Top 7 Most Popular Computer Laptop Brands In Nigeria (2024)

This article is about the top 7 most popular computer laptop brands in Nigeria currently in this year 2024. Computer laptops have become very popular in the world today, especially in this 21st century and they are much trendier than their older desktop cousins as they help get work done faster and more efficiently because they are easily moveable. Going forward, we will enlighten you on which laptop brands are the best in Nigeria in this present day and age.

Top 7 Most Popular Computer Laptop Brands In Nigeria

For many Nigerian tech enthusiasts, it is not enough to own mobile devices from the best smartphone brands, and certainly while a tablet seems much like an upgrade, the thrill of having a computer laptop trumps other tech gadgets because they are equipped with better features that makes whatever work one does feel very easy and straightforward.

There are very popular laptop brands in the country that have become very trusted over the years because of their efficiency and for the very fact that they offer you good value for your money. It is not as if other brands are not good enough but the ones listed in this article have had a huge impact on the Nigerian tech space for many years running that it has become almost a default setting for anybody who wants to buy a new laptop to narrow their choices down to these very select few as we shall see in a moment.


The following are the top 7 best and most popular laptop brands in Nigeria this 2024:


Samsung is one of the biggest electronics companies in the world and their tech gadgets, ranging from their mobile devices and laptops are hugely popular in Nigeria today. This South Korean tech giant produces excellent laptops that helps you organize your work and other important files efficiently. Their Windows laptops, Chromebooks and Galaxy books are all very sleek and impressively designed to help take computing to a whole new level, ensuring that you are very productive and can do what you previously couldn’t even more. They are very fast when connected to Wi-Fi connections, giving you the complete user experience.


Apple is a global leader in the tech industry. It is an American company that has revolutionized the way we use technology in our everyday life and their laptops are simply out of this world. Apple laptops are known generally as MacBook, and they all come with quality like no other. The latest versions Apple MacBooks, whether the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro are more powerful than their predecessors. They feature brilliant Retina display, Magic Keyboard, Touch ID, processors that are faster than the usual, faster graphics, and a large storage capacity. The battery life is also impressive as you can use it all day after charging. This is technology at its best. With all these excellent features, kindly bear in mind that Apple products are very expensive.


HP for some, is the most popular laptop brand in Nigeria today because almost everyone goes for this brand when they decide to buy a laptop. This brand has been in Nigeria for over many years and what stands HP laptops out apart from their quality is their price, as almost everyone can afford a HP computer. HP laptops are very durable, and they have long lasting batteries, something that many Nigerian tech enthusiasts love as it affords them more time to get their work done.


Dell is also another laptop brand that is similar to HP and it is very trusted. The price range as well is similar to that of HP and the quality of these laptops is unquestionable. Dell has a large customer base in Nigeria and this has been the case over the years due to its durability that has helped with its popularity among many in the country. When considering laptops to buy, Dell should also be on your list.


Many people in the country also love the Acer brand of laptops. The size of these computers as well as their affordability and efficiency is something that will surely keep attracting many more customers to keep purchasing the brand. This brand is good for students, especially undergraduates who are piecing together their Term papers, IT reports, seminars, Project defence, etc.


Lenovo is the world’s largest computer maker and their laptops are very impressive. There was a time when this brand was relatively unknown but today, it is a tech giant and has a commanding presence in the world market. Lenovo laptops are affordable and user friendly with great display features as well. They are also long lasting. If you are on a budget and you cannot afford other more expensive laptop brands, Lenovo offers you quality for a lesser amount of money.


The Asus laptop brand is also of great quality, functions properly and is a major mover and shaker of the laptop business on the global stage as well. The only challenge with this brand in Nigeria presently is the cost of repair and that is down to the fact that the hardware parts for Asus laptops in the country are not readily available but can be imported on demand.

Other worthy mentions include:

  • Toshiba
  • MSI
  • Microsoft, etc.

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