Top 10 Richest Hausa Movie Actors In Nigeria (2024)

This article is about the top 10 richest Hausa movie actors in Nigeria and their current net worth this 2024. The Hausa/Arewa film and entertainment industry in the country is widely known as Kannywood. It is the only regional movie industry in the country that has a name for itself and their actors being part of the much larger Nigerian movie industry known as Nollywood are among some of the most affluent in the country.

Full List Of Hausa Movie Celebrities In Nigeria

These wealthiest and most well known Kannywood movie actors in Nigeria today are all from any of the northern geopolitical zones in the country and they produce their motion pictures in the Hausa language which has helped them to hold their own in the country’s entertainment industry. Kannywood as aforementioned, is the collective name for the Hausa film and entertainment industry, and the term “Kannywood” is a blend of the words “Kano” and “Hollywood”, and as we proceed, we shall see which Hausa actors make this list as some of the wealthiest in the Kannywood industry in the country today. Do stay with us.


The following are the top 10 richest and most popular Hausa (Kannywood) actors in Nigeria and their net worth this 2024:


Ali Nuhu is the richest and most popular Hausa/Kannywood actor in Nigeria this 2024, with an estimated net worth of $1 million. Ali is one of the most successful and most famous actors in the country currently. This Kannywood celebrity and superstar has through his amazing talent, versatility, work ethic and on-screen charm, become a top name in both the Hausa movie industry and Nollywood in general. He is widely known as the King Of Kannywood, going by the informal title of Sarki Ali for his leading roles in many Hausa movies; and although he majors in Arewa movies, he also features prominently in many English films where his talents are very well appreciated in no small measure in Nigeria.

ADAM. A. ZANGO (NET WORTH – $800,000)

The celebrity, Adam. A. Zango is the second richest Kannywood/Arewa movie actor in Nigeria currently in this 2024 with an estimated net worth of $800,000. He is hugely popular among many Hausa movie lovers in the country. Adam. A. Zango joined the movie industry in 2001, and since then, he has not looked back. To his credit, this Arewa film actor has featured in over 100 Kannywood movies, some of which include: Adon Gari, Basaja, Bayan Rai, Hisabi, Hubbi, to mention but a few. Adam. A. Zango won the award for best Kannywood actor in 2014, he has also won many other awards to his credit.


Sani Musa Abdullahi, also known as Sani Danja, is the third richest and most popular Kannywood actor in Nigeria today with an estimated net worth of $700,000. This Hausa movie actor is also a songwriter, dancer, and producer. The “Danja” in his name was not given to him at birth but it is a nickname that has stuck with him since childhood because of his persistent attitude. This Arewa entertainer always gives his best when on the job to his numerous fans. His acting career in Kannywood commenced in 1999 when he featured in the Hausa movie “Dalibai” (meaning “Students”), a film which was produced and directed by he and his business partner, Yakubu Muhammad. He has never looked back since then.


Yakubu Mohammed is the fourth richest Kannywood actor in Nigeria this 2024 with an estimated net worth of $600,000. He is one of the most popular and best paid Hausa actors in the Arewa movie industry. Yakubu Mohammed is a reputable actor and a household name in both Kannywood and Nollywood, featuring in well over 100 Hausa films and more than 40 English films some of which include: Lionheart, 4th Republic, Sons of the Caliphate and MTV Shuga which earned him several nominations and awards such as City People Entertainment Awards and Nigeria Entertainment Awards.


Sadiq Sani Sadiq is another very popular Kannywood actor who is very well to do. This Hausa movie actor is the fifth richest in the Arewa movie industry with an estimated net worth of $550,000. He hails from Jos, the Plateau State capital, and he has so far acted in over 150 Kannywood movies to date.


Nuhu Abdullahi Balarabe is the sixth richest Hausa film actor in Nigeria today with an estimated net worth of $400,000. This popular Arewa movie actor was born and raised in Kano State, the very State where Kannywood was born. He joined the Hausa film industry in the year 2009 as a film producer and has produced a number of Hausa films such as “Baya da Kura”, “Mafarin Tafiya”, “Ana Wata ga Wata”, to mention but a few. Nuhu made his first movie appearance in a Hausa movie titled “Ashabul Kahfi”, but he made his name in Kannywood after featuring in another Hausa movie titled “Kanin Miji”. He is today one of the leading figures in the Hausa film industry.


The seventh richest Kannywood actor in Nigeria is Umar. M. Shareef with an estimated net worth of $350,000. This Hausa entertainment star is also a singer and songwriter. He was born in 1982 at Rigasa Local Government Area, Kaduna State, Northern Nigeria. His fame as a music star came in 2017 after releasing his hit single “Masoya” which was very well received by his numerous fans within the Hausa community. To his credit, he has over 200 Hausa songs with many of them winning him numerous awards. He would later venture into Kannywood where he has starred in over 35 movies and has also won many awards for his impressive performances in movies.


Mustapha Badamasi Nabraska is the eighth richest Kannywood actor in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $200,000. He is one of the few Hausa film actors that is a comedian and politician. This popular Hausa film actor is very good at what he does and his inclusion in this list comes as no surprise.


Ahmad Lawan is the ninth richest Hausa actor in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $150,000. He is not to be confused with the Nigerian senator of the same name. The actor is also a movie producer of repute in the Arewa movie industry.


Musa Mai Sana’a is the tenth richest Hausa movie actor in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $100,000. This Hausa movie celebrity is also a businessman and he has acted in over 50 Kannywood movies to date.


This is the summary of the top 10 richest Hausa movie actors in Nigeria this 2024 and their net worth:

  • Ali Nuhu – $1 million
  • Adam. A. Zango – $800,000
  • Sani Musa Danja – $700,000
  • Yakubu Mohammed – $600,000
  • Sadiq Sani Sadiq – $550,000
  • Nuhu Abdullahi – $400,000
  • Umar. M. Shareef – $350,000
  • Mustapha Nabraska – $200,000
  • Ahmad Lawan – $150,000
  • Musa Mai Sana’a – $100,000.

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