require the services of accountants. The beauty of studying this course is that upon graduation and becoming chartered accountants, they are very sort after and paid good salaries. If you’re looking to study at any of the 10 best universities to study accountancy, do well to click the link and get the necessary information.


A beautiful thing about studying architecture is that you can work for a building company and have your own business at the same time. This course is highly competitive and very lucrative. Architects are highly sort after because their expertise is needed for the designing and construction of buildings and other structures.


Business Administration is a top course for most commercial and arts students. It is a vast course that incorporates different types of management positions. Most independent businesses and major corporations require the services of business administrators for them to operate. Graduates in business administration handle managerial, organizational, and operational roles in some companies and they are paid decent salaries.


Mass Communication is one of the best arts courses in Nigeria. Most students love it and are drawn to it, making it very competitive. Even if many Nigerian universities do not offer this course due to the fact they do not have the facilities to train students in this field, some of the top universities in the country teach it. Most prospective students dream of a career in the media sector in the country, whether it is journalism or broadcasting, the course offers them that opportunity and mass communication salary in Nigeria is pretty decent.


Computer Science ranks among the best in the country and it exposes students to the various aspects of information technology. Graduates who seek more certifications in programming and coding stand in good stead to earn very lucrative salaries.


One of the most popular science courses in the country, Biochemistry has gained a reputation as a competitive course because of the massive application to study it every year by prospective students. Biochemistry is the study of the chemical processes that occur in living organism and it is interrelated with medicine and surgery and most courses in the life sciences.

Biochemists can work in hospitals, medical research facilities, food processing companies, textile industries, breweries, paint production companies, pharmaceutical companies and just about anywhere where their services are required.

Other worthy mentions include the following:

  • Microbiology
  • Pure and Industrial Chemistry
  • Nursing/Nursing Science
  • Economics
  • Estate Management
  • Geology
  • Marketing
  • Medical Laboratory Science
  • Theatre Arts.

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