Top 5 Online Shopping Websites In Nigeria (2024)

This article contains a list of the top 5 online shopping websites in Nigeria 2024. These online shopping stores have become so popular with many Nigerians that they have become very trusted as far as buying of products ranging from consumable goods to electronics to dresses, etc are concerned. As we proceed, we will list and discuss on the best 5 online stores in the country presently.

Top 5 Online Shopping Websites In Nigeria

In Nigeria today, online shopping websites have become widely accepted and they provide innovative ways by which people buy or order for goods, products or services straight from the comfort of their homes. This is advantageous to buyers as it reduces the stress and the distance as well as the time it would take for one to visit a market or an offline store to make purchases. One can just order for goods from an online shopping website straight from home at the click of a button and it would be delivered to them at the time agreed upon.

The most popular and widely preferred online stores in Nigeria have successfully replicated business models of the top shopping websites in the world and having put structures in place to handle the massive demands for goods from their customers, and because of their prompt response to supply according to these demands, it has endeared them to the hearts of many of their customers nationwide. The information below contains a list of the top 5 best online shopping websites in Nigeria currently.


These are the 5 best and most popular online shopping stores in Nigeria this 2024 in no particular order:


Everyone knows Jumia in Nigeria. This online shopping website with their head office situated in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, is the most popular online store in the country and this comes as no surprise because Jumia Nigeria has been in the country for quite sometime, acting as a pace setter to many of the online stores springing up in recent times. Jumia offers a wide range of products for sale on their user friendly website.

If you are shopping on the Jumia website, you are guaranteed that your online shopping is safe due to their Comodo security. Products on display on the Jumia online store include consumer goods, mobile devices, wines and spirits, furniture, electronics, computers, cars, clothes, certain drugs, coffee and tea to mention but a few.


Konga Nigeria is also one of the most popular and most trusted online stores in Nigeria presently. When doing business on this shopping website, you are guaranteed that it is safe and your products are all in one piece upon delivery. Konga Nigeria also offers a wide range of products like Jumia and their many pick up locations in Lagos such as the ones at Surulere, Ikeja, Marina, Victoria Island, Festac Town are stocked with the best quality products where you can walk in at your convenience and collect what you ordered for. If you want your products delivered to your home, you will need to pay a delivery or shipping fee in order for that to happen.


Payporte is yet another top online shopping website in Nigeria that has taken online shopping to the next level in the country. This online store was established in September 2014 with its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, and other branches in Philadelphia, USA; Manchester, United Kingdom; and Guangzhou, China. PayPorte’s target market is the youth and it has products, mainly clothing and accessories targeted at them. This online store is a sponsor to the popular Nigerian Reality TV show, Big Brother Naija.


VConnect is a top online shopping store in the country as well. The website was popularly known for only business listing in Nigeria until in recent times when they launched an open marketplace for their business to ensure that Nigerians are aware that they are also an online marketplace where goods and services can be purchased at great prices. If you want to know more about their products, visit their website above to find out.


Jiji is a household name in the online store business. The company was established in 2014, and since then, they have been able to grow in leaps and bounds. This online shopping website is one of Nigeria’s foremost online stores and they sell almost every type of goods you can think of. In 2019, they acquired another popular online store, OLX and since then, they have expanded to become one of the best online shopping stores in the country. The beauty about Jiji is that if you are seller or business owner, you can post classified advertss of your goods and services for free on the website and get maximum efficiency in terms of reach and profit.

Other worthy mentions include the following:


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