Top 5 Best Car Towing & Rescue Companies In Lagos State (2024)

This article is about the top 5 best car towing and rescue companies in Lagos State currently in this year 2024. A car towing company is one that renders the service of removing and transporting an immovable or disabled vehicle from a public or private road using a tow truck through the means of attaching, lifting, pulling or dragging such vehicles by rope, chain or other device to a desired destination.

Top 5 Best Car Towing & Rescue Companies In Lagos State

This service may come in handy if your vehicle suddenly breaks down on a busy road or is not road worthy. The expertise of a towing and rescue service will be required to transport the car to a mechanic workshop for repairs or to a safe location of your choosing. If you are experienced in driving vehicles on busy Nigerian roads, especially in Lagos State, you may will be no stranger to having your cars towed either as a result of it being faulty or for one reason or the other.

Many people get their vehicles towed for the wrong reasons in Lagos State, especially as a result of breaking traffic rules but for the purpose of this article, we will not concern ourselves with that. What we are however concerned with is to serve you information on the best companies to contact should your vehicles experience a breakdown on any public or private road in any part of Lagos State and you need reliable companies you can trust to help you remove it from the road and to a safe place. Without further delay, let us proceed.


The following are the 5 best and most popular car towing and rescue companies in Lagos State this 2024 in no particular order:


Motoring Nigeria is a towing company that is committed to providing a broad spectrum of automotive related solutions to their individual and corporate customers. They have gradually gathered industry expertise since 2014 and served their customers in the areas of vehicle roadside assistance, long distance vehicle haulage/towing, vehicle sales, auctions and automotive events. Their renewed commitment this year is to continue to provide tailored solutions to their customers and exceed their expectations with impeccable customer service.

Their address and contact details are as follows:

Head Office Address: Km 14, Lekki-Epe Expressway Ologolo Bus Stop, Lekki, Lagos.
Branch Office Address: Adebukunola Omolabake Street, Ogudu, Lagos State.
Telephone Number: +2349166859614
Email Address:


AA Rescue is a multi-service organization founded in 2003 with the prime focus of giving comfort, removing distress and protecting the Nigerian populace by providing prompt emergency roadside assistance to stranded motorists in cases of vehicular breakdowns and accidents.

The company is a pioneer in modern driving training and automobile rescue in Nigeria. It has grown into an organization of note, offering a variety of services that impact the quality of life of the Nigerian polity, including but not limited to Emergency Automobile Rescue Assistance, Learner Driver Training (Driving School), capacity building for Drivers and Executives (Defensive and Advanced Driving Training), General Logistics, Intercity Vehicular Haulage, Drivers Recruitment for companies/ individuals (Drivers Outsourcing), Corporate Transport and general road traffic and motoring consultancy. They are located in 17 Branches spread around Nigeria including Lagos State.

Their address and contact details are as follows:

Head Office Address: 13/15, Castle Rock Avenue, Off Lekki-Epe Expressway, Jakande Roundabout, Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria.
Phone Number(s): +2348025551111, +2348025553333, +2348025556666


EARS Nigeria Limited is the pioneer auto recovery company in Nigeria. Since January 2003, they have been serving Nigerians and meeting their needs by providing quick and efficient auto recovery for little or big road mishaps. They have extended their services to asset conveyance, vehicle tracking, fleet management, travel help, and a driving school so as to cater to all aspects of your safety and that of your possessions while on the road or in the air.
Their specialties include: Driving school, Travel, Vehicle Tracking, and Fleet Management. The company is located in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Ibadan.

Their contact information is as follows:

Head Office Addresss: 3rd Floor, Olatunji House, 299, Ikorodu Road, Ikeja, Lagos 100271, Nigeria.


Rescue & Recovery Nigeria Limited provides superior consulting services for the transport sector servicing both the private and public sectors. They provide a fresh and innovative approach to transportation activities acting as liaison between the end user and the transportation provider. Their goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing functionality and improving efficiency.

As experts in the transport sector, Rescue & Recovery Nigeria Limited is involved in the implementation of the physical vehicle Inspection regime for the Nigerian Federation liaising with the States VIUs under a PPP scheme to put an end to wanton destruction of lives and property. They have trained officers and men of the Federal Road Safety Commission on tyre knowledge in order to reduce the menace of burst tyres in the country.

This towing and rescue company offers 24 hours automobile emergency rescue services with an unbeatable nationwide support, they have dedicated toll free lines that motorists can call when their services are needed in the case of an emergency. They also have a network of tow trucks operators across the country enabling them to cover major cities in Nigeria. Rescue and Recovery Nigeria are strategic partners to the Federal Road Safety Commission, the Police, and the various States VIO units. Their emergency toll free numbers are as follows: 07058890111, 08031230144.


The Rapid Response Squad (RRS) is a unit in the Lagos State Police Command that cracks down on crimes as well as responds quickly to emergencies in Lagos State. During the era of General Buba Marwa, former military Governor of Lagos State, this police unit was known as “Operation Sweep”, but has since been revamped to what it currently is, the “Rapid Response Squad” or RRS. They also help to tow vehicles if need be but this isn’t their primary duty.

Their contact details are as follows:

Address: Lagos State
Emergency Phone Number(s): 767 and 112.
Email addresses:,

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