Top 20 Best Courses To Study In Nigeria (2024)

This article is about the top 20 best courses to study in Nigeria currently in this year 2024. There are prevailing beliefs concerning the worth of university-level education in Nigeria nowadays. Some courses are viewed as being irrelevant since there are few professional options for them in Nigeria and because they are not highly regarded while some are seen as having a lot of potential because they are already valued in Nigeria and offer more prospects than any other course.

Top 20 Best Courses To Study In Nigeria

Only because of the widespread perception that jobs for medical graduates are easy to come by does medicine and surgery continue to rank as the top course to study in Nigeria. But this viewpoint is starting to shift, particularly in light of the way that things are developing in the country today. Because there is no consistent data to rate courses in the country as the best, it is rather challenging to select the leading and most popular university courses in Nigeria. We have compiled this list however, based on the popularity and marketability of these Nigerian university programs and the performance of graduates in the country. Keep an eye for tech related courses as they are emerging as the new force to reckon with in Nigeria today. That said, let us proceed to list and discuss the best courses to study in Nigeria today.


The following are the 20 best and most popular courses to study in Nigeria this 2024 in alphabetical order:


One of the best courses to study in Nigeria is accounting. Accounting professionals are required in all professions. They are able to work in a variety of settings and businesses, including airports, banks, audit firms, churches, hospitals, schools, hotels, and supermarkets. They are also employable in all government organizations. A rewarding career is waiting for you if you have an accounting degree. In any establishment, you can hold many financial jobs. After earning your accounting bachelor’s degree, you should consider pursuing a master’s degree, a doctorate, and professional certification exams in several subfields of accounting

You can work in just about any industry you can think of with a job in accounting. Accountants generally make good money, yet compensation varies depending on education, qualification, and specialized levels. Since the industry is expanding quickly, this is a great moment to start making plans for your accounting career.


Agriculture and biology make up the vast interdisciplinary area of agricultural science. Depending on the educational path you chose to take, having a degree in this course will give you access to a wide range of professional prospects. You will be ready for careers involving the scientific and commercial aspects of agriculture. Since Agricultural Science is a diverse field, you will have the chance to pursue additional education in related fields once you have earned your first degree.


Today, one of the most popular bachelor’s degrees in Nigeria is architecture. One benefit of majoring in architecture is the ability to work both privately and for a construction company simultaneously. For the planning and construction of buildings and other structures, architects will always be needed.


One of the most well-liked science courses in Nigeria is biochemistry. The study of chemical processes in living things is known as biochemistry. You can study this course at any of these schools. This laboratory-based science combines chemistry and biology to better understand and solve various biological issues. Many biochemistry employees study components like lipids, organelles and proteins to learn how cells communicate with each other. They can use this knowledge to cure illnesses, understand living beings and educate others on health and diseases. Biochemists in Nigeria can work in hospitals, research facilities, food processing companies, pharmaceutical companies, FMCG companies, etc.


A wide range of managerial positions feature in the field of business administration. All organizations, small and large, require skilled administrators in order to thrive, and individuals with a business administration degree take care of the administrative, organizational, and operational duties of an organization or enterprise. You can find numerous lucrative, reputable, and well-paying positions with a degree in this field.


Some of the best courses in Nigeria today are chemical engineering and petroleum engineering, and nd it doesn’t take much thought to figure out why that is. The foundation of the Nigerian economy at the moment is petroleum. Some of the best paying companies in Nigeria are petroleum corporations. Chemical companies also pay really well, therefore, these degrees are among the best in the country in terms of job opportunities and financial rewards.


Civil engineering also ranks highly as one of the best engineering programmes offered in Nigerian Universities. It is a professional engineering course that covers the planning, building, and maintenance of structures including bridges, canals, dams, pipelines, roads, to mention but a few.


The world is titling towards computer engineering and information technology. We live in the computer era, and one of the industries with the quickest current growth is information technology. Everywhere in the world, there is a great demand for professionals in this industry, particularly those with specialized IT abilities. Additionally, this course offers numerous fantastic professional opportunities. You can actually acquire specialized IT skills without attending a university. This is the beauty of studying IT courses.


In Nigeria, the best social science course is economics. With a degree in economics, you can find employment in practically any organization or setting. This course and accounting go hand in hand, and they share some similarities. However, economics is more comprehensive because it also addresses demand and supply variables, as well as other aspects of the economy.


Among engineering programmes, Electrical Engineering is one of the courses that receives the most applications each year. Although there aren’t many employment openings for electrical engineers in Nigeria today, it is still one of the best programmes to study in Nigeria.


Estate management covers the appraisal, evaluation, purchase, development, and marketing of real estate that is used to construct buildings. Estate managers primarily take care of the management and appraisal of real estate in both the public and private sectors. This degree already offers a staggering number of incredible prospects in the most developed nations. Although there may not be as many career options as in affluent nations, Nigeria is seeing an increase in demand for estate managers. In the country today, estate managers can easily work for themselves. The good news is that there is little competition to enroll in this programme, making chances accessible to most graduates.


Geology is one of the most sought after courses in Nigeria. This is because oil corporations are particularly interested in hiring graduates of this course. In order to identify places that are secure for structures and other items, geology students study the structure of the earth and its phenomena, such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, and volcanic eruptions. Geologists look into how to extract earth metals, minerals, water, oil, and natural gas and this is a very good course to look at.


Even their distinctive black and white dress code makes law students stand out on campus. Law remains one of the best courses in the country despite a recent drop in the economic importance of the field in Nigeria. After clearing the Nigeria Bar Association exam, there is also the pride of accomplishment for lawyers.


Mass Communication is the act of conveying or disseminating information from an individual, a sizable number of individuals, or an organization to the general public or a particular set of individuals through various tools of mass communication. A career in mass communication is one that many prospective students love to explore here in Nigeria.


Marketing is arguably the next most popular social science course to pursue in Nigeria after accounting and economics. This is due to the fact that practically every company, organization, etc. that wants to advance and remain relevant in a competitive marketplace needs graduates of this course and only experts in this industry have the marketing expertise required to assist any business in building its brand and sustaining profitability.


This course is known by several names at various universities. It is a healthcare professional degree that focuses on bacteriological diagnostics, chemicals, cytopathology, hematology, histopathology, immunology, and microscopic examinations of body fluids and tissues. Graduates of this course work in hospital clinical laboratories, non-clinical industrial laboratories, reference laboratories, and so on. Graduates of this programme are easily hired and handsomely compensated.


Medicine and Surgery is the most sought-after health science course in Nigeria since it is the most marketable. This is because there is a near-perfect chance of landing a job. Admission to medicine is the most competitive in Nigeria, and it demands exceptionally good UTME scores. Another reason why it is the greatest course studied in Nigerian colleges is the respect and prestige that comes with the title of doctor.


Nursing is one of the most popular disciplines studied in Nigeria, along with medicine and surgery, due to the enormous demand for nurses worldwide, not just in Nigeria. The nursing degree is provided by the majority of universities in our country. In Nigeria today, there are numerous nursing and midwifery colleges where you can study this course.


Pharmacy is one of the top degree programmes in Nigeria which similarly demands a good UTME score. It is one of the most prestigious degree programmes in the country and calls for the brightest brains. The course covers all aspects of medicines, including how they are produced, how they function, and any potential negative effects.


With the expansion of the Nigerian entertainment sector and the numerous chances that are emerging within it, theatre arts is growing in popularity. Therefore, you should really consider studying theatre arts if you enjoy entertainment and anything related to it.

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